Custom Jelly Beans

custom jelly beansDo you love Easter and all the fun it brings? Are you a big fan of filling Easter baskets for all of the young people? Do you have fond memories of eating those little goodies called jelly beans when you were a child? You aren’t alone! Jelly beans have been a favorite since the early 20th century and actually have been with us much longer than that; as early as the 17th century. Jelly beans even gained fame as the favorite treat of Ronald Reagan! (He used them as a substitute when trying to stop smoking.) Custom jelly beans complete with a copy of your logo, make for a great promotional tool as part of your overall marketing campaign. Our brightly-colored candy is available in either fruit or spice varieties, and comes in a wide assortment of packaging.

You can elect to distribute your personalized jelly beans in a large Apothecary glass jar with either a 4-color decal or a direct imprint of your logo. Other companies prefer to use a clear plastic cellophane bag printed with a high gloss four color decal to showcase their company information or logo. Either style works equally well. It’s just a matter of personal choice when making your selection.

Some styles are easier or more cost-effective when used for large-scale giveaways, such as at a tradeshow or convention. Others are better when given as gifts to employees or customers. The large glass jars make a colorful statement when placed for easy reach on an office counter. The jelly bean dispenser is a novel and fun gift that’s sure to grab people’s interest. The perfect choice might just be the Maple Ridge Farms Executive Jelly Bean Dispenser for the top salesman or valued customer.

Any choice of a promotional jelly bean product will be an advantage for your marketing and advertising campaign. Your company will automatically get a lift from the fun and quality connection provided by the use of these items.

Company Logo Jackets

company logo jacketsIt’s important that your employees have a sense of belonging and boosted team spirit. Company logo jackets will go a long way towards building this team spirit, and instilling sense of company pride. Whether you choose entire uniforms, or just select the jackets, there is a noticeable increase in company loyalty when all of your employees sport their company jackets.

Not only employees will enjoy these jackets, however. Give some as gifts to loyal and valued customers, and let them sport your logo whenever they go out. This type of advertising is much more effective than other traditional types.

These custom jackets come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. You can choose lightweight jackets for spring and fall, or heavier ones for winter.

A personalized jacket is not made for every type of promotional giveaway. It would be cost-prohibitive, for example, to use them for large-scale giveaways at a convention. However, this doesn’t mean that they have no value in this type of venue. They can be used as a door prize, or raffled off during a tradeshow, convention, or seminar. Since the jacket to be raffled will be on display for a long period before it begins, your exposure is even broader. And after the drawing, whoever receives the jacket will be a walking advertisement for your company.

The Company jackets with logo blend well with other aspects of your complete marketing plan to help brand and establish your company image. They are a durable and high quality statement for your company, and are well-received in every economic circle. With almost 200 styles and designs to choose from, it is possible to find just the perfect jacket for your business.

You can select from inexpensive, lightweight jackets, or opt for a high quality name brand down or leather jacket, depending on your budgetary limitations. Regardless of your choice, you can rest assured that quality materials, style and workmanship will be an integral part of every custom jacket.

Custom Hershey Kisses

Custom Hershey KissesCustom Hershey kisses, those delightful little chocolates that we have all known and loved, have been with us for many years-since 1907, as a matter of fact. They come from a long line of quality chocolate from the company that has also given us Hershey bars, Mr. Goodbars, Krackel bars, and all of the Hershey miniatures. It is almost impossible to grow up without tasting them.

Americans love their chocolate. The average American consumes approximately 11.7 pounds of chocolate each and every year. A large portion of that chocolate carries the Hershey name. So when choosing a new way to advertise your company, why not select a promotional product that receives such wide use and attention?

Customize Hershey kisses with your company logo or other business information for widespread company branding efforts. Are you advertising an event, whether for charity or something such as a store opening? Let the popularity of these little silver-covered candies do the job for you. Customize even further and match the foil wrapper color to your company colors.

Place a brightly-colored imprint of your company logo prominently on the bottom of each Hershey kiss! Your company will automatically become associated with pleasure, good times, and good taste. For a low price, you can leave a very positive impression for all time with these customized Hershey kisses.

Boxes and baskets of them can be left on counters for customers to help themselves. Gift boxes filled with personalized Hershey kisses are always a crowd-pleaser, and you can even choose a tin or box with your logo prominently displayed to put the kisses in. Hershey kisses aren’t made to advertise any one particular type of business; they work well whatever your company may do.

Any way you choose to distribute your kisses, the results will be the same-the public will love them. The only problem you might face is that everyone will want to take more than one, and even you might be tempted to sample your own product!

Custom Promotional Golf Tees

custom golf teesCustom printed golf tees, those handy little spikes that no golfer ever has enough of! With over 28 million golfers, you can see where there are a lot of them in use every day. What a great and inexpensive opportunity to have your company logo seen around the country. What other media will allow you to get your information out there for literally pennies?

