Aluminum Bottle/Can Opener Key Ring

custom bottle opener keychainSo picture this: You come home on a Friday night and want to just flop your exhausted body down and sink into your favorite chair with a bottle of [INSERT FAVORITE BOTTLED BEVERAGE HERE]. Sounds amazing right? Well it’s about to take a turn for the worse! As you reach for that cool beverage, you remember that it’s not a twist-off. Oh woe is you! You begin to sweat anxiously as you fumble through your silverware drawer and realize you’ve long since lost your bottle opener. Not a great start to the weekend if you ask me, so how can you prevent this from happening again?

Our Aluminum Bottle/Can Opener Key Ring is the perfect solution for your beverage-opening needs. With a slim opening on one side to help those with short fingernails pop the tab of flip-top cans, and a claw-like bottle cap opening grip on the opposite side, drink containers have never been easier to open. In addition, the back end of the aluminum bottle and can opener is looped with a metal key ring which allows you to keep it track of it as easily as your keys. You don’t lose those often, do you? You do? Oh. Welp…

Ok, ok, so you lose things. Fair enough. We all get a little absent-minded sometimes. That’s fine. As a matter of fact, we can help you with that. You know that trapper-keeper you kept in grade school that had your name on it and on the inside cover said, “If found return to…”? It was personalized so that everyone knew it was yours, right? Well we offer that same sort of service for this custom bottle opener. Included in the price, we offer the service of laser engraving each keychain with your logo. So even if you misplace it, or leave it at the gym or work, the custom engraved logo will let everyone know to whom it belongs. Does that mean they will return it to you? Well, it is a pretty awesome bottle opener…

Pinhole Rubberized Malibu Sunglasses

pinhole sunglassesWith body modifications on the rise, it seems like more and more people are reaching out for ways to express their individuality. Tattoos, piercings and trendy haircuts are somewhat commonplace these days, though other individuals often go to such extremes as implanting shapes underneath their skin or injecting their eyeballs with permanent dyes. Well, while we here at rushIMPRINT pride ourselves on being non-judgmental and realize that it is each individual’s body with which to modify how they choose, we offer a simpler, less expensive and certainly less painful alternative to eye customization.

Pinhole Rubberized Malibu Sunglasses are the perfect solution for those looking to both make a statement with their eyes as well as shade them from the sun. Place your logo on each of the lenses for a unique way to spread your brand awareness. “Oh but how will I see out of these sunglasses?”, you ask. A valid question; here’s a valid answer: Tiny pinholes cover each of the lenses allowing the wearer to see through them while at the same time, offering a visible canvas on which to imprint your logo. A slew of different color combinations assure that you’ll be able to find the perfect accent to the image you choose to imprint on the lenses. Featuring UV400 tinted lenses offering both UVA and UVB protection, these shades are the perfect for beach-themed giveaways or fundraisers for charity.

So before you make an appointment with your local eye-dye parlor, take a moment to browse our collection of custom sunglasses. They offer a stylish, yet temporary and affordable solution that can make just as noticeable a statement. Well, maybe not quite as noticeable as blue eyeballs, but at least these sunglasses are able to be removed before meeting a potential employer. But hey, maybe you’ve already got eye tattoos and need to cover them up. What better way than with a pair of Pinhole Rubberized Malibu Sunglasses?

Seville Kimono Style Robe

<br /> <meta name="description" content= "Chammyz Kimono Style Robes raise the bar on spa and resort-style comfort."><br /> Chammyz Kimono Style Robe<br /> </meta>

+custom+embroidered+robesSeville is such a thrill, because they ain’t no jammies; they’re far more than that! Honestly, could a simple pair of flannel slacks and an old baggy t-shirt emit the same sense of style and sophistication that one would exude while wearing a Japanese Kimono styled bathrobe? I think not. No, for that next-level chic, you’re going to need an all-encompassing, soft and snuggling, monstrously fluffy, comfortable and personalized robe. Yes, that’s right; I said personalized! No longer do you have to steal one from your favorite upscale hotel,(not that you’d ever do that in the first place…) instead, you can have your very own monogrammed bathrobe complete with an embroidered logo of your choice!

The uses for these personalized bath robes are nearly endless! From beach walkin’ and water sportin’, to just kickin’ back on the couch with a fine glass of chardonnay and your favorite film, the soft embrace of the Chammyz Kimono Style Robe will keep you warm, comfortable and dry. Personalized with your embroidery, there’s no risk of anybody mistaking this robe for their own, and how could they anyways!? This type of quality craftsmanship is not often seen, so when it comes around, it stands out. Designed with coziness and panache in mind, these custom robes feature an oversized hood and sleeves to provide an even more laid-back feel than other robes. This is not some form-fitting, silk piece of apparel, so toss those self-conscious thoughts to the curb and let it all hang out in the one-size-fits-most Chammyz Kimono Style Robe.

