Custom Printed Lighters & Matchbooks

Bars and restaurants are a perfect place for people to get together. What better way to socialize than with good food, good drink, and great friends? And if you have your business in the bar or restaurant industry, you may have had to work around people who smoke. It tends to go hand in hand; people start throwing back shots of tequila and light up a cigarette to ease the burn, or perhaps a celebration has caused the distribution of some cigars. But, inevitably, there are going to be people who don’t have a light when they need it. Which is why it’s a great idea – and a great marketing tactic – to get yourself some custom printed lighters and matchbooks.

BIC J23 Slim Lighter
This is your standard BIC lighter. Easily recognizable, easy to use. This custom printed lighter also offers a variety of colors from which to choose, both for the lighter itself and for your business logo to be added on one side, with a warning label on the other side.

BIC J38 Electronic Lighter
These custom printed lighters are great because instead of having to roll your thumb over the flint wheel, it’s just a simple depression of the button and the lighter produces a flame electronically.

BIC J25 Mini Lighter
The mini lighter is really fun, and very handy to keep around. The size gets people wanting to touch it and look at it, regardless of whether or not they’re a smoker! And the tiny size of this custom printed lighter means it’s very easy to stash anywhere and keep on hand at all times!

These are just a few examples of some of the custom printed lighters and matchbooks you can get for your business. Keeping them on hand to give away to customers as they need them during the evening adds a little something extra to your customer service end along with getting promotional items into the hands of customers.

Also, it will have them carrying your logo with them wherever they go after they’ve left your establishment. People will – and do, frequently – ask about the logo imprinted on the lighter, which will strike up conversation about your business. Even non-smokers have need of lighters and matches from time to time, whether for starting a fire in the fireplace or lighting candles for a romantic evening.

Custom printed lighters and matchbooks are also incredibly cost effective, making it very easy to add this in to your budget for promotional tools. If you haven’t considered it already and you’re in the bar and restaurant industry, it’s highly recommended that you get yourself some custom printed lighters and matchbooks!

Company Logo Watches

Company logo watches make excellent gifts. When we think back on it, watches are one of the most common gifts to give in the business world, and there is good reason for it. They are gorgeous fashion accessories while maintaining ultimate functionality. There is a lot to take into consideration when you are deciding on a company logo watch, though. Primarily, the focus may be the budget. Watches, though, are generally considered to be executive gifts: something you would give to a long time client or other part owners in the company. You may decide to get company logo watches for your department heads for a holiday, or even choose one as a retirement gift for a long standing employee. Or, you may be a newer startup looking to make a big impression on your clients. There are plenty of watches on either end of the budget from which to choose, no matter what the occasion is that’s coming up.

Wenger Mens Stand Issue Bracelet Watch
This watch is both stunning and functional, making a superb gift. The elegant stainless construction paired with the scratch resistant mineral crystal face make it a timeless time piece to give as a gift. This company logo watch is also water resistant up to 100 meters, and clasps with a diver’s buckle – display case included.

Cutter & Buck Am. Classic Gen Leather Chrono Watch
If a stainless construction isn’t quite your – or your recipient’s – taste, this watch should fit the billet. With its genuine leather strap, stainless steel case and mineral crystal face, this watch will display the company logo perfectly. Also water resistant to 100 meters, your recipient will be able to wear the watch no matter where they’re going.

Mens Exquisite
This watch is a bit lower on the price scale, but that does not mean the quality is any less. Steel cased and featuring a black leather band, this company logo watch allows you to give a client appreciation gift that will keep your business at the forefront of a client’s mind, and without busting the budget.

These are just a few of the watches that are available to be customized with your company logo. The variety from which you can choose runs the gamut of both price points and styles, so be sure you are getting a watch that either reflects your company. Better yet, get a watch that you feel reflects your clients: those who want only the best. With a classic promotional gift like company logo watches, you really cannot go wrong.

Custom Printed Magnets

One of the most often overlooked, underused, and unique of promotional items are custom magnets. We don’t think of them off the top of our heads because they are, of course, not all that common for people to hand out. However, when you take the time to think about it, they are incredibly useful. People use magnets every day on their refrigerators to hold a variety of things from school or community calendars to children’s artwork and shopping lists. Refrigerator space, and particularly the magnets that are used on the refrigerator, is prime real estate viewed every single day. You can not afford to not have a custom business card magnet on every client’s refrigerator.

