Futuristic Sunglasses

cheap sunglassesIt’s the year 20XX. Cyborgs run rampant across New New Hampshire. The lush green landscapes of yesteryear now stand as a smoldering reminder of how, with technology, convenience and peril can easily go hand-in-hand. I remember walking alone as a child to the corner store to pick up a carton of milk and loaf of bread for my mother. I never gave a second thought to my own personal safety back then. I didn’t need to. If I were to venture outside now, I might as well sign my own death warrant because the omnipresent cybernetic eye is always watching.

An entire generation of children has grown up in this wasteland, never knowing the taste of a fresh apple, never breathing a wisp of clean air. The sight of crystal blue skies and oceans are foreign ideals left only to dreams, which, with the constant barrage of mechanical clattering and gunfire, are as rare commodities as a bushel of fresh blueberries. Even speaking for myself, it’s hard to remember anything other than these barren, inhospitable surroundings. The blinding sun making it nigh impossible to go outside without some sort of protection; some type of modern, streamlined pair of shaded eye coverings to block those harmful rays from my eyes.

Well lucky us. It just so happens that while scavenging an old warehouse full of promotional items, a box labeled “Futuristic Sunglasses” was uncovered. It’s astonishing how accurately older generations were able to predict the style we’d be wearing today. These sleek, brightly colored neon sunglasses are exactly what we need to keep the sun out of our eyes while we plot our rebellion against the machines. There’s even enough space on the arms of these promotional sunglasses to imprint our logo or write our names to add a personal touch. We could even wear these custom designed sunglasses at night if we’re feeling extra rebellious.

Wayfarers that we are, we’re constantly on the move. Traveling between the networks of underground bases is dangerous. When you’re on the surface, you quickly learn that staying in one spot is a recipe for disaster. Luckily, the snug fit of these futuristic sunglasses allow for dexterous and nimble maneuvers that are required to stay alive on the battlefield. Stumbling on that treasure trove of promotional items may have just helped turn the tides in the war against machines. Only time will tell.


custom printed frisbees

With summertime just on the horizon, outdoor sports and activities are brewing in full force. There’s nothing better, nor more American than tossing a ball around in the warm sun with the smell of grilled food floating in the air. Well, let me amend that statement. There’s nothing better than tossing a ball or a disc! What kind of disc? A dang darn Frisbee disc of course! From its humble beginnings as a pie-pan being tossed on the beach, to being used in professional tournaments around the globe, the Frisbee has grown to be one of America’s favorite outdoor sport items.

Float it around, golf with it or chuck it to your pup: The Frisbee is a versatile piece of sports equipment that can be enjoyed in a bunch of different fun ways! Many people are unsure how to throw a Frisbee, and though it may be difficult to master at first, it’s hard to match the satisfaction that comes from zinging a perfect floater across the beach. Whether you’re young or young at heart, the Frisbee is a great way to have a blast while you stay in shape!

A sport that’s been consistently gaining popularity since the early 1960s, disc golf -also known by the disc’s trademarked “Frisbee golf”, or even colloquially referred to as “frolfing” – is a sport that follows the same rules as traditional golf with the only obvious exception being the use of discs instead of golf balls. The object is to get your disc into the goal – a basket on a metal pole in the ground – in as few throws as possible. The sport has spread like wildfire throughout the last decade or so and is played in about 40 countries across the globe, according to its wiki page. A more detailed list of Frisbee golf rules can be found there as well.

Additionally, Ultimate Frisbee, often shortened to just “Ultimate”, is wildly popular among college campuses nationwide. Closer to football than golf, ultimate Frisbee is played on a large field with end zones towards which opposing teams strive to earn points. What sets ultimate Frisbee apart is their “Spirit of the Game” mentality wherein each individual player calls fouls on him or herself and is responsible for self-refereeing. This encourages a positive experience for everyone involved and helps players garner a sense of responsibility for their actions.

A fantastic resource for all things Frisbee or flying disc related is rushIMPRINT. There, you can order customized Frisbees with your logo or picture on it for an incredible price. This is great for quick turnaround, or can be used for giveaways on which your brand will soar like never before! Check out their inventory today or call 1-866-277-RUSH (7874).

