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Mardi Gras Practices Your Business Should Adopt

You might not realize it if you don’t live in New Orleans, but Fat Tuesday is here again. For the uninitiated, that means that America’s most famous party, Mardi Gras, is in full swing. Whether they’ve experienced it or not, everyone is familiar with Mardi Gras, the street carnival that takes over Louisiana once a… Read more »

Enduring Business Strategies Gleaned from Past Presidents

Washington and Lafayette at Valley Forge

It’s Presidents’ Day, the day we set aside to honor the great men who have led the United States. The history of the Presidency is one of colossal triumphs, memorable failures, and endurance in the face of unimaginable obstacles. As managers and business owners, there are countless lessons we can learn from the decisions made… Read more »

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Show Your Customers Some Love.


February is here, and love is in the air. Cupid’s bow is strung, florists are getting ready to work overtime, and the lovebirds are chirping. That’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day, the holiday where we celebrate love in all its wondrous forms, from schoolyard crushes to golden anniversaries. Obviously, Valentine’s Day is mainly for couples, but… Read more »

New Year, New Business Strategies?

A new year is finally here. The gifts have been given, the champagne toasts have been made. Now, things are starting to get back to normal. We’re all back at work full time and ready to start making this the best year yet. The only way to make sure your next year is always your… Read more »

Why Your Business Should Adopt Boxing Day Traditions | rushIMPRINT

From late November through January 1, the United States is fully immersed in what is generally called “Holiday Season.” It starts with Thanksgiving and doesn’t stop until we ring in the New Year. In between, we celebrate Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and a host of other festive events. One international Holiday that’s never really caught on… Read more »

Give Thanks for Your Customers This Holiday Season

thanksgiving promos

Every year, Americans from sea to shining sea take a Thursday in late November to gather together, eat some turkey, watch some football, eat some more turkey, and count our many blessings. We sit around tables with our friends and family and take some time to think about everything we have to be thankful for…. Read more »

NFL and Fantasy Drafts | A Delicate Balance of Cost and Value

With both fantasy football and its professional counterpart kicking off this September, a great deal of attention will be on drafted players. In the real NFL, fans will finally get their chance to see whether the players their team selected this past April turn into star-caliber performers or plain old lumps of coal. Fantasy football… Read more »

Back-to-School Essentials

back to school

Summer is almost over, and that means back to school time is here again. While kids pick out those first-day outfits, sharpen up those pencils, and load their bookbags, school administrators and teachers are preparing for every facet of the new school year. That means ordering textbooks, writing lesson plans, setting up classrooms, and planning… Read more »

Renew Your Marketing Strategies This Spring


Unless you’ve been glued to your desk hatching plans to conquer the business world, you’ve probably noticed that spring is in the air. The leaves are green, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. Dull old winter is gone and the great outdoors is refreshing itself for a new cycle. Maybe this year,… Read more »

What St. Patrick Can Teach You About Business

St Patrick's Day

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and here in America that means a ridiculous excess of green beer and a lot of inappropriate pinching. Believe it or not, though, St. Patrick’s Day is about a lot more than green garments and public intoxication. March 17 is the traditional date of the death of St. Patrick, the… Read more »