Business Card in Magnet
This is your classic business card magnet. It offers a full color print, though, which means your logo can stand out or you can add a photograph of yourself or a product you provide to really make the magnet eye-catching.

Rectangle w/ Round Corners
This vertical magnet is actually a great deviation from the norm. More and more we’re seeing business cards that are vertical as opposed to landscaped. When translated into a magnet, this allows the magnet to hold a piece of paper to the fridge without obscuring too much of the paper.

Shaped Business Card Magnets
There are a few options here, for example:
Mini Van
Medium Phone
2.5 Circle
Shapes are great because they stand out, and you can often find one that fits with your particular brand or industry. Business cards today are evolving from their traditional rectangular shape in order to stand out, so do not be afraid to take a design leap in order to stand out!

If you are in any service related industry – such as plumbing, construction, chimney cleaning, landscaping, et al – you need to take advantage of this. When a past client finds themselves in a pinch, you want them to see your phone number and immediately associate their past experience with you and call you again. If you are in the food industry and offer delivery services or would like to fill up some reservation spots, or simply be the first on your customer’s mind when they realize the refrigerator is empty? You need custom business card magnets.

Provide something useful in a service brochure handout like one of these custom magnets, and when a prospective client needs your services, you’re more likely to be the one called. Why? Because your brand was the first seen and no one had to go searching to find your phone number or website. For simplicity, cost effectiveness, and overall success rate? Custom business card magnets are a must.

Keep Your Brand Out of the Dark with Promotional Flashlights

Of all the tools you might consider to be absolutely necessary, but that you never have on hand when you need one, flashlights top the list. They are a very handy tool, and one that we use more often than we may think in passing, but one that is never on hand when it is needed. This is a great niche to get into with your promotional products. Promotional flashlights are both useful, and will have your clients thinking of you the next time that they are in a pinch. There is also a wide variety of promotional flashlights from which to choose, which means no matter what your industry, you’re sure to find something that reflects your brand.

Garrity Lithium White LED – K1
This key fob promotional flashlight is one of the most universal flashlights people should be carrying with them. They’re handy when you find yourself in a pinch – whether you can’t find the key hole or if you are searching for something underneath your car seats – and the LED light is incredibly bright. This particular key fob boasts 23 hours of continuous light, and years of intermittent light. The smooth, sleek design makes it perfect for anyone’s set of keys.

Deluxe Dyno LED Lite
This great little light does not require batteries…ever! Instead, this promotional flashlight is actually powered by a hand crank, which aligns perfectly for when you are looking for something with a lighter eco footprint. The soft rubber grips on the sides allow for you to keep a secure hold of the light during cranking and use.

Turbo Mini Fan Flashlight
Of course, if you are looking for something a little more multipurpose, this promotional flashlight also includes a fan. It makes for a great giveaway at company picnics or even other outdoor events to keep people cool, and it will still retain its use well after the event has ended.

Promotional flashlights are something highly recommended for just about any business industry. With so many designs to choose from, there is sure to be one that will reflect your brand. Then, when your clients find themselves in a pinch in the future, you will be the one who came to the rescue, so to speak; particularly if they keep the promotional flashlight in their vehicle, a place where they will see it every day. Practical, slick design options available, and most importantly? Cost effective. That makes for one outstanding promotional investment.

Promotional Jackets

Custom jackets are a great investment that serve a variety of occasions. Jackets are a practical item that are able to be used practically year round, and they provide excellent brand exposure.

You can even use them at giveaways, by raffling off a jacket, and people can enter the raffle by filling out contact information cards. As a client gift, you can’t get much better than by giving a client who loves the outdoors a custom jacket with your logo on it. It is a gift that can be used and that will expose your brand logo to a wide variety of people. You can also incorporate a logo jacket into an employee gift for the holidays or a special occasion, or even make them a part of your business’s uniform policy when out on company trips or errands.

Devon & Jones Three Season Jacket
This jacket is a great choice for those who love the outdoors. The ability to wear it in “three seasons,” as the name says, gives it an extra bit of longevity. Water and wind resistant with a polyfleece lining and polyfiber insulation, you’ll be staying warm and dry from Spring to Fall!

