Custom Tumblers with Straws

custom tumblers with strawsYou’re sitting there sipping a soda from a paper cup. Something startles you, and you momentarily tighten your grip. Immediately the cup collapses, and you have soda all over your lap. Does that sound familiar? Or you set your paper cup down, someone bumps the table, and out spills your drink-all over the table and floor.

We’ve all had these moments, and they are neither comfortable nor fun! Sometimes, they can be downright embarrassing! A tumbler with straw can be the perfect solution!

The best promotional products are those which solve a problem and provide a useful alternative, while advertising your company in a positive manner. By supplying your customers, potential customers, and employees with a promotional tumbler with straw, you are saving them from spills that are at the very least inconvenient. At the same time, you’re skillfully promoting your companies image by displaying your logo prominently on the tumblers.

These tumblers don’t need to be expensive to be effective advertising tools. Even on a small budget, you can successfully promote your business and brand. When you’re doing your marketing research and setting up your advertising budget, decide how much can be allotted for the purchase of your custom tumblers with straws. Then determine how you will go about distributing them. This will tell you whether you should spend more on each tumbler, when they are to be used as gifts, or whether you should keep the cost of each unit low for a more large scale giveaway for a trade show or other event.

Many of our tumblers are offered at an extremely low price, like the 20 oz. Stadium 2 Go with Straw. This tumbler has a large 7.5″ x 2.88″ area for your logo imprint, and makes an excellent advertising item for large scale promotions.
For tumblers to be used as gifts, you may prefer a design such as the 27 oz flip top freedom, a double wall insulated acrylic tumbler with flip top sipper lid.

Whatever style of personalized tumbler with straw that you choose, these items fill a definite need and will help to promote your company image and growth.

Custom Lanyards

custom lanyardsHave you been to a conference and seen people walking around with what appeared to be a rope or cord around their neck, with a name or ID card on them? These are called lanyards, and often the ones they are wearing are custom lanyards with their business logo on them. It helps to quickly identify which company a person works for. Identification is the usual reason for using these lanyards, but they are also helpful when trying to keep from losing something. Small children can wear them on school outings to be sure that they do not get separated from their group, and if they do, can easily be returned to where they belong. They are also convenient for older students, who can use them to identify different school or group members.

We even see them in stores where they make it simple to spot an employee when we need help, in factories for identification purposes, and even in hospitals.
Selecting a promotional product that is useful, easy to distribute and inexpensive can be a time consuming process, and imprinted lanyards are one of those products that should be considered. They fit all three criteria, as well as being a highly visible promotional tool in a variety of settings.

You can provide them for your employees for use at trade show, conventions and seminars to easily identifying them as members of your company. Trade show lanyards are extremely convenient at large gatherings, where your logo can be spotted from across the room. You can also give them away at the same events to all types of potential customers.

The xzibit lanyard a rope lanyard which includes breakaway cord, adjustable round slide button and metal hook, would make a good choice for this type of giveaway. The knitted cotton tradeshow eyewear retainer lanyard might also be an excellent option for your guests and customers who need a handy place to keep their sunglasses.

Each of these custom lanyards provide you with excellent advertising capabilities, and allow you to present your company logo in a highly professional manner.

Custom Logo Calendars

custom calendarsWhen you choose a promotional product to represent your company, you want something that will be a lasting reminder of your business. Items such as flyers and brochures are either tossed in the trash, put in a drawer and quickly forgotten, or put on a desk or table to be covered with other items, or worse yet used to place cups on to keep the desk clean! This isn’t what you want to use your advertising budget for.

Promotional calendars rarely suffer this fate! We are always catching ourselves looking at a calendar to check the date – maybe looking ahead to see when the next holiday is! We use them to jot down appointments on, and often use them to keep track of special events like birthdays and anniversaries. These custom calendars are part of our lives every day of the year, which means that each day, the recipient will be reminded of the information that you have chosen to display. This can be as simple as just a copy of your logo, or can be your company name, address, phone number and website. You might also choose to add a company slogan.

