Die Cut Handle Bag: Spread Your Logo Around

When you go to a convention or conference, do you always remember to take a bag or folder to carry important ads or information you pick up? Have you ever gone to the fair or an exhibit and realized you have nowhere to put your swag? Church functions and carnivals, where the children get all those goodies and toy are just a few more places in which a carry-all would come in handy. Additionally, It would be a great help at the beach to have an easy place to put your shells and other keepsakes. These nifty Die Cut Handle Bags would be great to have around.

The ideal size to hold onto those pamphlets, ads, or pens, and great for any demographic, our promotional bags are a fantastic catch-all product. Everyone likes to get free samples of things at registration for school, or Spring Break with all the free giveaways, and what better way to advertise your company than with people using these Die Cut Handle Bags with your logo? You can be assured that your company will get recognized with these eye catching bags.

These bags can easily be designed to suit any company or business. Realtors can use them to hold listing information and pictures of homes, doctors’ offices can include information on procedures and medications, and health organizations can include all types of valuable information. Insurance companies find these very convenient for sending information home with client. The bags can be taken home and reused later on.

Our promotional plastic bags are available in many assorted colors and sizes, perfect to fit any marketing campaign or budget. Our bags also have large imprint areas for your company logo or promotional message.

So get started now with some of these bags at your next promotion and see how much business it will bring!

Econo Insulated Lunch Bag – Just Add PB&J

custom lunchbagsI think all of us, at least the older generation, remember carrying lunch to school or on picnics in a brown paper bag. It didn’t keep the food at the right temperature, and a sandwich had the bad habit of losing its shape when something was put on top of it. Eating a sandwich that has the height and appearance of a potato chip just isn’t very appealing! Parents hesitated to add a sandwich with meat for fear it would go bad, and an orange that sat out all day didn’t do much for us as far as taste.

Today, we can pack a healthy, tasty lunch or snack for our children for school, trips, or picnics, and know that it will be as fresh when they eat it as when it was packed. The Econo Insulated Lunch Bag is a large 6” X 8”, and has plenty of space for a full meal. It is made from non-woven polypropylene and has a 80GSM with foil liner to keep foods hot or cold.
These lunch bags are not limited to use by children, either. Pack a quick breakfast in to take to the office to enjoy with a hot cup of coffee. They are a convenient size to store when you are finished until it is time to go home, or attractive enough to sit on the desk all day long.
The 4” X 2.75” imprint area is perfect for the prominent display of your logo, and it is the right size to make the image highly visible.

The Econo Insulated Lunch Bag makes the perfect giveaway at conventions, seminars, and tradeshows. They are particularly useful at school functions and events, sporting events, and fundraisers. Charity golf tournaments are a great place to display them, and often the recipients will be happy for something to carry around their cold drinks and snacks throughout the tournament. They are also valuable when sold in a school or team store as an added source of revenue.

You’re On the Go with the Sports Duffel Bag

custom duffel bagsWhen you go to the gym, you want a good, sturdy, good-looking bag. One that can hold all of your extras, like your phone, keys, drinks etc. When your children start playing sports, don’t you want them to enjoy the game without having to remember where they put cell phones and clothes? You need a duffel bag.

Duffel bags are useful for so many types of outings; if you’re going on a short trip, pack your clothes and snacks. If you’re on a business trip, it’s great for books, folders, or files without lugging around a big suitcase. You won’t even need to unpack to get to your important papers! It’s even for the beach when you need towels, munchies, toys… plus all the fun things you remember right before you walk out of the house! The Sports Duffel Bag can be used for laundry.

The Sports Duffel Bag comes in red and black, royal blue and black, orange and black, gray and black, and yellow and black. The web handles have Velcro, plus it features a top zipper, mesh pocket on side for extras like water bottles or keys, and is made of 600D Polyester and Microfiber Mesh. It has a front zippered pocket and a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap. There is lots of room in this sporty bag at 10”x19”x9.75” deep. With low starting prices, these bags are a perfect promotional choice, especially with your large logo prominently featured on the front.

This Sports Duffel Bag would be an excellent giveaway for all ages at sporting events, charity events, or school functions. Military functions could also be a very popular place to promote your company with the Sports Duffel Bag. There are so many uses for such a simple product!

Drawstring Backpacks are Handy and Inexpensive

If you’re looking for a sports bag that’s functional, durable, and easy to carry and put away, then the Budget Custom Drawstring Backpack is for you. This tough little bag will hold everything you need and be neither bulky nor uncomfortable. It’s also strong and durable enough to withstand rough wear and still look good. Its stain and tear-resistant nature can hold up to even the heaviest use.

These drawstring backpacks fit all of these criteria, and are available for an affordable price! This pack is a roomy 13” X 15”, and is made of 80 gram non-woven, coated water resistant polypropylene. It has an extra-large 8” X 9” imprint area to set off your logo.