Custom Beach Balls | Magellan’s Finest Achievement

beach ball promotional productsMany historians out there consider themselves to be pretty well-versed on their knowledge of early global explorers, and while it’s true that Ferdinand Magellan’s was the first voyage to circum-navigate the globe, his motives are somewhat disputed. Some say that he was out for the glory of country while others maintain that he was after both a route to the Spice Islands, and the riches that came along with its discovery. While it’s easy to say that each goal was simultaneously achieved, one of his main triumphs was the practical application of the spherical Earth theory. Why did he do this? Well, the answer might surprise you.

You and I know him as Ferdinand Magellan, however, many of his close friends more familiarly referred to him as “Ferdy”. It was a nickname you know, and though he wasn’t too fond of it, there’s not much one can do. When it sticks, trying to remove it only makes it worse – Kind of like wiping syrup from your hand with a dry tissue.

Regardless, Ferdy was a real concert rat. He would constantly scrimp and save to store away enough réis for tickets to his favorite live symphonic performances. He would make it a point to always catch renowned artists like Juan Bermudo, Alonso Mudarra and Diego Ortiz in-person. However, with live events also comes crowd interaction, and though Ferdy enjoyed a rowdy evening in the pit, there was also something not so enjoyable for him: Frisbees. Earth-themed Frisbees. You see, in Ferdy’s day, many people were under the assumption that the earth was flat. As such, they felt the need to celebrate this theory by crafting Frisbees which resembled the shape they believed the world to be. This would be all well and good were it not for the fact that so many unruly concert goers would toss these rigid disks around during their favorite tunes. After being struck in the back of the head multiple times, Ferdy decided that instead of politely asking these people to stop throwing their Frisbees around so haphazardly, the more practical solution would be to circumnavigate the globe using a fleet of wooden ships. Sounds logical, right? So in August of 1519, that’s exactly what he did. With a little determination, a hearty crew and funding from Charles 1 of Spain, Magellan embarked on what would become the legacy of his life.

Sadly, ol’ Ferdy didn’t get to see the conclusion of his ambitious adventure as he lost his life in a battle with natives on the island of Mactan in the Philippines. However, Juan Sebastián Elcano took up the reigns and was able to see Magellan’s journey to completion, finally offering tangible proof that the Earth is indeed round. Because of his brave acts, Magellan’s namesake was used for a number of things, including a penguin, craters on the moon and a straight in South America through which ships have sailed for centuries. Additionally, a solution to Ferdy’s initial concert problems has finally been created. The Globe Beach Ball is a spherical reminder of the dedication of a man and the passion he infused not only into his own endeavors, but also into his friends and crew members surrounding him.

The Globe and other custom beach balls like it are the perfect marketing ideas for the upcoming summer months. Imprint your company name or logo across these big bouncy balls and watch it soar across waves of people at concerts, on the beach, at picnics, in the pool or wherever else people are out having a good time in the sun. Whether you’re looking for clear beach balls, or white beach balls, we have nearly every color under the sun. Is there honestly an inflatable toy with which you can have more fun? Wait. Don’t answer that.

Do you dare wear these at night?

<br /> Do You Dare Wear These at Night?<br />

custom sunglassesSome of us like to protect our eyes. Others enjoy making a unique fashion statement. The innovative among us have found a way to do both at once. How? The answer is simple: custom sunglasses! Think about it: That sun is up there in the sky beating down on ya, givin’ you a case of the squints and generally making life miserable for your peepers. Boom! Throw on a pair of shades and that problem fades! Of course, you want to stand out from the crowd at the same time, right? Well that’s not a problem. Make your own sunglasses at rushIMPRINT with a near endless selection of color and style combinations including: wayfarers, aviators rubberized sunglasses and more.

For less than a buck per pair, you can inexpensively express your individuality with these affordable sunglasses. At receptions, no gift goes over as well or is more universal than customized sunglasses at your wedding. Give your matrimonial celebration a sense of style by imprinting the name of the bride and groom on the temple/arm of the sunglasses or even directly on the lenses themselves. These personalized gifts will make your wedding day live on for years to come.