These imprinted calendars come in many sizes, styles and designs, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your needs, with over 200 available. Do you need a calendar that fits easily in an envelope for a mail out campaign? You might want to consider one of the many press and stick calendars that are low cost and be stuck anywhere for quick reference. Another great choice for this type of promotion are magnetic calendars, which quickly are affixed to a refrigerator or file cabinet.

For use as gifts or door prizes, a good choice of imprinted calendars would be the symphony debossed weekly desk calendar with a subtle, elegant and contemporary look, and a large 7” x 2” imprint area for your logo or other information. Another excellent selection would be the select weekly planner which features a padded doeskin virgin vinyl cover and telephone index.

Any of our custom logo calendars will be a great benefit to your company advertising campaign. If you’re unsure of which promo will best suit your budget or campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Custom Logo Pretzels

custom promotional pretzelsWhen you think of promotional pretzels, what do you picture? Regular knot-like pretzels, pretzel sticks, soft pretzels, giant pretzels, chocolate-covered pretzels, or something entirely different?

Although pretzels were not introduced into North America until the 19th century, when German immigrants known as Pennsylvania Dutch began producing them here, they were actually originated in about 610 A.D. by Christian monks. Thought to have been created as “pretiola” or “little rewards” for children who learned their prayers, the strips of intertwined dough are believed to resemble arms crossed across the chest in prayer. The large German population in Pennsylvania contributed to it being considered the birthplace of the American pretzel industry, and where 80% of the pretzel production is located. There is even a private Pretzel Museum located in Pennsylvania, as well as a National Pretzel Day celebrated on April 26!

It’s no wonder, then, that promotional pretzels make great advertising items. They’re a well-known, well-loved, and delicious snack. They have long been distributed at schools, events, as well as at grocery and convenience stores. You can find them at movie theaters and sports stadiums, as well as at trade shows and conventions. Shouldn’t some of these tasty creations bear your company logo? What better way to advertise your company than with a product that everyone loves? There are over 20 selections to choose from, and one is sure to blend in with your marketing plan.

You might want to opt for the executive pretzel box as a way to show your appreciation for a job well done by a top employee, or for your past years valued customers. It is filled with 8 gourmet chocolate covered pretzels in three delicious flavors; Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate with candy coating. Each box comes with a one-color hot stamp of your logo on the lid and ribbon that adds the perfect finishing touch.

If you prefer custom pretzel tins, you might prefer the The Grand Tin – Chocolate Covered Mini Pretzels, Grand Pretzel Tin, or the Royal Pretzel Tin, among others. Any of these choices will be sure to please everyone who receives them, and leave them with pleasant thoughts associated with your business.

If you’re unsure of which tasty treat will best fit into your marketing mix, don’t hesitate to contact one of our product specialists at 1-866-277-7874. Available Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, we’re happy to assist you in finding the best pretzel or other promotional product that will suit both your budget and advertising needs.

Promotional Nuts

nut truck gift basket When you’re looking for a combination of a great promotional product and a healthy snack, nothing tops promotional nuts. Recent research has shown that eating nuts as part of a heart healthy diet will lower the LDL cholesterol levels in the blood, helping to maintain good heart health.

Nuts contain unsaturated fats, omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamin E and other substances that are considered good for your heart. Eating nuts is considered a good way to prevent blood clots that could lead to a heart attack, and they expand the healthy lining of your arteries.

All of these facts contribute to the reason for considering nuts as a snack that is healthy and good for you. Using nuts as part of your advertising campaign helps to brand your company as one that values the health of your customers. Being considered health conscious and up to date on the news is always a good step towards building recognition for your company.

These company gift nuts make a particularly attractive promotional tool when associated with such events as heart and cancer walks, or when given by businesses associated with the health industry. With over 65 selections available, it should be a simple matter to choose the one that best represents your business. Choose from cashews, pistachios, peanuts, trail mixes and more in a variety of containers such as tubes, cellophane packs, glass jars and custom nut tins.

