Beer Coasters

custom coastersAre you in a business where drinks are served, and are trying to find a promotional product that is perfect for your business? One old standard, tried and true item that has always worked particularly well, and will continue to do so, are custom beer coasters. They work equally well for bars, lounges, restaurants, hotels, conventions and any company in the food service industry.

Most of these promotional beer coasters are made of paper or cardboard, but you can also find them in materials such as bamboo, stainless steel and rosewood if you prefer.

The less expensive varieties are most often used for placing under every drink that is served in an establishment, providing extensive advertising each and every day. Customers look at them every time they lift their glass or bottle, use them to make notes on while drinking, and if a design catches their fancy, will often take them home as a souvenir.
Most often, beer coaster printing is done on a large imprint area such as 4” x 4”, making your logo or other information highly visible.

Of course, when you choose to use these custom beer coasters as gifts, you will prefer to also select some of the more memorable and slightly higher priced designs, such as the Rosewood coaster set, a classic design 4 piece coaster set that comes complete with a holder, or the Executive coaster set, a 6 piece coaster set with UltraHyde tops on non-scratch velvet bottoms. They come complete with a polished wooden case, and make a delightful gift for any of your employees or customers.

Each and all of these delightful custom beer coasters will serve to remind your customers of your company with the perfect visual aid-a well designed and colorful imprint of your colorful logo, which makes up almost the entire background. They make the perfect addition to your advertising and branding campaign, and provide an astonishing impact for such a small item. Be sure to include them in your marketing campaign.

Fanny Pack: The Unsung Traveling Hero

Despite its unpopularity, there is nothing more convenient than having a pack strapped around your waist, bursting at the seams with some of your most important and frequently-reached-for possessions. Though, for some unspecified reason, the fanny pack has become a travel bag pariah of sorts – damning all wearers to a fate of social mockery. Whether it’s through rude snickers or outright pointing and laughing, fanny pack enthusiasts often pay a price beyond the register for their choice in apparel. Though a fanny pack can easily hold a variety of first-aid items, no amount of bandages or ointment can salve the burn of witty denigration. May haps it’s time we question the validity of this fashion taboo and shed some light on its origin in the process.

Perhaps the harsh criticism of this hip tourist bag can be attributed to its tie to 1980’s popular culture, as the fanny pack originally climbed to popularity during this time alongside other trendy products such as the slap bracelet and the Scrunchie. As is the fate of most flash-in-the-pan trends, the fanny pack fell out of favor just as quickly as it rose into it. However, I submit that in spite of the negative stigma attached to it, the fanny pack is still an incredibly useful and versatile accessory for the modern traveler.

Originally designed as a pouch to be placed over the rear end (hence the terminology “fanny pack”), practicality dictated a 180⁰ spin to the front for both ease-of-access and pickpocket prevention. Modern iterations have brought about tactical incarnations such as the pistol pouch, in which a concealed firearm is carried for a quick draw in threatening situations. Providing handy storage for ammunition as well as immediate and easy access to your pistol, it’s clear to see why the concealed weapon and fanny pack go hand-in-hand.

Additionally, high-end designers such as Gucci, Prada, and The North Face have recently attempted to breathe new life into the fanny pack with their chic versions. Putting a contemporary spin on what was previously considered a fashion faux-pas is the hallmark of a truly fashion-forward company. This begs the question: “Are fanny packs set to make a comeback?” It seems like a striking possibility. In which case, would it not be pertinent to take advantage of a second chance get in on the ground floor?

RushIMPRINT has nearly endless varieties of styles and colors of fanny packs from which to choose, all of which can be imprinted with your logo. Whether you’re after a minimalistic design as offered in the Budget Fanny Pack, or want something a bit more expansive like the All-In-One Fanny Pack, we can provide the precise amount of pouches to fit your personal preference. Browse our online inventory today or call one of our product specialists Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST at 1-866-277-7874. We’ll be happy to help you find the ideal fanny pack to fit both your budget and marketing campaign.

Drawstring Backpacks are the new black…packs

<br /> Drawstring Backpacks are the new black…packs<br />

Did you ever want a container to be the best thing that you ever had – a duffle bag that can fulfill all your deepest fantasies and desires? A bag that, when opened, reveals to you with angelic hymnal accompaniment exactly what you’ve been searching for your entire life? Yea, me too, that would be pretty neat. Well we got the next best thing (Ok, maybe the next, next, next best thing). Our nylon drawstring backpacks offer great storage and portability in a variety of vibrant colors, combined with the ability to slap your logo on the 8 by 9 inch imprint area.

Custom drawstring backpacks are easily one of the most useful promotional products out there. Not only does it grow your brand recognition by offering a large imprint area for your logo, but additionally, it offers a great way to carry your other belongings. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, there’s nothing as convenient as a compact nylon drawstring backpack to carry your essentials with you to the gym. Offering plenty of room to carry a towel, water bottle and even a pair of shoes, the custom nylon drawstring backpack is the perfect workout companion.

