Custom Beach Balls

custom beach ballsThe mark of a great promotional product is one that will be seen as often as possible, providing you with repeat advertising for a one-time cost. They also need to have a highly visible logo that stands out against the background on a high quality product. Can you think of a promotional item that better fits this description than custom beach balls? Tourists and local residents alike will be found on the beach as often as possible in good weather. They swim, they tan, and they love to play volleyball. Customized beach balls will be used by all of them-children tossing them in the water as well as teens and adults using them as substitute volleyballs.

Promotional beach balls are great giveaways at restaurants, hotels, amusement and theme parks, as well as at conventions and other events. They can be distributed already inflated, or folded flat to save space. Imprinted beach balls are a durable and versatile item meant to be used and enjoyed, not tossed in a drawer and forgotten. They also mark your business as one that likes to please the public by offering a gift that gives repeat pleasure. Nothing pleases a parent more than watching their child enjoy themselves, and they will forever connect your company name to providing that pleasure. Why not have your company identified with the good feelings from a day at the beach?

Custom beach balls will serve well to promote your advertising needs; give one of the helpful customer service specialists at rushIMPRINT a call at 1-866-277-7874 and discuss what it is that you want to achieve. The trained agents will help you choose the best item for you in a professional and friendly manner. These custom beach balls will give your business branding a real boost!

Custom Logo Tumblers

custom tumbler with strawCustom Logo tumblers hold every type of drink imaginable, both hot and cold. You find them filled with water, soda, coffee, tea, and beer – even soup in some cases! Because many of these customized tumblers are insulated, you never have to worry about keeping the temperature of your drink stable, and the top keeps drinks from spilling or splashing. They are handy for using most anywhere you might be, whether relaxing at home, traveling, or even going to the beach.

What better way to have your company logo seen by a wide variety of potential clients or customers than to place it on one of these brightly colored custom logo tumblers? There is a large area to imprint your logo or other information, and you can choose to have it in your company colors or perhaps in a color that sharply contrasts with the tumbler color. These tumblers travel around on a regular basis and put your logo in front of a large and varied audience, allowing for a great deal of daily exposure.

Custom plastic tumblers with logomake fantastic and cost effective giveaways as part of a promotion at a convention or tradeshow. They are equally valuable as gifts for potential or current customers, as well as employees at company picnics or events. Another use for these promotional products as an added stream of income is to sell them in schools, to sports teams and clubs. The best selling Carmel 16 oz travel tumbler is the perfect example of a tumbler for use for a team.

Logo tumblers such as the personalized tumbler with strawalways attract interest, and are durable enough to be used over and over again. A great choice for this type of tumbler is the best selling 16 oz. double wall tumbler with straw, which is shatter proof and is capable of safely holding liquids up to 150 degrees.

Custom Tumblers will serve well to promote your advertising needs; give one of the helpful customer service specialists at rushIMPRINT a call at 1-866-277-7874 and discuss what it is that you want to achieve. The trained agents will help you choose the best item for you in a professional and friendly manner. These custom logo tumblers will give your business branding a real boost!

Imprint Custom Tote Bags

Imprint Custom Tote BagsWhen you are looking for a promotional product on which you can display your company logo in a large size and very prominently, Custom Tote Bags are a very logical choice. These bags come in a large variety of sizes, colors and styles, some with zippers and others with open tops. You can find one made of cotton, canvas, vinyl, and all other types of materials. These tote bags are so versatile that it is hard to imagine life without them. We use them to carry books for school, clothes; we use them at conventions to carry the many items we collect; we even use them to carry groceries and other purchases.

Printed tote bags go everywhere with us, and we can always use another one! There is no such thing as having too many. The public sees your logo or other company information you might choose every time one of the bags is carried in the store or down the street, and everyone who sees it becomes more familiar with your company. The advertising and branding opportunity makes the initial cost of these bags quite worthwhile. The company that gives these promotional tote bags away is generating a great deal of goodwill, and will definitely realize a great ROI. Just keep an eye on your distribution, because you will find that many people will come back for more than one! Present them to customers and employees alike. Each custom tote bag will provide you with repeat advertising for years to come for just one low cost.

Choose from such best-selling bags as the Hercules Shopping Bag with double reinforced handles for easy carrying, the Excel Sport Utility Tote with its unique arched zippered front pocket, or even the stylish Piccolo Mini Tote, perfect for the beach or as a gift bag. Promotional totes have an unlimited number of uses; you can even select a Classic Cotton Boat Tote for your fishing friends.