No matter what the weather may be, you will find golfers out on the course enjoying themselves. Whole families go together and make a day of it. Senior citizens enjoy a sport that keeps them active well after the football days have passed for them. Golf vacations are highly popular, especially with those who live where snow keeps them from playing. The first warm days of spring find golf courses crowded to the max-getting a tee time can be a real problem when everyone has spring fever!

Printed golf tees are an advertiser’s delight. Everyone wants and needs them, golfers share them, they are inexpensive, and they are so easy to distribute. They are passed out at conventions, tradeshows and seminars; golf related businesses put boxes of them on the counter for customers to help themselves; they go well in gift baskets with other golf items; and every tournament, whether a major pro one or a charity golf tournament, gives them away. Shouldn’t you be taking full advantage of these advertising opportunities?

Your logo displayed on promotional golf tees guarantees you a great deal of exposure for your branding effort. Each time a golfer goes out onto the course, you have the chance to get your company name known.

Golf tees come loose, in cellophane packets, in pouches and kits. They come in a wide variety of colors, and you can select wooden or plastic styles.The next time a golfer heads out to play, make sure your company is represented with the pack of custom printed golf tees in his bag. He or she will appreciate your gift every time they play.

Custom Golf Towels

custom rally towelsCustom printed golf towels make great gifts for men, women, and children alike. Unlike sports such as football or baseball, anyone can participate in golf. You can play alone or with others, just for fun or to make a living. Millions of dollars are spent each year on golf accessories, and promotional golf towels are one of the most popular.

Young people play golf with their families and with school teams. Businessmen play alone or with clients and potential clients. Elderly people play for exercise and for companionship and fun. Over 28 million people played golf as of 2009, according to the National Golf Foundation. All of these people are potential recipients for logo golf towels. Having your logo displayed on these towels and giving them to the public provides you with a vast potential for advertising success.

Give these imprinted golf towels away in large numbers at tradeshows, conventions and seminars. Place them for sale in sports and school stores for an added stream of income. Give them away as gifts to customers and employees. Mix and match them in gift baskets with golf tees and balls. Each of these towels will bring you consistent advertising exposure for an extended period of time, in a variety of settings.

Choose the custom rally towel when you are looking for an inexpensive, yet quality towel for large giveaways. It has a large 11” x 14” imprint area for your logo, and is available in a wide assortment of colors. This lightweight sports towel is made of 100% cotton, and is super absorbent. For a low cost, you can place a large number of these in the hands of the public.
Imprinted golf towels are also available by such quality name brands as Cutter & Buck. The imprint on these towels is embroidered on 100% cotton material.

Whether you select low cost logo golf towels or opt for the more expensive variety for use as gifts, your advertising dollars will be very well spent. These towels will provide you with constant and well-targeted traffic.

Custom Frisbees

custom frisbeesCustom printed Frisbees have been used for years by children and adults as well for years. Children love to throw them when they’re alone, or compete with their friends. Dogs love to catch a Frisbee thrown for them by their owner, and can be kept occupied for hours chasing them back and forth. Before he gets too hot, give your dog a drink of water out of one of these substitute water dishes.

Frisbees also have lesser-known, but just as valuable uses. They have been used as emergency dishes when hiking or camping. They work great when placed under plants to catch excess water. You can use them as a plate and add candy, cookies or cheese to a Frisbee dish for added value!

Promotional Frisbees are an inexpensive, yet lasting product that produces exceptional advertising results. Almost any business can use them for profitable marketing ventures, and the wide range of distribution possibilities makes them even more valuable. Toy stores, sporting goods stores, pet stores, and all type of charity events can make good use of these custom Frisbees.

You can purchase a Frisbee with logo for as low price, making it a good choice for large scale giveaways. You can choose from mini Frisbees, or glow in the dark styles. You can even select an Australian boomerang for the display of your logo.

Each time that someone tosses a Frisbee in a park or on the beach, your logo goes spinning along in front of everyone close by. Each time you toss a Frisbee for your dog to fetch, everyone sees your logo. Your company is associated automatically with fun, pleasure and enjoyment. Give them away at tradeshows, seminars or events in large numbers; let each recipient carry your advertising with you each time they use one of these branded Frisbees. The return on your initial investment will be high enough to please you and make their use valuable. Frisbees are durable and long lasting; you can order a large supply at a lower price, and use them again for another promotion.

Custom Cinch Bags

custom cinch bagsCustom cinch bags have so many different and varied uses that it is hard to imagine life without them! We use small ones to hold make up; we use them to hold small items such as nails, screws, nuts and bolts. We use them to carry change for laundry or to play bingo. Children load them down with marbles or trading cards. We slip all sorts of small items into them to keep them from getting lost, and even use them to organize our purses.

Medium size personalized cinch bags hold sneakers and other shoes when going to the gym, as well as our other gym clothes; they make the perfect knitting or crochet bag to hold all of our tools. Even larger bags carry dirty laundry, or act as substitute backpacks. They are perfect storage containers. How many items do you know that perform so many different functions?

These cinch bags fold up small enough to be easily stored to save space, and expand as we need them. This also adds to their value as promotional items, as a large quantity of them can be easily stored while waiting distribution. It also means that some not used for a certain event can be stored until the next one without using up valuable space.

