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Unexplored turf

Interesting tidbit: Only a little bit more than six percent of the promotional products produced in the United States are aimed at attracting new customers, according to the Promotional Products Association. What are the rest used for? Business gifts, employee relations, branding, public relations, and dealer and distributor programs – all to retain existing customers… Read more »

Imprint hits the catwalk

Well, it looks like the promotional apparel business is ready to glamour up – and I’m not surprised why. Promotional apparel sales accounts for a huge part almost every promotional product manufacturer’s yearly revenues, so it’s only right that this industry be perked up. Gone are the days when promotional shirts were made of low-count… Read more »

The shirt that launched a thousand ships

So I just read that Coca-Cola is finding inventive ways to beat Red Bull in the energy drink market. Maybe they should do what they did in 1996 – give t-shirts away. That’s right. In 1996, Coca-Cola managed to make POWERaDE the top energy drink by giving away POWERaDE t-shirts to all the athletes in… Read more »