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Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru One of the main perks of ‘Gurudom’ is the opportunity to get a sneak peek at cool products that haven’t hit the marketplace. I attended a conference last week that was all about technology and innovation—and one of the most amazing innovations I saw was 3-D HD TV. I slipped on… Read more »


Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru For those of you who missed it, my birthday was September 7th and my dear, lovely wife threw a little soiree to celebrate my successful passage into another year. She has always been a creative party giver and this one was no exception. Since we happened to have a bumper crop… Read more »


Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru What does an alligator and rattlesnake have in common? On the face of it, not much, alligators and rattlesnakes can both be dangerous and I wouldn’t want to cross paths with either of them, but other than being reptilian, that is where the similarities end. What they do have in common… Read more »

Mall Rats

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru Devoted readers have probably noticed my short absence and for that I sincerely apologize. I hate to disappoint my fans and I hope you’ll forgive my recent lapse in posting. I have been on a mall tour with one of my top clients for the past few weeks and, in my… Read more »

Thai One On

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru I was complaining about my sore neck to a friend of mine who promptly recommended I try Thai massage and insisted I see his favorite masseuse, Bee. Since I am a fan of Thai cooking, I assumed I’d enjoy a Thai massage and was looking forward to a relaxing hour. Those… Read more »

Summer School

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru Much to her chagrin, my daughter is attending summer school for the third year in a row. It’s not that she’s not intelligent, it’s just that being studious takes a backseat to being social and my eldest child tends to let her homework go undone a bit too often for her… Read more »

Smiley Face

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru I recently read an amusing article about the city of Paris launching a smile campaign to induce tourism. Paris is often thought of by (American) tourists as snobby and unfriendly and has recently experienced a significant decline in tourism, due in part to the city’s unfriendly reputation. In attempt to change… Read more »

Clean and Clever

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru Two words that describe me to a tee are clean and clever. Truth be told, there are probably a few more descriptors that fit (most of which I cannot print in mixed company) but for the sake of symmetry in today’s blog post, I am sticking with clean and clever. Although… Read more »

Candy, Candy

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru For my money, there is no better gift than chocolate. It’s delicious, comforting and simply irresistible, which is precisely why Milk Chocolate Day was invented. The unofficial holiday falls on July 28th but why wait for a pretend holiday to get your chocolate fix. Any day (including today) is the right… Read more »


Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru I’m not much of a nighttime sleeper—insomnia often keeps me up reading the dictionary and surfing the net until the wee hours—but I am a world champion napper. Nothing gives me more pleasure than lying down on the sofa in the late afternoon and taking a refreshing siesta. Now that summer… Read more »