Custom Beach Balls | Magellan’s Finest Achievement

beach ball promotional productsMany historians out there consider themselves to be pretty well-versed on their knowledge of early global explorers, and while it’s true that Ferdinand Magellan’s was the first voyage to circum-navigate the globe, his motives are somewhat disputed. Some say that he was out for the glory of country while others maintain that he was after both a route to the Spice Islands, and the riches that came along with its discovery. While it’s easy to say that each goal was simultaneously achieved, one of his main triumphs was the practical application of the spherical Earth theory. Why did he do this? Well, the answer might surprise you.

You and I know him as Ferdinand Magellan, however, many of his close friends more familiarly referred to him as “Ferdy”. It was a nickname you know, and though he wasn’t too fond of it, there’s not much one can do. When it sticks, trying to remove it only makes it worse – Kind of like wiping syrup from your hand with a dry tissue.

Regardless, Ferdy was a real concert rat. He would constantly scrimp and save to store away enough réis for tickets to his favorite live symphonic performances. He would make it a point to always catch renowned artists like Juan Bermudo, Alonso Mudarra and Diego Ortiz in-person. However, with live events also comes crowd interaction, and though Ferdy enjoyed a rowdy evening in the pit, there was also something not so enjoyable for him: Frisbees. Earth-themed Frisbees. You see, in Ferdy’s day, many people were under the assumption that the earth was flat. As such, they felt the need to celebrate this theory by crafting Frisbees which resembled the shape they believed the world to be. This would be all well and good were it not for the fact that so many unruly concert goers would toss these rigid disks around during their favorite tunes. After being struck in the back of the head multiple times, Ferdy decided that instead of politely asking these people to stop throwing their Frisbees around so haphazardly, the more practical solution would be to circumnavigate the globe using a fleet of wooden ships. Sounds logical, right? So in August of 1519, that’s exactly what he did. With a little determination, a hearty crew and funding from Charles 1 of Spain, Magellan embarked on what would become the legacy of his life.

Sadly, ol’ Ferdy didn’t get to see the conclusion of his ambitious adventure as he lost his life in a battle with natives on the island of Mactan in the Philippines. However, Juan Sebastián Elcano took up the reigns and was able to see Magellan’s journey to completion, finally offering tangible proof that the Earth is indeed round. Because of his brave acts, Magellan’s namesake was used for a number of things, including a penguin, craters on the moon and a straight in South America through which ships have sailed for centuries. Additionally, a solution to Ferdy’s initial concert problems has finally been created. The Globe Beach Ball is a spherical reminder of the dedication of a man and the passion he infused not only into his own endeavors, but also into his friends and crew members surrounding him.

The Globe and other custom beach balls like it are the perfect marketing ideas for the upcoming summer months. Imprint your company name or logo across these big bouncy balls and watch it soar across waves of people at concerts, on the beach, at picnics, in the pool or wherever else people are out having a good time in the sun. Whether you’re looking for clear beach balls, or white beach balls, we have nearly every color under the sun. Is there honestly an inflatable toy with which you can have more fun? Wait. Don’t answer that.

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