Promotional Boomerangs

custom boomerangsReady for a trivia question? What traditional sporting item has been around for over 30,000 years, and was part of a collection of King Tutankhamen, and is still used today? As you probably guessed by the title of this article, it’s the boomerang, of course! Something else that may surprise you is the fact that using promotional boomerangs as part of your advertising campaign is the a fantastic idea for many businesses.

Children love these boomerangs, but most adults are also unable to resist throwing one when they have a chance. We’re just so fascinated with how they work. Although we now use them mainly as sporting or play items, boomerangs have also been used for hunting. There is even a world championship for boomerang throwing now. They were mostly made from wood, but bone boomerangs have also been discovered. Today, they can also be comprised of plywood, plastic or composites.

Custom boomerangs have a very large area for displaying your logo or other information where it can be readily observed. You can purchase an Australian style plastic boomerang with a 3” x 0.75” imprint area for your logo or company slogan in a variety of colors. These logo boomerangs are extremely inexpensive but don’t fall short on value, making them a reliable advertising tool.

Boomerangs work well for advertising most any type of business, and can be distributed easily. They are inexpensive enough to pass out at tradeshows, conventions, seminars and other events, as well as at schools and camps. Sporting goods stores find these promotional boomerangs an invaluable advertising tool, and many sporting events love to hand them out before a match or game. Although almost any item can be used as a promotional product, something such as custom boomerangs are a little different and unique, and will stand out from the more common items such as pens, key rings and lighters. When you are trying to make your business stand out, choosing something which stands out from the crowd is always a good idea.

Promotional Lunch Bags

promotional lunch bagsRemember back in the day, when mom or dad would pack your lunch for you and hook you up with a plain brown paper bag to take to school? Maybe a sandwich was tucked away in there with an apple or banana, or if you were lucky, one of those delicious Lunchables. Wash it down with a tasty Capri Sun or Mondo Cooler and you were good-to-go. Though that was a lot to stuff into a little paper bag. Good news: Lunch bags have come a long way since then. Customized lunch bags are the new hotness to keep your cool stuff in the coolness.

On top of keeping your lunch cool, custom insulated bags are a great way to promote brand awareness. The budget lunch bag is insulated to keep your lunch fresh and tasty. Available in a wide variety of colors, these handy little bags have a large 5” x 4” imprint area to display your logo.

A promotional lunch bag may have a single compartment, or dual compartments to separate items. One compartment may hold foods, and the other drinks. Some even have side mesh compartments added to hold additional items.

If your customers tend to be environmentally-conscious, it’s even possible to select a custom lunch bag that is made of recycled material. These recycled lunch bags are a great way to show your company is eco-friendly.

When you’re looking for a promotional product to help market your business, you want to choose something that is useful and that people will be happy to receive and keep for a long time. Flyers and brochures are fine in their place, but are quickly forgotten or thrown away. In this sense, it’s better to distribute a custom cooler bag to your customers, because its usefulness will ensure a long lasting advertisement for your brand. Food is usually associated with pleasure and comfort, and those feelings will spread to encompass your company too. Select a cooler bag from the more than 60 styles, designs and colors available, and distribute them to your customers, employees, and their families.

Custom Cooler Bags

Custom Cooler BagsDo you do a lot of tail gating? Do you love to go to the beach? That puts you in good company, because in our mobile world we seem to always be going somewhere. Whether your thing is going on a picnic or playing a game of golf; if you love to go to outdoor concerts or a day in the park, you can always find a great use for custom cooler bags. And so can all of your customers, employees and potential clients. These handy little bags will keep your drinks and other food cold as long s you need it to, meaning that you can enjoy your day without worrying about the health concerns of drinks or foods getting warm.

There are over 170 different styles and designs to choose from, meaning that you can find just the perfect imprinted cooler bags to advertise your business. Each one has a large area to imprint your logo, slogan, or other information where it can be readily observed. These bags are durable and long lasting, and will serve to do your advertising for some time to come.

Branded cooler bags make great promotional products for use by almost any type of business. Sporting goods businesses benefit greatly from their use, as do businesses that sell swim suits or leisure clothing. Because there are inexpensive designs, you can use them for even large scale giveaways for conventions and trade shows. On the other hand, you can select logo cooler bags on rollers, with handles, that are novelty coolers and make perfect gifts.

You can even select a Mini fridge that makes a delightful gift for those who love to travel. It is ideal for road trips or keeping lunch warm or cool when you are on the go.

Any time that you take drinks along on an outing, whether a picnic, a tailgating party, to the beach, or even just on a car trip, you have the problem of how to keep them cool. You will never have this problem again once you acquire one or more promotional cooler bags.

Custom Travel Mugs

custom mugsIt used to be common to sit at the table or on the porch in the morning enjoying a hot cup of coffee before starting our work day. It gave us a pleasant and relaxed start to the day, and allowed us to gradually work into our routine.

Today, it is much more common in our fast paced world to grab a cup of coffee on our way out the door and drink it on the way. Unfortunately, grabbing your usual cup in this way tends to lead to spilled coffee and burnt hands. Custom travel mugs are the perfect solution. Of course, once we arrive at the office with our mugs, it is only natural that we continue using them throughout the day, refilling them as necessary.