Are you still up in the air about this amazing product? What more persuasion do you need? It’s an awesome robe! You can relax in it; it has your logo on it, it’s comfy, warm, snuggly, buggly and huggly-wuggly. Fugly? Not at all; it’s beautiful, just like you!

The Brew2go Tumbler- a Fine Bounty Indeed

If ye be anything like me, the lack of brew portability in this day and age can get ya crankier than a cheese-less bilge rat! Whether sailin’ the high seas in pursuit of wondrous plunder, or just peg-leggin’ back to my seat at a Pirates’ game, it seems like I always gotta keep one peeper peeled on me drink makin’ sure not to spill it. Though flagons be a fine vessel at the pub, I’d trade me good leg for a proper container with a trusty lid. The seas be a tumultuous vixen and as they toss me about, I can’t help but splash me rum on deck! Though it makes a good solvent for swabbin’, I’d rather have the stuff in me gullet!

Just when I was about tah give up all hope fer such a contraption, I stumbled upon the most wondrous treasure at Rush Imprint. In terms of drink transportability, the Brew2go Tumbler is just what me heart’s been searchin’ fer. With a whopping 18 oz. of beverage capacity, this tumbler is no wee nipperkin, so you know it can hold plenty of swill. Double wall insulation helps keep the grog chilly without freezing your hand, or hook, in me case. With the thumb-slide closure on the lid, swiggin’ is easier than takin’ doubloons from a baby! The empty cavity of this insulated tumbler resembles the top half of a beer bottle turned on its head, which be perfect for mateys with short term memory loss who often forget what they be drinkin’! Being “hand wash only” is no problem for a buccaneer such as meself; the ol’ vessel don’t come equipped with a fancy dishwasher anyhow.

Oh but the true gem of this haul is getting it custom imprinted with my logo! Just like the dreaded Jolly Roger, I’ve slapped a swarthy skull ‘n’ bones on these insulated cups so everybody knows what kind of scurvy dogs they belong to! I’ve taken such a shine to ‘em that I ordered enough for me whole crew! So listen well, me hearties, if ye be after a spill proof, insulated mug tah keep yer grog cold, the Brew2go Tumbler is worth its weight in gold!

An Adventure with the Wool Epiphany Journal

<br /> An Adventure with the Wool Epiphany Journal<br /> <meta name="description" content ="The Wool Epiphany Journal is great for recording adventures, unfortunate though they might be."><br /> </meta>

custom journal

February 3rd, 2014

My first nature adventure! I’m so excited to get away from the hustle and bustle of big-city life and connect back with the environment. It seems like our generation has become more and more reliant on technology and with our faces constantly glued to iPads, youPads, we all scream for newPads, a relaxing nature hike will be a welcome change of pace. I’ve even picked up this custom, American made Wool Epiphany Journal with my picture so I can record my journey in wonderful analog! My fingers have gotten so used to keys and touch-screens that I almost forgot how to use a pen! Anyways, it’s time these boots get to trekkin’! More to come later!

February 4th, 2014

So, trying to fall asleep while wild wolves and wind howl together outside your tent is no simple task. I ended up pulling my sleeping bag tightly over my head, leaving just enough breathing space for my nose and mouth. Ha-ha, now I know what a burrito feels like! Yea, it may take some getting used to at first, but at least I’m doin’ it! Just me and Mama Nature – To heck with Twitter and Facebook, all I need is the outdoors and this imprinted wool epiphany journal to keep track of my exploits.

February 6th, 2014

A wild boar chased me down yesterday. Though I managed to escape with only a few bruises and cuts (which may be infected by the looks of things), my personalized wool epiphany journal fell out of my rucksack and into a puddle. I had to hang it by its leather strap and let it air dry for the rest of the night. On top of that, some animals have managed to find their way into my grub stash while I was sleeping and eat a good portion of my food. Awesome. But hey, at least the sun is shining and I can take in all this fresh air. Yay, nature… Man, I’d kill for a smooth cup of Starbucks java right now.

February 7th, 2014

These darn birds and their chirping…I oughta feed your beaks…with my FIST! Ugh. Where’s their snooze button? So today, as you might suspect, I’m up with the sun. Which is great, I guess. It gives me time to accurately plot out all the leaves and sticks I’ll be walkin’ over today. Oh look, it’s a brown leaf! Hey a green one! What a shocker, it’s another twig, how keen! I think I’ve had my fill of this tree huggin’ life. I can’t wait to get home, turn on the tube and collapse in my bed.

