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Promotional Towels

Logo towels have a definite place in your marketing plan as a valuable promotional tool. Towels are with us everywhere, from the bathroom to the beach, and few items get more exposure than a towel. We use towels for our morning shower, to dry our hands at the office or on the job, we use… Read more »

Custom Trick or Treat Bags

What child, (or adult either, for that matter!) doesn’t love Halloween? Parties abound, and trick or treaters are everywhere. What better time or place to place your company logo in front of a multitude of people, and also in places where you might not ordinarily have the opportunity to advertise? Custom trick or treat bags… Read more »

Custom Printed Bandanas

Custom printed bandanas have come into their own as highly prized promotional items. Their wide use, as well as the variety of uses, has made them highly popular with a wide sector of the population. Even our pets use bandanas! Veterinary offices place bandanas on dogs after treatments, dog salons put them on after a… Read more »

Custom Keychains

Who hasn’t experienced the embarrassment or even disaster of losing a key? Such small objects can easily be lost or misplaced; we all know how easy it can be when coming in with an armload of packages from shopping to forget where you place a single key. The cost of replacing some of these keys… Read more »

Imprinted Bottle Openers

One of the most important characteristics of a great promotional product is that it must be something that large numbers of the public want, need and will use. Custom bottle openers have all of these, as well as being cost effective and easy to distribute. Bottle openers are durable items that can be given away… Read more »

Custom Cowbells

Custom Cowbells? Your first and most obvious question might very well be: “What ARE cowbells, and what do they have to do with marketing and advertising?” Are we talking about what is described as a bell worn around the neck of cattle so they don’t wander off without being noticed? Actually, some of the items,… Read more »

Promotional Lighters

Custom lighters are a prime example of a durable, versatile and highly regarded promotional product. Available in a variety of sizes, types, styles, colors and price ranges, these lighters fill a definite need in your marketing campaign. The best promotional items are those which are useful, durable, and wanted. They also need to be easy… Read more »

Rush Promotional Products

Are you in need of fast promotional items as part of your advertising and marketing campaign? We know that no matter how well you plan ahead; there are always deadlines to meet. We provide quick shipping to make sure that you never miss an important event. No matter what type of promotional product that you… Read more »

Logo Balloons

Custom balloons are available in all sizes, shapes, styles and colors. They make the perfect promotional product, with a large, easily visible imprint area for your company logo. They are easy to store and distribute, and with their low price can be used for large scale giveaways at a reasonable cost. The public’s perception of… Read more »

Custom Golf Promos

With over 28 million people playing golf in the United States alone, from age 6 to 60 and beyond, golf promotional items make a great addition to any marketing campaign. Almost every sector of society is included on the golf course. Children play with their families and on school teams, businessmen play both for relaxation… Read more »