The thrill-seeking individuals may opt to wear these sunglasses at night. Because of the low visibility offered to the wearer, this tactic is not recommended. It does, however, offer a way to watch individuals weave and/or breathe their story lines. Keep in mind, though, that while wearing sunglasses at night, it is imperative that one neither switches the blade upon nor masquerades with individuals in shades. Oh no. Can you believe it? Neither can I, but it’s a fact. So whether you’re looking for protection from switchblade-wielding masqueraders or the sun, custom-made sunglasses are the way to go.

Custom Lip Balm

<br /> Custom Lip Balm<br />

Custom Lip BalmWalking through the Sahara desert can be a wearisome task. Sure, you’ve got the blistering sun, dehydration, lack of food and dangerous wildlife to deal with, but what really chaps my hide – more specifically my lips – is the fact that I left my lip balm in my other turban. Forget impending death foreshadowed by the scattered, bleached bones, the discomfort of peeling, dry lips is what’s driving me mad! The only thing that keeps me trudging on is the thought of walking through my front door and giving my wife a big ol’ wet smooch. She’s not going to want to pucker up for these cracked, disgusting lips, though, and I don’t blame her! It would be like having a make out sesh with a brillo pad; dry, scratchy and completely unappealing. So what’s a fellow to do?

Well, I tell you what I should’ve done, though it won’t do me any good right now. I should’ve ordered such a huge quantity of lip balm that I could have stuffed sticks of it in every turban and pocket that I own! That way, it would have been nigh impossible to leave home without my trusty lip balm. Could-haves and should-haves won’t help me now, so all I can do is hope I make it home, because the first thing I’m gonna do is log onto rushIMPRINT’s website and order myself a heaping helping of those marvelous sticks of waxy salve. Scratch that; first thing will be to take a drink, then smooch my wife, and then order my bulk supply of lip balm-gotta keep those priorities in order. Heck, at rushIMPRINT, I could even imprint these custom lip balm sticks with a message to help me remember… maybe a picture of an elephant on them or something. Those things never forget, right? Perhaps I could just have them imprinted with the message : “Dry Lips Sink Ships!”

Gosh, the more I focus on it, the more uncomfortable it gets. I just gotta think about something else – something completely unrelated to my lips or their lack of moisture. What about boots? Yea that might work, actually. Instead of focusing on the negative, I can be thankful for the things that I did right, like ordering this pair of Danner USMC RATs. They’ve got the perfect traction for this loose desert terrain and offer the moisture-wicking technology that any sweaty foot needs in these sweltering conditions. Now if only they could invent some type of reverse-moisture wicking fabric that I could put on my lips! Ugh I’m thinking about them again! Ok I need to stop focusing on them. Come to think of it, what on Earth ever possessed me to make this long trek across such an inhospitable wasteland? I remember watching some survivor special on TV and the next thing I knew, I’m in the desert doing my best Lawrence of Arabia impression. Gee whiz, I gotta turn town my emulation meter a few notches.

In any event, this will at least serve as a cautionary tale from which you may glean two facts. Number one: Never leave home without a few sticks of Lip Balm. Seriously. Head over to rushIMPRINT right now and put a few boatloads in your cart. Personalize ‘em with your logo or whatever, I don’t care. Just get ‘em. Secondly: Give your significant other a big ol’ smooch, because you never know when your foolish spontaneity could put you in dire straits! Wait a minute…I think I hear a helicopter over the horizon. Is this a chapped lip induced hallucination? No! Oh sweet salvation. Is that my dear wife leaning out the side!? Oh it is! She’s tossing down handfuls of personalized lip balm sticks, too, each of them displaying “I Love Ya!” on the side. I’ve never been happier to have said “I do”!

Custom Mason Jars

<br /> Custom Mason Jars<br />

Custom Mason JarsWhether it’s for overnight oats, salad, three-layered pudding desserts or just the classic moonshine, the uses for mason jars have become increasingly more widespread. It’s no surprise, either, because this re-sealable container can be utilized in countless different applications. Just about any food or drink imaginable can be placed inside and, with a simple twist of the threaded lid, is sealed from the outside air. This is perfect for storing leftovers or alcoholic beverages which, when imbibed, could severely dampen your motor skills. No problem for a glass with a lid, though! Spills are a thing of the past, so drink away, fine sir or madam! Drink to your heart’s content!