February 9th, 2014

I have no idea where I am. Somewhere on the path between the bush that looks like Duane “The Rock” Johnson and the rock that looks like Emma Stone, I made a wrong turn. This freezing cold wind is cutting deep to my bones and I can barely step foot outside my tent, let alone my sleeping bag. Gosh, why didn’t I bring my phone with me!? Oh right, I wanted to be some kind of rugged mountaineer. A real man’s man – rough and tumble. All this to impress Jenny from accounting. Yea, you’re gonna kick the bucket alone in the wilderness, REAL impressive. Someone else is bound to come along, right? That nature website said that this is a fairly popular hiking trail. Oh internet, how I miss you.

February 10th, 2014

My fire is getting low and so is my wood supply. Well, at least this wool epiphany journal is flammable. Wait, are those footsteps or just more hunger-induced hallucinations!?

February 11th, 2014

I don’t know how much longer I had. Thank goodness those hikers showed up when they did! I was munching on the last couple crackers I had, watching my fire smolder to ash when fate twisted my way for the first time since I started this adventure! The chipped paint and rust stains on my front door never looked so beautiful. That’s the last time I do something crazy like that. Man, I can’t wait to post this to my blog.

Custom Ping Pong Balls

Custom Ping Pong Balls<br /> <meta name="description" content="Custom ping pong balls - Get the team or brand recognition you deserve.<br />

custom ping pong balls

Since the dawn of time, necessity has always been the mother of invention. Mammoth steaks too raw, fella? Boom, fire. Having trouble lugging all those rocks back and forth? Well say hello to the wheel! Feel the need to both slap and chop something? Vince’s gotcha covered. However, until the early 1950’s college students everywhere were thirsty for an entertaining party game. Standing around and socializing about Eisenhower’s latest policies surprisingly wasn’t as enjoyable as it sounds, so a few innovative minds at Dartmouth college decided to shake things up a bit.

As any sensible person would conclude, a game of hand-eye coordination would be the perfect companion to alcoholic beverage consumption. Thus, beer pong was born. In the infancy of its conception, the game was initially played with paddles and a net, much like standard table tennis. However, common sense soon dictated that maybe a drunken individual and a blunt object weren’t the best companions. In the 1980’s the game was simplified to the version we know today. Renowned among frat guys and tailgaters alike, beer pong is often the cornerstone of any celebration.

What would any game of beer pong be without the ping pong balls? Well, probably pretty strange, I’d imagine – a bunch of drunks standing around a table, arranging cups in odd triangle shapes. Doesn’t sound like a good time to me. Luckily, we don’t have to suffer such a fate. Rush Imprint offers an enormous variety of custom ping pong balls onto which you can imprint whatever logo you need. Think about it – boatloads (yes that’s the scientific estimate) of people across the country play beer pong every day. As a company, would you rather they use a plain, white ball, or one with your logo screen printed all over it? Though their memory of last night’s party might be forever lost, the morning after spent cleaning up vomit, pizza, bottles and ping pong balls is sure to stick with them. With Rush Imprints custom pong balls, so can your logo.

Customize your Bags with the Jenny Eco Shopper

Customize your Bags with the Jenny Eco Shopper<br /> <meta name="description" content="Custom shopping bags are the perfect way to dramatically increase brand recognition".><br /> </meta>

custom paper bags

Paper bags: We all need ‘em, but often we don’t actually think about how essential they can be to the wide consumer base they serve. Picture it. You just picked out a slew of outfits from your favorite department store. You’ve got several pairs of pants, a dozen or so new shirts and maybe even a pair of shoes or two. Not a bad haul. Now imagine trying to carry all that paraphernalia from the store to your car, or even worse, onto the bus or subway. Struggling to keep all your stuff clean, neatly folded and off the ground would be a near impossibility. This process would be made all the more difficult, not to mention goofy looking if it weren’t for shopping bags – the unsung hero of the merchandise world.

Clearly, bags aren’t limited to apparel, and as such can be seen just about anywhere products are sold or distributed. This offers an outstanding opportunity for brand recognition. Every consumer is essentially a potential billboard for your company logo. Rush Imprint offers you the ability to capitalize on this enormous market with their wide variety of customizable shopping bags. The Jenny Eco Shopper is a fine example of such a bag.

Made from 100% recycled paper (with a minimum of 95% post-consumer materials), this environmentally friendly brown kraft shopper is the perfect place both in which to place your merchandise as well as on which to slap your logo. With dimensions of 13 inches tall, 10 inches wide and 5 inches deep, the Jenny Eco Shopper can fit a large assortment of products. Personalize your bag with your choice of color and make it as large as 7 by 7 inches, a size noticeable even from across the street. Tremendous discounts are available for bulk orders, so stock up today!

