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How Watching Your Brackets Will Help Your Business

March Madness

As you probably figured out when your bracket fell to pieces on the very first day, we’re in the middle of March Madness, America’s greatest sporting event. Every year, the 64 best college basketball teams in the country Duke it out (see what I did there?) to crown a new National Champion. Between the shocking… Read more »

Why Golf and Golf Promos are Good for Business

As the calendar turns from February to March and the snow fades away to reveal (mostly) sunny skies, golfers are ready to trade in their snow shovels for six irons. Sure, some diehards may have still been playing during the winter months, aggressively watching the weather forecast and poaching serviceable days for a quick round…. Read more »

Join the Winning Team with Custom Under Armour Gear


Business is the ultimate team sport. Success in an extremely competitive modern marketplace requires a dedicated, passionate team working together toward a common goal. A coach is only as good as his players, and a business owner is only as effective as his employees. Just like in sports, it’s a group effort, and the roleplayers… Read more »

Beer Coasters

Are you in a business where drinks are served, and are trying to find a promotional product that is perfect for your business? One old standard, tried and true item that has always worked particularly well, and will continue to do so, are custom beer coasters. They work equally well for bars, lounges, restaurants, hotels,… Read more »


With summertime just on the horizon, outdoor sports and activities are brewing in full force. There’s nothing better, nor more American than tossing a ball around in the warm sun with the smell of grilled food floating in the air. Well, let me amend that statement. There’s nothing better than tossing a ball or a… Read more »

Custom Beach Balls | Magellan’s Finest Achievement

Many historians out there consider themselves to be pretty well-versed on their knowledge of early global explorers, and while it’s true that Ferdinand Magellan’s was the first voyage to circum-navigate the globe, his motives are somewhat disputed. Some say that he was out for the glory of country while others maintain that he was after… Read more »

The Brew2go Tumbler- a Fine Bounty Indeed

If ye be anything like me, the lack of brew portability in this day and age can get ya crankier than a cheese-less bilge rat! Whether sailin’ the high seas in pursuit of wondrous plunder, or just peg-leggin’ back to my seat at a Pirates’ game, it seems like I always gotta keep one peeper… Read more »

Custom Hand Fans | Cool off with Team Spirit

Custom Hand Fans | Cool off with Team Spirit Sports. Boy they’re keen. There’s nothing more exhilarating than watching fierce athletic competition in person. You know what’s not so keen though? Sweating your tail off while you watch. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with the dame or bloke next to you, having to fight over the… Read more »