These imprinted travel mugs prevent spills at your desk, saving your papers and computers from disaster. They keep your drink from cooling too quickly, so that the temperature remains more constant. Are you one of those people who prefer soft drinks? Logo travel mugs work just as well for cold drinks as they do for coffee. And for those health conscious individuals who prefer to sip water or fruit juice throughout the day, they are the perfect solution.

You can choose from plastic, ceramic and metal mugs in a wide range of sizes, styles, designs and colors. With over 125 selections to choose from, it is easy to locate one that perfectly complements your business. Logo travel mugs such as the 16 oz color touch stainless tumbler, which has a stainless outer wall as well as a stainless lid with push and pull opening as well as a gift box, provide you with a 2” x 2.5” imprint area to display your logo for everyone to see and remember.

Overall, what better solution for a promotional item than printed travel mugs that go everywhere with you? All day long, the mug is advertising and promoting your business or event for the one low initial investment. Not only is the user constantly exposed to your logo or message, but it also prominently on display to anyone who happens to pass by.

Promotional Koozies

custom beer kooziesDo you love an ice cold drink while you are relaxing outdoors, but hate to have your hand feel frozen from the can or bottle? Even worse, do you absolutely despise the condensation that forms on the outside of the can or bottle that gets all over your hands? Personalized beer koozies take care of these problems for you, as well as helping to keep your drink the proper temperature for drinking.

These custom Koozies are a versatile and inexpensive way to advertise your business or event. They make a great marketing tool for almost any type of business, and because of their useful nature, they appear not only in bars and restaurants, but even such varied places as reunions, weddings and other festive occasions. They are popular on motorcycle runs, at 5k walks, and all of the many charity golf tournaments both local and national.

Custom can koozies are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. You can select from a basic can cooler, a collapsible koozie, or a bottle buddy style. A golf tournament may decide that golf custom can koozies are the perfect fit. Soccer, baseball, basketball and soccer koozies successfully advertise for sporting goods stores as well as games, teams and tournaments. Each style provides a large imprint area to display either your logo or event information in bright contrast against a color chosen by you from a large selection.

Custom printed koozies work well as giveaways at conventions, tradeshows, seminars and other events because of their compact size and reasonable cost. They are equally valuable as part of a mail out campaign, as many fold flat to fit in an average envelope.

The next time your company hosts a family picnic for your employees, be sure to provide plenty of custom printed koozies for all of the family members. Not only will they enjoy them during the outing, but will take them home and use them again and again. You are guaranteeing yourself multiple advertising opportunities from one initial investment!

Custom Lip Balm

custom lip balmDo your lips ever feel dry or chapped, particularly after a day in the cold and wind? When you spend a day in the sun, do your lips feel like all of the moisture has been sucked out of them? Do you frequently suffer from cold sores or other irritations of the lips?

Even when we smooth on tons of facial moisturizer, our lips can remain dry and even crack, making them not only unsightly but also painful and unhealthy. The skin on our lips is extremely sensitive, and does not provide the oils essential to keeping them moist.

This is where personalized chapsticks. They are made specifically to be used on the lips to provide the needed moisture and to prevent your lips from drying out or chapping. They are also helpful in soothing the pain of cold sores and other lip irritations.

What ingredients make up a good personalized chapstick? The most common are petroleum jelly or beeswax, with medicinal herbs a frequent addition. Vitamins, minerals and sunscreen are frequent additions, and of course, a quality imprint of your company logo prominently displayed!

It is highly likely that your employees and customers already use some type of lip balm or chapstick. Recent polls show that most women use them anywhere from two to thirty times a day! That means up to thirty opportunities a day for each person to see your logo and remind them of your company. That is a lot of exposure from such a small and reasonably inexpensive item!

You can select flavored logo lip balm in over 100 flavors, or order a custom flavor when you order in lots of 2500 or more. You can make your choice from single use packets, or opt for full novelty containers such as a soda can, golf ball, baseball, or even a golf ball filled with lip balm on a keychain!

custom chapstick will add a lot of zip to your advertising, and works equally well for almost any type of business or event.

Custom Beer Coasters

custom beer coastersAre you in a business where drinks are served, and are trying to find a promotional product that is perfect for your business? One old standard, tried and true item that has always worked particularly well, and will continue to do so, are custom beer coasters. They work equally well for bars, lounges, restaurants, hotels, conventions and any company in the food service industry.

Most of these promotional beer coasters are made of paper or cardboard, but you can also find them in materials such as bamboo, stainless steel and rosewood if you prefer.

The less expensive varieties are most often used for placing under every drink that is served in an establishment, providing extensive advertising each and every day. Customers look at them every time they lift their glass or bottle, use them to make notes on while drinking, and if a design catches their fancy, will often take them home as a souvenir.
Most often, beer coaster printing is done on a large imprint area such as 4” x 4”, making your logo or other information highly visible.