These logo tote bags can be ordered online, or you can speak to one of our customer service specialists at 1-866-277-7874.

Custom Backpacks

Custom backpacks may not always prove a suitable promotional product for large scale giveaways, but when used in the proper venue they make the perfect choice as part of your advertising and marketing campaign. A good promotional product needs to have wide appeal, a fast and easy distribution network, and have excellent repeat visibility. A durable product such as printed backpacks are seen and used often, which means greater advertising and better ROI. A product which is used often in public view means more and better advertising potential.
Printed backpacks are not used by just one sector of the public. They are carried to school by both children and adults; laptop compartments make them valuable for use going to and from the office. They are made to carry items when hiking, camping or even biking.
Logo Backpacks such as the best selling Nylon Drawstring Backpack make perfect giveaways at tradeshows and conventions. At a cost of as low as $.79, they give a great return for large scale advertising events. More expensive versions, like the Kenneth Cole Columbia Leather Dowel Compu-Mesng, make great gifts to valued customers or employees, as well as door prizes or as part of gift packages. These bags have everything from padded computer pouches, iPad/tablet pockets, iPhone/smartphone holders. Velcro valuables pockets and much more to please the most discerning recipient. These backpacks are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on everyone who receives them.
Promotional backpacks with your logo prominently displayed on the large imprint area make wonderful gifts when you are targeting the tech crowd. The Wenger Tech Compu-Backpack would be a great example of this, with features such as the zippered computer compartment with a media storage pocket with earbud port and mesh pocket, and detachable cell phone pocket. Cheap promotional backpacks such as the Champion Cinch backpack are available for as little as $.88, and make a good choice for larger group giveaways.
These custom backpacks can be ordered online at, or you can speak to one of our customer service specialists at 1-866-277-7874.

Custom Cookies

Custom Logo Cookies are the perfect promotional product for a tradeshow, convention or other event. While most companies are selecting the usual keychains, pens and mugs to promote their business, all of these tend to be overdone. After all, how many keychains can one person use? To be effective, you want a promotional tool that will stand out above the rest, something that is useful and that everyone will want to keep and use over and over.
Imprinted cookies are an attractive alternative to the usual items given away. Choose a well known, quality brand of cookie and watch how your potential customers enjoy them! Used as a giveaway at a tradeshow, convention or other event, you will see people enjoying them as they wander about, and your company will automatically be associated with a high quality product. You can select these cookies individually wrapped, or in tins or other packages. They are available in many different designs, flavors and styles. Your logo may be placed on the cookies themselves, or on the package, or both.
Printed cookies such as the best selling 2.5 inch or 4 inch picture sugar cookie, or the Edible greeting card cookie are also a great choice when served at company functions, or when placed on a counter in the office where a customer can help themselves. You can even choose to have a favorite photo, logo or even business card transferred right onto the cookie! Of course, don’t be surprised if some people come back for an extra, just to keep as a souvenir.
Custom Logo Cookies will serve well to promote your advertising needs; give one of the helpful agents at rushIMPRINT a call at 1-866-277-7874 and discuss what it is that you want to achieve. The trained agents will help you choose the best item for you in a professional and friendly manner. These cookies with logos will give your business branding a real boost!

Custom Sunglasses

Cheap custom sunglasses are used as a trendy fashion statement, as well as protection against harmful ultra-violet rays. They are worn on the beach, the golf course, at sporting events, while driving, and just about any other outdoor event you can think of.
This versatility makes cheap imprinted sunglasses such as the Blues Brothers Sunglasses the perfect promotional product. Sunglasses, worn as eye protection, need to be sturdy and durable, which allows you to provide a high quality promotional item that will be positively identified with your business.
Cheap promotional sunglasses make the perfect promotional product for large scale giveaways, where cost can be a deciding factor in your selection. Some, such as the best selling Rubberized Malibu Sunglasses, can be ordered for as little as $.57 per pair, and still provide incredible value. These sunglasses are made of recycled material, which will be a major point in a world interested in preserving the environment. There is no reason to sacrifice high quality when choosing the best item for your branding campaign!
Are you looking for cheap imprinted sunglasses that can be used as gifts rather than on such a large scale giveaway? One of the best selling styles of sunglasses is the Aviator Sunglasses, which have been seen in many popular movies and are considered very high style. Why not showcase your logo on a pair of these fashion sunglasses, for as low as $2.07 per pair. For those occasions when you wish to provide a gift of superior quality, rushIMPRINT also carries a full line of designer sunglasses, such as Serengeti, Bolle and Slazenger.
Your customers and potential clients will appreciate the opportunity to receive something for free, and when you choose sunglasses they will be receiving an item that they will use and enjoy for a long time. They will be used on a daily basis, and serve as a constant reminder of your business. When the time comes for them to select someone to provide your product or services, the daily display of your company logo and information will make you the obvious choice for their business. Order custom sunglasses today by calling 1-866-277-7874 or visiting

