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Small Cowbell

What do you think of when you hear “cowbell”? Does the word bring to mind a pasture full of bovine creatures with bells around their necks? Do you think of a comedy show sketch with classic music that NEEDS MORE COWBELL? These don’t sound like much of an advertising opportunity, do they? Well, the Small… Read more »

3071 Small Hit Sports Pack

Are you planning on using promotional products to make your company more visible? There are so many places where you can use these items to promote goodwill and help brand your image. Everyone considers the common ones such as tradeshows, seminars and conventions. You can also use community events – community service events and fairs… Read more »

8050-12 High Sierra Impack Daypack

Have you ever considered just what type of item you should choose as a promotional item, or is it your habit to just glance through a catalog until something catches your eye? The best promotional items are those which leave a positive impression on the recipient – a thoughtful gift that makes them smile is… Read more »

Budget Custom Backpack

Backpacks, which were once thought of as merely a camper and hikers tool, are now an everyday sight about town. Schoolchildren use them for books; they carry everything from laptops to clothes and lunches! No longer are they plain and utilitarian – now we find them in all different styles, materials, and price ranges. You… Read more »

Custom 0011-45 Elleven Checkpoint Friendly Bag

Laptop computers have become an integral part of everyones daily life, with everyone from the busy businessman carrying his on a trip, to school children taking them to school. It seems hard to believe that the first laptop, the Osbourne, only came into existence in 1981. It was the size of a small sewing machine,… Read more »

Round Custom Bage Holder – SM-2404

If you have to carry an ID card for work, you know what it is like trying to keep them fresh, unstained and in good condition. Every day wear and tear can damage them over time, regardless of how careful you are. When it is necessary to use it to enter doors by scanning, this… Read more »

Custom Lanyards

Have you been to a conference and seen people walking around with what appeared to be a rope or cord around their neck, with a name or ID card on them? These are called lanyards, and often the ones they are wearing are custom lanyards with their business logo on them. It helps to quickly… Read more »

Custom Logo Calendars

When you choose a promotional product to represent your company, you want something that will be a lasting reminder of your business. Items such as flyers and brochures are either tossed in the trash, put in a drawer and quickly forgotten, or put on a desk or table to be covered with other items, or… Read more »

Custom Chip Clips

promotional chip clipshave a definite place in your next advertising campaign. They are a handy, easy to use and popular item that every home needs and never has too many of! Do you hate stale potato chips? You open the bag, have a few, and go to put them away – how to keep them… Read more »