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Brand extension at work

I noticed that some of our clients are now shifting to higher-quality, higher cost items and imprinted with their logo alongside the manufacturer’s. Cutter and Buck pens, four-piece portable cafes, and Nike apparel are some of the most-ordered higher-end items. Perhaps it has a lot to do with brand extension. When our clients sponsor a… Read more »

This thing about brands

Aspiring for a new identity is much easier than actually creating one. That is especially true for smaller businesses, I think. But when an unknown business name is seen alongside a well-established logo, the tides change. That is the miracle of branding. This is we carry (and expand our line of) ‘branded’ promotional products, especially… Read more »

Lanyards to promote movies

Yesterday before going home from work, I decided to stop by Starbucks for some alone time with a cappuccino. So I sit there, open my laptop, log on to the Internet using their WiFi, and I see interesting news: Starbucks is ‘wearing’ promotional items for the movie ‘Akeelah and the Bee’ by Lions Gate Films…. Read more »

Intelligent branding

Sometimes, it’s hard talking to new entrepreneurs. They are so eager to apply all the theories they learned in business school, and tend to be quite ‘hard line’ when promoting their business. This aggressiveness often does more harm than good. They tend to rush into promotional decisions without understanding their target market and what promo… Read more »