How To Attract New Customers With Promotional Products

You love your customers, right? The repeat clients who come back time and time again for your products and services are your bread and butter. No matter how steady they are however, as a business owner, you should never overlook the power of attracting new customers. Of course everyone wants new clients and more business but acquiring new customers can be a bit tricky. If you haven’t tried it yet, use promotional products to attract newbies and expand your business even more.

The only way anyone will remember your business is if they repeatedly see your name. Customers are fickle and for every business there’s a replacement business just waiting to take over. Keep your name in front of customers on a regular basis to ensure they won’t forget about you. This is especially true for businesses that rely greatly on referrals. If customers forget about your business, they won’t be able to pass along your name. While marketing may not be in your budget or on your business plan, promotional products should be. These products take the place of newspaper and television advertising and offer businesses an inexpensive way to circulate their name.

The more useful the promotional item, the better. A teddy bear may look adorable when it’s wearing a t-shirt with your business name splashed across it, but CEOs aren’t carrying this teddy bear around with them as they walk the streets of New York City. Promotional products need to be used over and over again in a public manner. That’s why pens, key chains and coffee mugs make excellent promotional items. People use these items in front of other professional people and consumers. Nobody can go even one day without needing a pen. Everyone carries around a set of keys. Most people pour a cup of coffee at the office before sitting down at their desks. Tote bags are one of the best promotional items because your business name will be face first and available for immense viewing.

Promotional products should be simple, straightforward and never time sensitive. The difference between a promotional item and an ad is that the promotional item never gets old. As long as your business is still up and running, your business name, telephone number and website address will be too. Never push a specific date or event on the promotional item. When the event is over or the product sells out, you don’t want to have to order all new promotional items. Naturally, your business name and logo should be the biggest thing on the item. Your phone number and website should be prominent as well. The print should always be proportionate to the item; the larger the item, the larger the print. If you have an oversized tote bag with your website address in tiny font, nobody will be visiting your site later that day.

The pull of promotional items boils down to a very simple concept: people love getting free things. Any item is valuable if the consumer didn’t have to pay for it. This is especially true for items that everyone deems as a necessity. We all need a calendar for our office, a mouse pad for our computer desk, a t-shirt to wear to the gym, a calculator, a water bottle, etc. Since customers are going to be spending money on these items, it’s always nice to get them for free. When you give something to someone that they need and you don’t charge for it, that person will immediately think of you in a good light. This attraction is integral for pulling in more customers.

Samuel Mautz is a marketing blogger with a particular interest in acquiring and maintaining consumer trust. He also thinks using free products like personalised t shirts can be a great way to get potential customers to think of you first when they need your product or service.

Custom Logo Matchboxes

Matches and custom matchbooks are a classic way of getting your business out there. Think of how often you’ve seen them in the media, be it through movies or television. The woman who figures out the bar where she met that mysterious yet handsome man, the casino owner who gives them out just like business cards. There are even people who collect matchbooks. Yours could very well be the next in their collection. Not only are they classic, they’re useful, and when people take them home, others will see your logo.

Of course, the most often thought of places where one could get a custom matchbook or custom matchboxes are at places such as bars, restaurants, and even casinos. Which is great if you are in those industries; matchbooks are perfectly suited. Even if you are not in the bar or restaurant industry, though, you may look into getting custom matches for your next party. They’re cost effective, useful, and a great memento.

Match Book BK30
This match book is made in the classic folding style. What is unique with this particular style is that the printing options allow for you to also have information printed on the bottom flap. This is perfect if you have a lot of information you would like to put on the match book, but do not want to compromise on style.

Match Book BK20
Simple, elegant, and classy. The printing on this match book is simple, with just a logo and the business name. This is great for company parties or high end restaurants and clubs. With your powerful and easily recognizable logo on the match book, your brand will certainly be recognized.