Port Authority Ladies Activo Microfleece Jacket
If you have a client, employee, or if you personally are a more active type, this logo jacket made out of microfleece will be the perfect fit. Lightweight and incredibly soft, this jacket’s microfleece will keep you warm on brisk morning runs without adding bulk!

Devon & Jones Miracle Microsuede Jacket
This jacket is not only slick looking, it is incredibly soft to the touch! The polyester ultra suede material is not only gorgeous to look at, but is also water and wind resistant. With rib knit cuffs and hem, no gusts of wind are getting inside this jacket while it’s being worn. This custom jacket would particularly make an excellent gift, especially for a client.

When you are looking for promotional items, from gifts to giveaways, do not overlook the value and functionality of a custom jacket. Clients and employees alike will appreciate the functionality as well as the style of these jackets, and you will be ensuring that your brand gets exposure and that your name is at the top of everyone’s list!

Custom Stress Balls

Stress balls are a longstanding, fan favorite giveaway item. They are incredibly effective when used for their intended purpose – stress relief – but we have all also used them for interoffice games of football and basketball, and they are great fun to toss out as giveaway items.

Stress balls have evolved over time, though, and they are not just made in your classic Round Stress Ball shape. This is great for people who would like a giveaway item that, upon first glance, really illustrates the nature of their business. If, for example, you work in the law industry, this Gavel Stress Ball is a great, fun idea for a promotional product that not only gets your logo out there, but lets people know what you’re about at first glance. If your industry of choice is the music industry, this Guitar Stress Ball is both cool and functional.

You can also get stress balls that are particular to the event at which you will be representing your business. For example, if you are at a sports event, don’t hesitate to pick up this Football Stress Ball. Even if you are just a sponsoring business and you don’t normally work in the sports industry, it can sometimes work to great benefit for you to tailor your promotional items to the particular event. This is even true if you’re doing a booth at holiday themed events – such as this Pumpkin Stress Reliever. Great for booths at mall walks geared toward safe trick-or-treating for kids.

Never be afraid to think outside the box when you are looking at custom stress balls as a promotional item for your business. They fit so well into any budget, you may even want to indulge your own inner child and invest in some of these Cup of Coffee Stress Relievers. And that’s more than okay. People cannot stop playing with custom stress balls once they have been given one, so people will be looking at your logo multiple times a day, and whether it’s because they’re stressed or they’re playing a quick game of catch at the water cooler, they’ll be thinking of your business.

Custom Tote Bags

Custom Tote BagsTote bags are a great tool to have handy in your promotional item arsenal. They’re incredibly multipurpose and can be used by both employees and can be given out as giveaways at trade shows or other events. Here are just a few of the many ways in which you can employ custom tote bags for your business.

Particularly at trade shows, people are going to be getting a lot of items to carry. From information to other promotional items, you want to stand out by giving your prospective customers something useful and yet attractive. This Eco Tote Bag is both attractive and functional, and you can even slide in some information about your business when you give the bag away, and still have room for the recipient to fill it up with more items. It’s even biodegradable to show clients your eco-friendly side.

For Employees
The Vanguard Computer Portfolio is one of many more business-minded totes that have more than enough storage options. This is a great giveaway for your employees that make trips for your business, whether they’re cross-town meetings or cross-country flights, send them packing in style and with the company brand right there on their bag.

Business Gifts
If you are putting together gift baskets or an assortment of small gifts for your employees or business affiliates and clients, skip the wicker basket. Go for something like this Celebration Tote, which makes sure that the vessel for that assortment of small gifts is just as useful as the contents.

You can invest in one particular style to fit any and all occasions that you might run across: for example, you might find the Field & co. Tote is a fabulous multipurpose tote. Or, you can invest in a number of different totes, keeping in mind special occasions that may crop up over time: the Meribel Reversible Tote comes to mind. Custom tote bags are a great way to get your logo out there while still ensuring that the items your logo is on are useful and practical – not to mention attractive.

Bottled Water with Your Logo

Trade shows are usually massive, multiple day events. People walk around from table to table, getting information on different companies and even scoping out other businesses with which to form partnerships. Usually, food is readily available, but many people will forget to bring bottles of water along with them while they are making the rounds. And no matter whether it is the middle of winter or the middle of the hottest summer possible, people need water to drink during these trade shows. Which is one of the biggest reasons that getting bottled water with your logo on it can be a very effective use of a promotional item.