Select from such best sellers as a Pistachios Gourmet Tube, a Trail Mix Promo Pack, or a Cashews Glass Jar. Are you looking for a unique gift for a valued customer or a prized employee such as a top salesman? A perfect choice might be the maple ridge 1950s flatbed truck with almonds and cashews. The truck includes a shipping crate with your logo or imprint fire branded on both sides. It also includes six ounces of Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds, and five ounces of freshly roasted Extra Fancy Jumbo Cashews. Each recipient of this wooden classic truck will appreciate its craftsmanship and style.
You can select these promotional nuts in a price range that fits your advertising budget, and packages that suit your distribution methods.

Custom Promotional USB Chargers

custom phone chargersRemember having to make a phone call when you’re out or away from home? You’d have to walk or drive around to find a pay phone, make sure you have the right change, and then hopefully remember the number you need to dial. Not exactly the most convenient thing. Luckily, modern technology allows us to carry cell phones with us everywhere we go. They’re much more convenient and advanced, and their price has come down significantly, allowing anyone to afford them. However, a cell phone only works when it’s been charged, and that’s where mini auto adapter when you intend to distribute a large number of them. This universal plug adapter plugs into an accessory power outlet to charge personal devices. It has an output up to 1 Amp, compatible with smart phones. Or you can opt for a more elaborate style like the dual usb car charger. This USB Car charger works with USB compatible devices such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, as well as smartphones like Blackberry and Android OS based products. It can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Either of these or any of the rest of the 12 choices will improve your advertising and give you great results.

Custom Bottle Opener Key Chains

custom bottle openersTwo of the best inexpensive promotional items are bottle openers and keychains. So why not combine the two and use really remarkable advertising items? Custom bottle opener keychains widen the scope of the scope of the audiences you can successfully target, and allow you to increase your marketing without increasing your costs.

Everyone uses keys on a daily basis, and keeping track of them can prove to be a real chore. If you lose a key or misplace it, replacing it can be both time-consuming and expensive. The solution to this, of course, is a keychain that keeps them all together and close at hand. They’ve always been an important inclusion for promotional campaigns. Bottle openers are another item which most people use frequently. We open juices, soft drinks and beers, and few people have enough of them. We keep them in cars, offices and at home. Because of their wide use and popularity, they too have become staples for the advertising market.

Merging the two and using personalized bottle opener keychains for your advertising just makes good common sense. You can select plain, simple, inexpensive varieties, or opt for the more unique, unusual styles. Either way, you will get tremendous value from them.
Hand them out at conventions, tradeshows, seminars and other events, put a basket of them on your counter or desk and invite customers and employees alike to “help yourself to one”. Each time they open a bottle or take out their keys, they will be thinking of your business and appreciating the gift.

You can select from such novelty promotional bottle opener keychains as the shark bottle opener key ringthat opens bottles and flip-top cans in a breeze. It’s a useful addition to any home with the advertiser’s name displayed for increased brand awareness. Are you planning a major giveaway and need to keep your costs low? The Aluminum Bottle/Can Opener Key Ring might be the style you choose at a cost as low as $.54 each.

Choose one or several of these custom bottle opener keychains to successfully represent your company in your next advertising blitz.

Custom Fortune Cookies

Custom Fortune CookiesYour initiation into the world of custom fortune cookies was almost certainly at a Chinese restaurant, where they were served after dinner. These cookies come wrapped around a piece of paper on which is printed a “fortune” which is either words of wisdom or a prophecy. They typically consist of flour, sugar and vanilla, and are quite crisp. They were first actually introduced in Japan rather than China; they were imported into China in the late 1900’s and sold as “authentic American fortune cookies”. In China, they are also known as “good luck cookies”, “good luck sweet cookies” and “good luck biscuits”.

Whatever you call them or wherever you are, these personalized fortune cookies can be can be effectively used for your advertising. Include them when drawing up your marketing plan, and plan for their distribution carefully to get the maximum results from them.