Custom Hand Fans | Cool off with Team Spirit

Custom Hand Fans | Cool off with Team Spirit<br /> <meta name="description" content="Custom hand fans are the perfect product to both keep cool and stand out."><br /> </meta>

custom hand fans

Sports. Boy they’re keen. There’s nothing more exhilarating than watching fierce athletic competition in person. You know what’s not so keen though? Sweating your tail off while you watch. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with the dame or bloke next to you, having to fight over the armrest and trying to maximize what little real estate a packed stadium gives your legs can be a task in itself. The last thing you need is that blasted sun givin’ you the business with its scorching rays. On top of that, wearing around those hot foam fingers, oversized caps and jerseys isn’t doing you any favors. Sure, you just want to support your favorite team, but that doesn’t mean you have to sweat like them while you do it.

Fortunately, Rush Imprint offers a perfect solution. Their Plastic Hand Fans provide a simple, effective answer to both your cooling and cheering needs. Standing 6.75 inches tall but only weighing a trivial 0.07lbs, you can easily carry this custom plastic hand fan around wherever you go. It’s so light you may forget you’re even holding it, but your team won’t – especially not with the 4 by 3 inch custom logo imprinted on the front. So wave it in confidence, sports enthusiast, knowing that the plastic hand fan is working hard to keep you breezy and your team steezy. (That’s what the kids are saying these days, right?)

Expand your horizons, though, because these screen printed fans aren’t just for sports, they can be personalized with any single color logo your heart desires. Perfect for trade shows, conventions or other promotional events, these branded fan-deds will fill whatever purpose you can dream up. Order in bulk to both save a little dough as well as spread your brand recognition to the masses.

Soundbyte iPhone Speaker

Soundbyte iPhone Speaker<br /> <meta name="description" content="The Soundbyte iPhone Speaker is a battery-free way to boost the sound of your device."><br /> </meta>

custom iphone speaker

“What’s thatcha say? You’re a who phone? An eye-what? Sorry sonny, but you’ll have to speak up! All I can make out is a faint whisper comin’ from yer general direction. You’ll have to forgive me, but along with some other things, Charlie took a bit of my hearing from me back in ‘Nam.”

“Ahh that’s better! Now yer comin’ in loud and clear. So you’re an iPhone, huh? Well that explains the complete lack of hands, arms and a torso. Then again, I saw plenty of that out on the rice paddies. Johnny…Poor old fool. I told you to watch your six not your nine!”

“Anywho. What’s that little contraption you got stuck on your side there? A Soundbyte iPhone Speaker? Well ain’t that a fancy little device. I mean I’ve seen iPhone cases before, but ya say this thing bumps up your sound like a pair of speakers? Amazing! And you got this from Rush Imprint, customized with your full-color company logo, to boot. Well that’s some crazy level of personalized production that I’ve never seen!”

“It’s pretty keen how that little custom speaker acts like a stand and holds you sideways, allowing for perfect media viewing in a landscape ratio. So if I wanted to get one of those with my picture, I could do that too? Man that’s spiffy. Showing of that branded logo at all kinds of trade shows gotta drain you pretty quick, huh? Well that’s good that you don’t even need any external power on this sucker, unlike those other, battery powered iPhone speakers.”

“A custom imprinted speaker with whatever personalized, screen-printed logos I can dream up? God bless America!”

Blues Brothers Custom Shades

Blues Brothers Custom Shades<br /> <meta name="description" content="Custom Blues Brothers sunglasses are the perfect product to shade your eyes while you grow brand recognition."><br /> </meta>

cheap sunglasses

Bein’ a Soul Man in this day and age can sometimes be harsh. Times are tough and often, you find yourself chewin’ on a Rubber Biscuit for sustenance. With the trials and tribulations that come with the territory, it’s clear that the life of a musician isn’t for everyone, but hey, you can’t help who you are. When those soulful notes sing your name with their siren’s call, there’s no denying them. All you can do is strap that guitar to your back, stash a couple blues harps in yer pocket and head on down to the crossroads. Traveling that dusty desert road like a wayfarer can be unforgiving and fraught with all sorts of dangers: Cacti, vultures, the devil waiting to strike a deal and let’s not forget about that relentless jerk sun, beating down on your already weary eyes. With all your cash goin’ into your music, maybe you can’t afford those fancy Ray Bans. You still need a solid pair of sunglasses though, because other than a night or two at Heartbreak Hotel, Nothing will give ya a case of the blues worse than temporary blindness.

Fret not, weary bluesman, because at Rush Imprint, we hear your eyes screamin’ “Gimme some Lovin’” and we can offer them sound protection. Our Blues Brothers Customized Sunglasses fit just about any adult head and can be imprinted with whatever logo you need. The insanely low price is affordable on even the strictest budget, and although it may seem too good to be true, we assure you: no soul contract is required.

“You’re tellin’ me I can get cheap sunglasses personalized with my logo?”

You better believe it. We even go a step further, and for two extra days of production and a slight increase in price, we offer personalized, custom imprinting on both sides of these shades. Getting your band name or even company logo the recognition it deserves has never been easier or more stylish, so pass these bad boys out at your next show and spread the cool.