Promotional cinch bags are always in style, and everyone uses them. They have large areas for a logo imprint that can be easily seen by anyone close by. Unlike items such as business cards and brochures, they will not be thrown away or stuck in a drawer somewhere; you know that these bags will be in use and on view for some time to come. They guarantee that your logo will be on display many times for one low cost.

These custom cinch bags come in all sizes. Use one alone as a giveaway, or make up a package of several different sizes to use as gifts. Choose from solid color styles, or find one of the many colorful patterns that blend with your company colors. With over 100 different and unique styles and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the one to match your company’s personality.

Custom Drawstring Bags

custom drawstring bagsWith dozens of varieties to choose from, you’re certain to find the perfect custom drawstring bag to work well for your advertising and marketing purposes.

Custom printed drawstring bags can be used to carry groceries in place of paper bags, which is good for the environment. They carry our laundry, and the shoulder straps make them much more convenient to carry than the usual laundry basket. Additionally, their shoulder straps and convenient cinch-close main compartment make them great to carry books around campus. They can haul gym and sports equipment, and are handy to carry to the beach, or when hiking in the woods. Their uses are so plentiful, it’s difficult to name them all!

Their great value, portability, and durable nature make the custom cinch bags such valuable promotional items. Your logo displayed on one of these bags will be clearly visible on numerous occasions and in a wide variety of places. They’ll even be used at conventions, tradeshows, and events to carry the many other items you will collect, so it just makes perfect sense to be the one who gives them away. Why let the competition get the jump on you?

When you’re considering which type of bag to select, you need to know how many of them you will need. Cheap custom drawstring bags are the best choice for large scale giveaways. A great choice for this would be a bag such as the Nylon drawstring backpack, which is crazy inexpensive. This best seller is available in a wide variety of colors, and has a super large 8″ x 9″ imprint area to display your logo or choice of company or event information. You can even select drawstring bags made of recycled material to please those who are environmentally conscious.

Each of these bags is made of high quality material to last through repeated uses, and will display your logo over and over again.

Promotional Ice Scrapers

Every winter, those in the snow belt spend hours a day shoveling and scraping snow and ice from on and around their cars and trucks. Even when they have driven on their way to the office or store, a short stay inside may require additional scraping to clear the windshield. Anyone who has ever faced this problem has also faced the problem of what to do without an ice scraper! A gloved hand might work alright for snow, but it isn’t worth much when ice has built up on the glass.

Logo ice scrapers are always welcome at times like this! Having several is best, since you never know when you might need one. Most people keep at least one in their vehicle, and another at home and in the office. What better promotional product than one that people will use quite often, and will appreciate having received it from you? Your logo will be prominently displayed and seen every time the ice scraper is used.

Promotional ice scrapers can be given away at almost any tradeshow, convention, or event, and being such an inexpensive item you can give out large numbers of them. They are also conveniently shaped and small enough to be distributed as part of a mail-out campaign.

Are you looking for a novelty ice scraper? The ice scraper hand mitten will please everyone you choose to give them to. The mitten comes in handy when removing ice and snow, and protects you from the cold. You can have the ice scraper customized with your logo on the large 3” x 3” imprint area.

Car dealerships, service stations and sporting goods stores will all find these useful items to be a fantastic addition to their advertising mix. They can be handed out at sporting events in the fall and winter seasons, and everyone will appreciate them.

All of the Logo ice scrapers are made of highly durable material that will last through many seasons, giving your logo repeat advertising for a long period and through several seasons.

Promotional Cutting Boards

custom cutting boardsWe all know that directly on the kitchen counter is no place to slice and dice your food. You can damage it with deep (often expensive to repair) gouges all in an attempt to chop up some vegetables. Don’t seriously damage your luxurious counter top. Instead, use custom cutting boards.

Having a cutting board readily available will save a great deal of time and money. Their simplicity to clean helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Cooking-savvy individuals among us prefer to have more than one, so that raw meats can be cut separately from fruits and vegetables, preventing cross contamination. This is also convenient when you’re cutting or slicing several things for a meal at one time. Wood cutting boards have always been the most popular. Small cuts in the wood tend to close back up on their own, and wood has some natural anti-septic properties. Bamboo cutting boards are resistant to bacteria, while many people claim that a plastic cutting board is more sanitary than wood. Even rubber has recently come into use as a cutting board material.

custom wood cutting boards come alone, or with additions such as knives. Many are rectangular or square, but you can also find novelty shapes. Plastic boards come in a wide variety of colors to make them more interesting and set them off against your counters.

Specialty promotional cutting boards are also available, such as cheese cutting board sets. Most cutting boards are made to sit on the counter, but many are designed to hang out of the way when not in use.

Whichever design of custom cutting board you choose for your advertising purposes, you will find that you receive plenty of praise and recognition for your choice. These cutting boards make wonderful gifts, and you either select to give them alone or with an added treat such as a package of specialty cheese (which can also carry your logo for additional promotion).