Tri-Pod Folding Stools

<br /> Tri-Pod Folding Stools<br />

folding chairsIf two heads are better than one, then what does that say for the plurality of other appendages? Would we be better off with an extra limb, or is excess the devil of our day? Personally, I’m able to get along just fine with the standard two arms and two legs, but who knows what sorts of dexterous feats I’d be able to accomplish with a few extra parts? Being able to simultaneously shave, comb my hair and brush my teeth may save me some morning prep time and allow for extra snooze bar slams, but the safety of splitting up one’s concentration while holding a bladed instrument is questionable. Additionally, walking around like a Vishnu incarnate may pose problems when selecting apparel, as tailors tend to primarily make shirts with only two armholes. Fascists. Well perhaps, as evidenced in the Tri-Pod Stool, less can truly be more.

Lighter than other folding chairs, the Tri-Pod Stool is small, portable and fits in most any backpack, luggage or carry-on bag. Don’t be deceived by its minuscule stature, though. The 600 Denier nylon and PVC steel tubular frame collaborate to support up to 250 pounds. Plop it down wherever you need a quick and convenient seat, then when you’re finished tailgating, concert-going or picnicking, stand up, secure it closed with the webbed Velcro strap, place it in the included clear drawstring bag and you’re good to go. Think of all the extra snacks and drinks you could bring along with the trunk space this handy little folding stool will save you. Pack in those crunchy corn chips, fizzy sipsweets, twisty cheese doodles or whatever other treats your tongue desires, because now you’ve got the extra room.

For a fraction of the price of other outdoor folding chairs, the Tri-Pod folding stool is a great and economical way to take a seat anywhere. Not only is this useful little device available in three colors (red, blue and black), but included in the price is a customized, one-color imprint of your choosing. Emblazon your company name or logo onto the seat of the stool so your customers will remember who to thank for such a convenient product.

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