Personalize these cookies not only with your logo, but also by writing the fortunes yourself. Why not include a “cents off” coupon fortune, or a special deal fortune? You can be as creative as possible with the writing, and increase your advertising while entertaining everyone who opens them.

Choose the giant logo fortune cookie as the ultimate personalized gift. This 4 pound cookie, the size of an ordinary football, is hand dipped in luscious white chocolate and a 100% edible image of your logo. You can include up to ten lines of a personalized fortune inside. Presented in a traditional crisp French Cellophane Bag and tied with an exquisite sheer wired ribbon, this cookie is GUARANTEED to make a BIG impression! Your cookie is hand packed in a signature glossy white gift box and topped with matching tissue paper. These cookies work well for any event where a gift is appropriate, and even make wonderful wedding fortune cookies!

Do you prefer the more classic size fortune cookies? At a cost of as low as $1.43 each, these cookies are hand dipped in white chocolate and have your edible logo and sprinkles to match. Each cookie is individually wrapped.

Custom fortune cookies make a unique and novel promotional product that you will want to use again and again to make a “sweet” impression!

Custom College Promos

custom college promosCollege students attend sports events, seminars and parties on a regular basis. They are usually on very strict budgets, and love free things. These same students, however, will soon have vast purchasing power and will need and be prepared to pay for your products and services. That is a pretty good reason for using promotional items for college students.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, as of 2004 (the last year for which statistics were available) the number of first-time freshmen enrolling in the fall was 2,630,000. That makes quite a large segment of the population that should be figured into your marketing plan. Of course, if you sell technology related items or clothing, these students can be some of your largest consumers even while they are in school. Today, many college and university students are older adults returning to school either to update their present degrees or to enter a new field. These adults have families, own homes, and make use of almost any products that you might produce, or services that your company offers.

College promotional products can take many forms, since you are targeting such a diverse audience. Some of these items are uniform best sellers, such as the inexpensive but popular custom rally towel. This towel has a large 11” x 14” imprint area for the prominent display fo your logo or other information. This lightweight sports towel will be particularly welcome for the college sports teams.

Duffel bags, sunglasses, coolers, notebooks and pens are also welcome gifts for this crowd, as are compu backpacks, t shirts and sweatshirts.

Distribute promotional items for college students at sports games and rallies for extra effectiveness – players and fans alike will be delighted to have them. Some can even be sold to fans for an added stream of revenue, such as sweatshirts and sunglasses. Be sure to include advertising to this large group when you set up your marketing campaign.

Custom Printed Paper Bags

custom paper bagscustom paper bags have been around a while, but where did they come from? They have been around for so long that we all just take them for granted. We carried our lunch to school in them as children, we carry our groceries home in them as adults. Fast food restaurants place our takeout orders in them.

The first machine for making paper bags was invented by Francis Wolle in 1852, and was followed by the machine to make square bottom bags by Margaret Knight sometime before 1914. Since that time, their popularity and use has grown by leaps and bounds.

Because the printed paper bags are used so often, for so many purposes, and are so reasonably priced, they make excellent promotional products. Just stop and think of how many times in just the last week you had a paper bag in your hands. How many opportunities for advertising have you lost by not having your logo on some of them? These bags can be given away almost anywhere – they can be distributed at trade shows, conventions, seminars and all types of other events, either alone or filled with other promotional items. They can be folded and sent through the mail. And if you are in a business that sells products, you can package all of your goods in these imprinted paper bags.

You can purchase pharmacy bags, peanut bags, popcorn bags, gourmet bags, and even bags made from 100% recycled paper. The popular Jenny eco shopper are made from 100% recycled paper, and have matching twisted paper handles and serrated cut top. They have a large 7” x 7” imprint area for your logo. Do you prefer a sturdier bag? The paris matte eurotote may be just what you want. It is a 157 GSM premium weight matte laminated eurotote with matching macramé handles, reinforced fold-over top, and cardboard bottom insert.

Build your company logo recognition with any one of the almost 50 logo paper bags, or choose several for different uses. Each bag will give you maximum results and successful advertising returns.