Of course, when you choose to use these custom beer coasters as gifts, you will prefer to also select some of the more memorable and slightly higher priced designs, such as the Rosewood coaster set, a classic design 4 piece coaster set that comes complete with a holder, or the executive coaster set, a 6-piece coaster set with UltraHyde tops on non-scratch velvet bottoms. They come complete with a polished wooden case, and make a delightful gift for any of your employees or customers.

Each of these delightful custom beer coasters will serve to remind your customers of your company with the perfect visual aid-a well designed and colorful imprint of your colorful logo, which makes up almost the entire background. They make the perfect addition to your advertising and branding campaign, and provide an astonishing impact for such a small item. Be sure to include them in your marketing campaign.

Promotional Hand Sanitizers

Promotional Hand SanitizersA promotional hand sanitizer is meant for use when a traditional soap and water hand washing is either not available or practical. They are particularly favored by parents of young children, campers, hikers and sportsmen of all types. Most hand sanitizers are advertised as killing 99.9% of the germs on the hands. These water-less hand cleaners come in convenient carry along containers that can go anywhere with you.

Parents love them because they can take them along when they are traveling, and wash the children’s hands while in the car, on a bus or plane, without having to wait to make a stop. They are handy when taking a child to a park, or when shopping. No more worrying about what type of germs your child is picking up. This is also true, of course, for yourself-how often have you used a grocery store cart and wondered how many flu germs come off on your hands? No need to worry if you can stop right there and clean your hands!

Hiking and camping are things many of us love to do, but how often do you need to wash your hands and don’t want to waste the small amount of water you are carrying? How much simpler and more effective to just pull out custom hand sanitizer from a pocket and know that your hands are germ free?

Many of us like to have a few bottles strategically placed around the house for instant use, or even in the kitchen and bathroom for those times when our skin is feeling dry and we prefer the water free sanitizer.

The imprinted hand sanitizer makes a fantastic promotional product not only because of its usefulness and popularity, but also because it is quite inexpensive and easy to distribute. It is available in over 90 different designs and wide price ranges so that you can easily choose the one that suits your budget and also compliments your business. The prominent logo stands out to make sure it is noticed and remembered.

The hand sanitizer with company logo will be a perfect addition to your advertising line, and lets your customers know that you value their health and well-being.

Custom USB Drives

custom usb drivesDo you often find yourself having to move your data from one place to another? Do you need a place to store additional data without a power supply, and still be sure that it remains in the exact condition it had originally? Promotional flash drives are re-writable, which means you can reuse them almost indefinitely. You can obtain one of these logo usb flash drives in many sizes, shapes and designs, and are available in anywhere from 1GB to 16GB of memory. The very reasonable expense of these promotional items makes them a definite asset for any advertising campaign.

Promotional usb drives will store pictures for you, as well as all types of necessary data. Copy it from one computer, take it with you, and place it on another as easy as 1,2,3.

You can select inexpensive logo usb drives such as the Foldout USB flash drive-1 GB for as little as $5.77 with your logo on prominent display. This flash drive folds into a protective aluminum cover, and comes complete with a two piece gift box. It has plug and play technology on Windows 98 or above.

For a more exquisite model perfect for use as a gift for a valued employee or customer, you might choose a custom printed USB such as the 4 GB Executive gift set with a 2 piece gift box. This 3 piece set includes a USB flash drive in 4 GB, and executive business card case, and an oxford roller ball pen. The flash drive has plug and play technology.

The printed usb drives make excellent gifts, and the less expensive models are perfect at conventions, trade shows and seminars aimed at the tech crowd. They are perfect promotional products for any business that has a technological bent, and will provide continuous advertising for your company. When you are setting up a marketing campaign, be sure to include some of these helpful products to display your company logo.

Custom Tape Measures

custom tape measuresHow many uses can you think of for branded tape measures? We use them for carpentry projects of all sorts, from something as simple as building a stool to building a house or office building. Every step of the way a tape measure keeps us on track so that our project will turn out to fit together properly and have the right dimensions.

We use them when we sew, knit or crochet to make sure that our finished project fits properly. It is very difficult to take a person’s measurements without one! We use them to measure distances when setting up a garden or arranging the furniture in our home. We even use them to measure the size of a room to be certain the furniture we want to buy will fit.

It’s hard to imagine how we would get along without these promotional tape measures; the old standby, the ruler and yardstick, simply can’t do the many things we need done. They can’t measure round surfaces, and the short length is prohibitive for many uses.

custom tape measures come in many different styles to match the job you are using them for. With over 35 different designs to choose one, you should have no problem selecting one which matches your business.

There are novelty imprinted tape measures such as the light bulb tape measure, the tire tape measure, or the keychain tape measure. There are tape measures that make perfect promotional items for certain type businesses, such as the house keychain that is a favorite for realtors, or the patient care tape measure that is ideal for hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics and other health care providers.

Of course, there are always the traditional tape measures made for the construction industry. Any or all of these and more will get your advertising message across with a durable, useful item that your customers will appreciate. Each time one is used, your message will be right there in front of them, reminding them of where they received it.
Custom tape measures will be a great addition to any marketing or advertising campaign, and their low cost make them a great choice as a gift.