Futuristic Sunglasses

cheap sunglassesIt’s the year 20XX. Cyborgs run rampant across New New Hampshire. The lush green landscapes of yesteryear now stand as a smoldering reminder of how, with technology, convenience and peril can easily go hand-in-hand. I remember walking alone as a child to the corner store to pick up a carton of milk and loaf of bread for my mother. I never gave a second thought to my own personal safety back then. I didn’t need to. If I were to venture outside now, I might as well sign my own death warrant because the omnipresent cybernetic eye is always watching.

An entire generation of children has grown up in this wasteland, never knowing the taste of a fresh apple, never breathing a wisp of clean air. The sight of crystal blue skies and oceans are foreign ideals left only to dreams, which, with the constant barrage of mechanical clattering and gunfire, are as rare commodities as a bushel of fresh blueberries. Even speaking for myself, it’s hard to remember anything other than these barren, inhospitable surroundings. The blinding sun making it nigh impossible to go outside without some sort of protection; some type of modern, streamlined pair of shaded eye coverings to block those harmful rays from my eyes.

Well lucky us. It just so happens that while scavenging an old warehouse full of promotional items, a box labeled “Futuristic Sunglasses” was uncovered. It’s astonishing how accurately older generations were able to predict the style we’d be wearing today. These sleek, brightly colored neon sunglasses are exactly what we need to keep the sun out of our eyes while we plot our rebellion against the machines. There’s even enough space on the arms of these promotional sunglasses to imprint our logo or write our names to add a personal touch. We could even wear these custom designed sunglasses at night if we’re feeling extra rebellious.

Wayfarers that we are, we’re constantly on the move. Traveling between the networks of underground bases is dangerous. When you’re on the surface, you quickly learn that staying in one spot is a recipe for disaster. Luckily, the snug fit of these futuristic sunglasses allow for dexterous and nimble maneuvers that are required to stay alive on the battlefield. Stumbling on that treasure trove of promotional items may have just helped turn the tides in the war against machines. Only time will tell.

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