If it’s your first trade show or your hundredth, everyone can agree that breaking the ice with people attending trade shows can be difficult. If you’ve got a consumable that nearly everyone needs, it becomes that much easier to say “Excuse me, would you like a drink?” than to shout a pitch over all the rest of the noise going on.

Don’t do trade shows? You can still benefit greatly from putting your logo on bottled water. Keep it on hand in the office for meetings, and load up employee refrigerators. Even if during meetings, most potential clients take coffee, it’s customary to offer water along with the coffee as well.

When your employees grab a drink before they head out on their lunch break, they’ll be carrying your brand along with them. This offers brand exposure opportunities; even better because the logo is in the hands of one of your employees, who can easily offer more information or specific phone numbers for people to contact.

Drinking more water is something we are constantly told to strive for because it is healthier. And, according to health research, it is. So why not take advantage of having bottled water with your logo on it? Get your brand out there and into people’s hands via something they will use and carry with them, and they will remember you.

Safety Awards Promote Safe Working

Safety is a well known subject within the workplace. How often have you or your employees been made to sit through repetitive lectures on safety? However, safe work practices are consistently repeated both because of their performance and because sometimes taking a shortcut seems easier and faster than doing a job the proper way. The dangers of working in an unsafe manner are all too clear, and yet on a daily basis employees can often be found overlooking safety protocols in the name of getting a job done faster. One of the many ways to combat this is to implement a safety awards program.

A safety awards program recognizes and awards employees for abiding by safety protocols for the workplace and can also acknowledge and award those who go above and beyond safety protocols. Perhaps an employee has taken the time to address an unsafe environment within the workplace and has done something to help fix that particular area.

Further still, perhaps an employee has taken the time to teach others the proper way to do certain tasks in order to avoid unsafe situations. You may also take the time to reward an employee who has been in charge of safety for a certain period of time, or even let that employee liven up the next safety brief with a short awards ceremony. Award employees and groups of employees for taking charge of their workplace and showing care and concern for their coworkers, and you will see safety increase overall.

Recognizing these and other safety efforts with an award creates a similar response to what people felt as children upon receiving awards. No matter how old you are or what situation in which you are working, people love being awarded and recognized for their efforts. It reinforces good, safe work practices because it tells your employees, “I see what you are doing and I appreciate your efforts.”

Safety awards promote safe working because they work. Physically demonstrating that safety in the workplace is awarded and appreciated encourages the attitude to spread to the rest of your employees. This, in turn, will ensure that your employees strive to work in a safe manner and teach others to do the same.

Values of Service Award Programs

Showing your employees that you value them is an important part of being a good employer. Taking the time to recognize employees for their hard work and achievements provides a number of benefits, including a great boost for morale. It shows that you care about and appreciate all the effort and care they put into their work, which will encourage that behavior to continue. And when you’re looking to hire new employees, a service award program – or programs – can prove to be a very attractive benefit for prospective employees. What sort of service award programs can you implement within your company?

Quarterly or Yearly Awards
If you have certain goals or milestones you would like your company to achieve within a certain time frame, take the time to award employees for their part in helping the company achieve these goals. The time frame in which you do this can be on a yearly cycle, or you can do quarterly awards or even awards upon the completion of certain milestones on a particularly large project.

Retirement and Employee Oriented Awards
Rewarding employees for staying with your company for certain periods of time encourages dedication to the company and to their job. Awards for lifetime achievements upon retirement are a given, but consider awarding employees on anniversaries of employment as well. Your Human Resources department will have the date the employee was hired, and awarding them for their years of service will encourage your employees to stay with the company and continue to be an asset.

Community Involvement Awards
If your company or employees participate in any community-oriented programs outside the workplace, this is a great opportunity to award employees for their community contributions. With certain community programs, such as cancer awareness walks and building playgrounds and parks, there will certainly be awards and recognition from the community, but be sure to take the time to acknowledge your employees’ efforts. Not only is it great public relations for your company, but it encourages your employees to be well-rounded, community, and team-minded.

There are so many opportunities for you to implement service award programs within your company, and any of these options brings with it great return on investment for you. Taking the time to recognize your employees and show that you care about their performance will in turn boost morale and encourage further efforts by your employees to see themselves and the company overall succeed.