The crafty minded among us have come up with several ways in which to customize mason jars so they stand out from the bland, clear glass versions. They see that clear glass as an open canvas, waiting to be splashed with a dash of customization. Dressed up in everything from glitter and gold to matte black chalkboard finishes, custom mason jars add a personal flare to any backyard barbeque, tailgate or festival. They bring more personality to the table than the standard red solo cup or wine glass.

So how do you go about getting your hands around a custom mason jar? Well, over at rushIMPRINT, we have a wide selection of custom mason jars from which to choose, all of which can be imprinted with your logo or design. They include a straw with a stopper that can be used to sip that glorious nectar from the inside of the jar. Choose from numerous color options to match whatever design or theme you’re trying to achieve. Check online today or call us at 1-866-277-RUSH (7874) and we’ll be happy to help!

Custom Umbrellas

<br /> Custom Umbrellas<br />

custom umbrellasApril showers; everyone seems to love the fact that they bring the legendary May flowers for which the season is so well-known. Well heck with that, I say. I’m sick and tired of this rain. Day in and day out, those annoying little droplets keep smacking me on the head – everyone reassuring me that, “Hey, at least it isn’t snow!” Phooey! At least with snow, I know where I stand. The white stuff piles up and sure, it’s irritating having to shovel off the sidewalk every now and again, but at least snow brings with it several positive factors: Building up a jolly ol’ snowm’n, for instance. How fun is that!? I look forward to reincarnating Frosty every year, that coal-nosed bloke. Let’s not forget about snow days, either! I mean it’s been a while since I was in school, but few things brought me more joy as a kid than seeing the name of my school scrolling at the bottom of the TV screen.

But what does rain give us, huh?! Other than life giving water, I mean ok, sure, ya got me there. In its wake, though, it leaves behind a mucky, brown, muddy mess. Flooding streets and basements, mudslides, delaying ball games and making dogs smell bad are just a handful of the many of adverse effects of this drizzling disaster. So what can we do to battle this tyrannical force of nature? Well, nothing. But, on top of strapping on our favorite rubber boots, we can also protect our heads and upper shoulder regions from getting wet. Confused? Don’t be. I’m just talkin’ ‘bout umbrellas!

Custom Umbrellas are an amazing invention. Some may consider them a personal canopy of dryness; a mobile rain-shelter of sorts that protects you from that annoying cloud spit seeking to ruin not only your best tailored suit, but subsequently your whole day. Umbrellas are capable of so much more, too. In Ms. Poppins’ case, they provided a reliable means of transportation. For the Penguin, an entire arsenal of weaponry was stashed inside his different umbrellas, all of which helped him evade capture by the infamous Batm’n. For you, we offer completely customizable umbrellas available in countless styles and color combinations; all of which can be imprinted with your logo to help you gain brand recognition. Check out our online inventory today or call 1-866-277-RUSH (7874) to get started.

3 oz. Demi Espresso Mug

<br /> 3 oz. Demi Espresso Mug<br />

custom espresso mugI don’t know about you folks, but I’m a certified coffe-holic. I have no shame in admitting this. If I don’t get my daily sip, I start to trip…over my dragging feet. I need that pick-me-up or I’ll start to let-boss-down, and I definitely don’t want to do that, both for the sake of my career and because he’s a real nice fella. So every morning, I throw back a travel mug or Styrofoam cup full of the sweet, dark nectar and let that caffeine invigorate my body like a yellow sun for Superman. It’s a drug, there’s no denying this; studies have proven it. Several mornings of caffeine withdrawal and intense headaches have defeated all attempts to wean myself off the stuff, so I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m an addict. I’m in no hurry to join any Coffee-holics Anonymous meetings, though, so you can take your annual sobriety chips and shove them…back into storage because I don’t need them, thanks.