The Budget Custom Drawstring Backpack is available in your choice of eleven different colors. Choose your company colors and add a contrasting color logo. What a great choice for a large scale promotion where you really want exposure!

These make a real hit as giveaways at sporting events, and they’re also a particular favorite at charity sporting events, school fairs, and community events. They’re also popular with businesses that sell of sporting equipment and clothing. What better way to publicize your company than to have your logo seen on so many different sporting fields, locker rooms, and on the way to and from every event?

Everyone loves a “freebie.” When they see these sport packs being carried at a convention or tradeshow, everyone will want their own. That draws more attention to your booth. The more looks you get, the better your chances of making a great impression.

All of our drawstring backpacks are priced just right for a good ROI. Check out our inventory today or contact one of our product specialists at 1-866-277-7874 to get started.

Small Cowbell

What do you think of when you hear “cowbell”? Does the word bring to mind a pasture full of bovine creatures with bells around their necks? Do you think of a comedy show sketch with classic music that ‘needs more cowbell’? These don’t sound like much of an advertising opportunity, do they?

Well, the Small Cowbell has nothing to do with cows or comedy sketches, except for that clonking sound that attracts attention! Cowbells have been used for years to show excitement at sports events and other venues where large groups gather to celebrate. They’re a favorite at football games when shaken in rhythm accompanied to your favorite chant. Even hockey fans take part in the fun. Some events call for cowbells at the start and finish of the events while others are noisy from beginning to end.

However, the use of cowbells as promotional products doesn’t end at sporting events. They make great giveaways at community carnivals and charity events to make sure your product gets noticed. A county fair would be the perfect place to ring your cowbell!

The Small Cowbell is only 3”x2”, but it packs a memorable punch. The imprint area for your logo is 1” X 1”, perfect for visibility on the bell. With a variety of colors to choose from, it’s easy to select an option that matches your team colors or even your company colors.

Make sure your promotional product gets attention for your company logo. Selecting an item like the Small Cowbell doubles your visibility because because it’s seen AND heard? Fun items draw more attention, especially when they’re shaken with team spirit. Choose a product that makes your company or organization a part of the team!

3071 Nylon Custom Drawstring Bags

drawstring backpacksAre you planning on using promotional products to make your company more visible? There are so many places where you can use these items to promote both goodwill and a positive brand image. Everyone considers the common places such as trade shows, seminars and conventions, however, you can also use community service events, fairs, and fundraisers to provide great opportunities.

Choose an inexpensive yet memorable item such as the Nylon Custom Drawstring Bag as a tangible reminder of your business. This convenient backpack is 14” X 18”, and has a large 8” X 9” imprint area for your logo. It’s made of Denier Polyester and has contrasting simulated leather reinforced black trim. Available in a variety of colors, this cinch bag gives can perfectly contrast of complement your company logo, team name, or club.

The reasonable cost of these backpacks makes it possible to consider many venues that you may previously have passed up. There are a large number of trade shows and conventions taking place that may not relate specifically to your industry, but where exposure could still help your business. Safety shows, health shows, and even educational shows and fairs can provide broad local exposure. Many charitable organizations hold events such as charity golf tournaments and runs/walks that are well attended. Police departments and social service agencies across the country will be delighted to give these backpacks out to children in the community. The advertising on the backpacks will not only be seen by the children, their parents and those they come in contact with, but also by those who distribute them. What better way to build good will for your company, and the image of a caring part of your community?

A good public image can be highly beneficial to any business. The Nylon Custom Drawstring Bags will be a definite plus to any advertising plan, and will help to make certain that your return on investment is the best it can be.

8050-12 High Sierra Impact Daypack

custom backpacksHave you ever considered just what type of item you should choose as a promotional item, or is it your habit to just glance through a catalog until something catches your eye? The best promotional items are those which leave a positive impression on the recipient – a thoughtful gift that makes them smile is always a good choice. The best items are those that get continuous use, so that your advertising dollar goes further and reaches the maximum number of people.

Some products are most suitable for large giveaways such as conventions. Others work best when used to reward a loyal customer or employee, or to celebrate a grand opening or special event. One excellent selection of this type of product is the High Sierra Impact Daypack.

This backpack has everything a consumer might hope for. It has a large 14” x 19” size to provide plenty of carrying space; a large front-load main compartment, and a pocket with molded headphone port so you can listen to music on your mobile device. There is a large gusseted front pocket for accessories, and an organizer with pen pockets and key fob. Add to this a contoured, padded shoulder strap with a handy cell phone pocket.. There are two silver grommets in the main compartment for air circulation, and even a mesh water bottle pocket. Add to all of this a 3” x 3” area for your imprint, and what better item to use to promote your company? Any employee or client will be happy and grateful to receive this as a gift, and will reward you by carrying it and providing you with years of advertising.

This backpack also makes a great choice as a door prize or part of a larger gift bundle at a tradeshow, convention or seminar. Imagine filling it with other useful promotional items such as pens, pencils and notebooks? Taking part in a tradeshow is one thing; making sure that people come to your booth is another. Having an item such as the High Sierra Impact Daypack as a prize will draw in plenty of traffic for you, and the winner carrying away his prize will cause others to ask where it came from.