Match Box BX6
Now this is a variation on the classic design; the match box. Slightly smaller than a traditional store bought match box, this not only prominently displays your brand logo, it does so in a prominent way while the design of the match box stands out. Do not let the difference in design fool you, as it is just as functional as a more traditional match book.

Custom printed matches are practically a cultural icon, and they are a part of advertising that absolutely no business in the restaurant, bar, and food service industry should pass up. Their cost effectiveness makes them a perfect marketing tool for any business, whether just starting out or well established. By adding a classic marketing touch while providing a useful promotional item to clients and customers, you’re sure to be thoroughly pleased by adding printed match books and match boxes to your promotional repertoire.

Imprinted Padfolios

Of all the office supplies you could possibly purchase, a custom padfolio is one of the most versatile. Their varying styles make them easily usable in many office situations, and are great for everyone from employees to clients to executives alike.

Padfolios can be used both during projects, or to showcase work packages during a presentation. What better way to really dress up a presentation and incorporate a giveaway promotional item than by wrapping it all up in a gorgeous custom padfolio? You can also make use of them as a gift to reward a particular team for achieving above and beyond goals for a specific project, and they make wonderful gifts upon promotion, retirement, or other career milestones.

Durahyde Padfolio
Simple yet elegant, this padfolio features either a screen print or a debossed print to showcase your brand logo. On the interior, organizer pockets and a clear ID or calculator pocket make it perfect for anyone on the go. The gusseted file pocket and zippered closure ensure that everything kept within this padfolio will stay safe and secure.

Machester Padfolio
This padfolio features an accordion style business card holder, which lets you or your executives and employees on the go keep not only their business cards, but business cards of clients handy. The clear pocket is also large enough to hold some flash storage devices so even digital projects can be carried and not lost. A built in solar calculator keeps checking the cell phone at bay and makes this padfolio a literal office on the go.

Machester Jr. Padfolio
If you need something just a little smaller than traditional sized padfolios, or if you’re looking for a small gift for your executives or employees, look no further. This custom padfolio includes a 5″ writing pad, one pocket and an elastic loop to hold a pen. A built in solar calculator ups the usability quotient while still maintaining a slim, sleek design for this mini padfolio. Despite its size, this padfolio packs a punch.

You go to a lot of meetings, and you distribute a lot of paperwork. You also have to keep mementos in mind that are embossed or printed with your brand logo. When you’re thinking about promotional products that are not only practical, but pack a lot of punch, look no further than custom padfolios. Their incredible usability and classic style make them a great choice, no matter who they’re for.

Promotional Sunglasses

Promotional sunglassesIf you have a business, you’re going to need some merchandise to hand out at tradeshows, this much is clear. These products can work to thank visitors for stopping by or even reward employees who add value to the company by producing quality work.

Trade show and conference participants are attracted to display booths with creative and eye-catching items. Visitors will be encouraged to ask questions about the organization or business to learn more about what the group has to offer. Display booth visitors are connected to the individual tradeshow or conference participant and the personal memento that they take with them will serve as a reminder of the display table visit. These promotional items are perfect ways to thank tradeshow and conference attendees for the time and energy spent at the display booth.

Spring is here and summer is right around the bend, which means everyone needs a pair of sunglasses. Trade show and conference participants will appreciate the thoughtfulness of a pair of sunglasses available for the taking at a trade or conference group’s display exhibit. RushIMPRINT offers a wide variety of custom made sunglasses in an assortment of colors and styles. All of these attractive sunglasses may be specially ordered directly through our site. Just select the desired model, quantity, color, style and production period. Each promotional sunglasses order is imprinted with your company’s logo according to your specifications.

Event attendees and company employees will be happy to receive a pair of attractive Malibu sunglasses. The Ray-Ban inspired sunglasses are made from recycled durable plastic. The purchase price includes one color imprint of a logo on the frame side. Some available colors include red, yellow, Carolina blue, lime green, orange and pink. Promotional sunglasses work well for any industry.

Mirrored sunglasses are another option available for promotional distribution. These sunglasses come with their own traveling case for safekeeping. The color imprint includes the company logo in one affordable price range. These sunglasses offer protection from the UV 400 rays of the sun. When the sunglasses are no longer needed after dark or when entering a building they may be stored in a protective frosted casing.

Edge sunglasses are stylish custom metal frame alternatives to the plastic models and come with a hard-shell, hinged protective case and cleaning cloth. A company logo may be imprinted on the case and is included in the price.Event attendees and employees are guaranteed to go home smiling wearing a stylish pair of rushIMPRINT company logo sunglasses.