Lately, though, I’ve been needing a progressively stronger dose to get my fix, so I’ve turned to espresso. It’s a smaller, but much more powerful shot of java, so I’ve been filling my gullet with the stuff. However, until recently, I didn’t have a proper container to put it in. It would look goofy carrying around a big ol’ mug, but only using the bottom ten percent of it, and I’m certainly not going to fill it to the brim, either. I mean, I love my espresso, but I would like to get to sleep at night, too!

It just so happens that at my cousin’s wedding reception, there were gift baskets at every table. Fortunately for me, among the other goodies like personalized M&M’s, coasters, t-shirts and more, there was an awesome custom 3 oz. Demi Espresso mug, with the bride and groom’s names imprinted on the front. So every time a take a sip, not only am I revitalized for the day, but I’m also reminded of that incredible ceremony. She said she ordered all these custom imprinted gifts from rushIMPRINT, so I’ll have to check out their site!

Custom Heart Keychains

<br /> Custom Heart Keychains<br />

custom heart key chainEver since the days of sending doodled notes to your grade school crush, hearts have been a universal symbol of affection. Not actual biological hearts mind you, but the familiar, Valentine’s Day cartoony, puffy symbols which we’ve all grown to love; (“less-than-three”, for the more text-savvy readers out there). There’s just something about that curvy symbol that triggers an instinctual affectionate response; something warm and embracing that makes you want to find the nearest pup and give him or her a big ol’ squeeze!

I remember folding red pieces of construction paper in half, then cutting a soft curve at the crease to make a heart-shaped Valentine’s Day card for my mom when I was in kindergarten. There was something so fun about it. My four-year-old mind was amazed by the concept. Our teacher, Mrs. Havel (Yes, I remember my kindergarten teacher’s name) would use that technique as a springboard for other similar projects, like snowflakes, snowmen and the like, but that’s a tale for another time. We’re talking about hearts here, so let’s stay focused.

So, what sorts of things can you do with these fancy hearts? Well, aside from the aforementioned V-Day options and cute texts to your significant other, you can snack on candy versions of them, get fluffy pillow versions of ‘em or even have them tattooed into your skin. There’s pretty much no limit to the things you can create. Additionally, you can purchase cute, customizable keychain versions of them, imprinted with whatever image, logo, text or combination of the three from rushIMPRINT. Ideal for wedding gift bags, bridal showers, V-Day parties, cardiovascular health conferences and more, these custom heart key chains are the perfect inexpensive knick-knack to fill that niche and add a special layer of personalization to your event. Heck, just use ‘em to keep all of your keys together.

Personalized Bandages

<br /> Personalized Bandages<br />

custom promotional bandagesWhat’s that, soldier!? You hurt your little knee? Fell down and got yourself a little boo-boo, didya? Well ain’t that cute? You want me to bend down and give it a little smooch for ya? Make it all better like mommy used to, you sorry, sissified sack of slop! You make me sick! So ya tripped over an obstacle on the course and got a ‘wittle scwapey-wapey’, big deal! You think the enemy is gonna stop to put two drops of sympathy syrup on your pathetic pout-pancakes? Of course not, so suck it up!

It’s not like we’re back home in the comfort of your mommy’s arms, where you have the luxury of choosing between large varieties of bandages like the ones available through rushIMPRINT. They’ve got a boatload of fancy bandages with plaid and polka-dotted patterns available in custom imprinted cases. Heck, they even carry an entire first-aid kit, loaded with bandages, swabs, first aid cream, pain medication and even a sewing kit! Hey, maybe you can suture up your own little gash! Aw what am I thinking, that’s something that would take guts, courage and willpower, three things of which you are clearly in short supply!

On your feet, private! You’ve got one more chance to prove you deserve to be in my Marine Corps before I soil these well-polished boots of mine on your behind, and then make you re-shine them after the fact and thank me for the opportunity! There ya go, that’s the spirit! Well, heck I don’t what served as a better motivation, my threats of violence or the thought of those custom imprinted bandages embracing that pitiful excuse for a wound of yours. Whatever it was, this nation is in a slightly better position defensively, well, at least until you trip on the battlefield without personalized promotional bandages in your rucksack!