It’s like my pappy always told me: “Treat women with respect, sun tans are earned, not bought, and make sure you always get the most out of your promotional items by choosing a product that will draw attention!”

Budget Custom Backpack

custom backpacksBackpacks, which were once thought of as merely a camper and hikers tool, are now an everyday sight about town. Schoolchildren use them for books; they carry everything from laptops to clothes and lunches! No longer are they plain and utilitarian – now we find them in all different styles, materials, and price ranges. You can select a high end computer bag, or an inexpensive version such as the Budget Backpack, and still be assured of getting a quality product.

This simple and durable backpack is made of 210D polyester with an adjustable web shoulder strap and carrying handle. It is perfect for school, to carry around town, or to slip a few things into for an overnight stay. The bright color choices help to make it a favorite choice, the generous size means that it can carry whatever you need in comfort, and the solid construction lets you know that your cargo is safe and secure!

Backpacks make great promotional gifts, as they have a large imprint area to display your logo, and are seen so many different places. You can’t help but get great exposure and help improve your image when you give them out. However, many businesses hesitate to use backpacks because of their costs – they feel that the price is prohibitive for any large scale giveaway. This is, of course, true of some of the high end cases and backpacks. The Budget Backpack, however, means that you can combine low cost and high visibility. The imprint area for your logo is a large 7” x 3”, which makes it readily visible from a distance. You can select a color scheme which makes your image stand out even more, such as a black image on a bright pink backpack, or a white image on a black backpack.

Every item that you select for a promotional campaign needs to make a lasting impression. If you want people to remember the name of an advertiser, you need to make that impression. When you want to make sure that you are generating a high ROI, choosing a budget backpack can make the difference.

Custom 0011-45 Elleven Checkpoint Friendly Bag

custom backpacksLaptop computers have become an integral part of our daily lives, with everyone from the busy businessman carrying his on a trip, to school children taking them to school. It seems hard to believe that the first laptop, the Osbourne, only came into existence in 1981. It was the size of a small sewing machine, unlike today’s models, and could even be taken along on business trips on an airplane. However did we manage without today’s high tech, compact models? Many people pay extremely high amounts for their laptops, and many carry highly sensitive documents and information on them. Naturally, we find it necessary to make arrangements for the protection of these devices.

Taking your computer along on an airplane has become a common occurrence, whether you travel for business or pleasure. Keeping your laptop safe on these trips is a major concern. The Elleven Checkpoint Friendly Compu Backpack is the perfect carrying case for your valuable property. It has a designated laptop-only section that unfolds to lay flat on the X-ray belt to increase your speed, convenience and security.It comfortably holds laptops up to 17”. Don’t take chances with a bag that will simply tote your laptop; make sure that you are getting a product that provides maximum protection when you travel. It also features several pockets, both zippered and open, and padded back and shoulder straps for comfort.

This backpack has a large 4” x 3” imprint area for a logo or other company information, making this a valuable promotional item choice. It will provide a great deal of exposure for your company or business in airports, hotels and restaurants both here and abroad, exposing your company to a great many individuals who you would otherwise not be able to reach. Of course, it will also be used in the office, and on the way to and from work, putting it in front of an ever increasing audience. Because of the high quality of workmanship and materials, it puts you in the spotlight as a company that puts a great emphasis on quality and value. Our custom backpacks are a great choice for everyone!

Round Custom Bage Holder – SM-2404

custom badge holder

If you have to carry an ID card for work, you know what it’s like trying to keep them fresh, unstained, and in good condition. Every day wear and tear can damage them over time, regardless of how careful you are. When it is necessary to use it to enter doors by scanning, this damage can occur even more often. The Round Badge Holder can help keep your ID protected.

It also makes a convenient case for carrying ID cards at events and other gatherings outside of the workplace. Many of these gatherings issue temporary cards to identify those in attendance, and also to make them easily identifiable to others, and make it easy to remember names of those who are meeting for the first time.
The built in belt clip makes this badge holder a convenient way to carry and display your ID, while leaving your hands free for other tasks. It can also serve the dual purpose of acting as a key ring, and has a retractable 32” cord.

The Round Badge Holder is available in multiple colors, allowing you to select different ones to distinguish between departments, companies or even teams. Other groups who frequently choose to use these badge holders are church groups and children’s camps. You can select from a wide variety of colors for your company logo imprint, making it highly visible at all times. Choose colors that match those of your company or team, or even some that contrast sharply with the badge holder.

The Round Badge Holder makes the perfect gift to use for giveaways at conventions, trade shows, and almost any event. They will be put into use right away, and then taken home and to the office to be used over and over again, making them quite valuable as a promotional item. The person using it will see your logo or other information many times each day, as will the people who see them using it. Each of these instances will put your company information out there to help in branding your image.