custom printed frisbees

With summertime just on the horizon, outdoor sports and activities are brewing in full force. There’s nothing better, nor more American than tossing a ball around in the warm sun with the smell of grilled food floating in the air. Well, let me amend that statement. There’s nothing better than tossing a ball or a disc! What kind of disc? A dang darn Frisbee disc of course! From its humble beginnings as a pie-pan being tossed on the beach, to being used in professional tournaments around the globe, the Frisbee has grown to be one of America’s favorite outdoor sport items.

Float it around, golf with it or chuck it to your pup: The Frisbee is a versatile piece of sports equipment that can be enjoyed in a bunch of different fun ways! Many people are unsure how to throw a Frisbee, and though it may be difficult to master at first, it’s hard to match the satisfaction that comes from zinging a perfect floater across the beach. Whether you’re young or young at heart, the Frisbee is a great way to have a blast while you stay in shape!

A sport that’s been consistently gaining popularity since the early 1960s, disc golf -also known by the disc’s trademarked “Frisbee golf”, or even colloquially referred to as “frolfing” – is a sport that follows the same rules as traditional golf with the only obvious exception being the use of discs instead of golf balls. The object is to get your disc into the goal – a basket on a metal pole in the ground – in as few throws as possible. The sport has spread like wildfire throughout the last decade or so and is played in about 40 countries across the globe, according to its wiki page. A more detailed list of Frisbee golf rules can be found there as well.

Additionally, Ultimate Frisbee, often shortened to just “Ultimate”, is wildly popular among college campuses nationwide. Closer to football than golf, ultimate Frisbee is played on a large field with end zones towards which opposing teams strive to earn points. What sets ultimate Frisbee apart is their “Spirit of the Game” mentality wherein each individual player calls fouls on him or herself and is responsible for self-refereeing. This encourages a positive experience for everyone involved and helps players garner a sense of responsibility for their actions.

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