Made of a durable polyester material, these little duffle bags are tougher than they look. Reinforced faux-leather corners surround a strong metal eyelet, through which a thick drawstring is looped. Secure your stuff inside by pulling the drawstring closed. Wear it as a backpack to not only haul your possessions, but also show off that logo. Choose from over a dozen colors to perfectly complement your team, company, or school logo. Easy to clean and a cinch to store, our nylon drawstring bags are the perfect promotional product to go along with any marketing campaign. Give us a ring at 1-866-277-7874, or visit our website to browse our inventory or chat instantly with a customer service expert.

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

<br /> EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm<br />

EOS lip balmEvery once in a while, a person’s lips may chap, crack or suffer from some other form of discomfort which may irritate the lips and render them completely unsmoochable. There’s no shame in that; it happens to the best of us. Lack of lip moisture is no reason to be embarrassed. It is a reason to do something about it, though. You can’t just be passive in your lip maintenance. It’s time to take a proactive role in your life, and no, I don’t mean slathering your face with an acne treatment system. I’m talking about lip balm (Though there’s something to be said for proper skin care as well, but that’s a tale for another time).

So, Lip Balm, huh? What’s all the hub-bub about? I’ll tell ya what it’s about, Jack! It’s about keepin’ those thin strips of skin in the front of your face healthy! It’s about slopping some flavored waxy goodness on ‘em and keepin’ em moist, sucker! More than that, it’s about taking your health into your own hands, even in small measures. So how can rushIMPRINT help with this? Simple as dimples: We offer some of the finest custom lip balm sticks around at a great price.

Take EOS lip balm, for example. Infused with jojoba oil, soothing Shea butter and antioxidant-rich vitamin E, EOS lip balm offers your lips paramount protection and keeps them soft and smooth. Available in a variety of different flavors with spherical, color-coded cases to match, EOS Smooth Sphere lip balm offers exotic tastes like Honeysuckle Honeydew, Strawberry Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry and Sweet Mint, just to name a few. The Tangerine flavor is even medicated for that extra level of dryness relief. If you’re looking for top-shelf lip moisture protection, look no further than the EOS Smooth Sphere lip Balm.

Tri-Pod Folding Stools

<br /> Tri-Pod Folding Stools<br />

folding chairsIf two heads are better than one, then what does that say for the plurality of other appendages? Would we be better off with an extra limb, or is excess the devil of our day? Personally, I’m able to get along just fine with the standard two arms and two legs, but who knows what sorts of dexterous feats I’d be able to accomplish with a few extra parts? Being able to simultaneously shave, comb my hair and brush my teeth may save me some morning prep time and allow for extra snooze bar slams, but the safety of splitting up one’s concentration while holding a bladed instrument is questionable. Additionally, walking around like a Vishnu incarnate may pose problems when selecting apparel, as tailors tend to primarily make shirts with only two armholes. Fascists. Well perhaps, as evidenced in the Tri-Pod Stool, less can truly be more.

Lighter than other folding chairs, the Tri-Pod Stool is small, portable and fits in most any backpack, luggage or carry-on bag. Don’t be deceived by its minuscule stature, though. The 600 Denier nylon and PVC steel tubular frame collaborate to support up to 250 pounds. Plop it down wherever you need a quick and convenient seat, then when you’re finished tailgating, concert-going or picnicking, stand up, secure it closed with the webbed Velcro strap, place it in the included clear drawstring bag and you’re good to go. Think of all the extra snacks and drinks you could bring along with the trunk space this handy little folding stool will save you. Pack in those crunchy corn chips, fizzy sipsweets, twisty cheese doodles or whatever other treats your tongue desires, because now you’ve got the extra room.

For a fraction of the price of other outdoor folding chairs, the Tri-Pod folding stool is a great and economical way to take a seat anywhere. Not only is this useful little device available in three colors (red, blue and black), but included in the price is a customized, one-color imprint of your choosing. Emblazon your company name or logo onto the seat of the stool so your customers will remember who to thank for such a convenient product.

Bouncy Balls

<br /> Bouncy Balls<br />

bouncy ballsThese promotional bouncing balls will make you jump for fun when you realize how great a marketing tool they can be. How so? Simple: Chuck ‘em down the street and lose ‘em. When someone finds the ball they will likely say to themselves: “Hey, who could be so careless as to misplace this amazing bouncy ball? Surely nobody would intentionally do such a silly thing!” That person will then come to the conclusion that this ball must have been bounced so high that it escaped the sight of its owner and, in a display of superior nimbleness, kissed the clouds with a boastful smooch. What a spectacle that must have been; a gravity-defying performance in which the star is propelled boldly into the sky. Magical.

The impression this bouncer makes will translate perfectly into brand recognition for you when your logo or company name is imprinted on the front. Well, I guess bouncy balls don’t really have a front, but you get what I’m trying to say here. Choose from four translucent colors – green, pink, yellow or blue – or have a random assortment of custom imprinted bouncy balls in these colors sent to you. Print your logo or company name on the front in a contrasting or complementing color.

So how can you get your hands on these spherical bouncers – these legendary recoiling thingamabobs? It’s actually a lot simpler than you might think. Just bring up the bouncers on rushIMPRINT’s website, select your color, quantity, and upload your own artwork or request a free virtual proof. Within one business day, your proof will be emailed to you for approval. For details, questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our customer service professionals at 1-866-277-RUSH (7874).

Slazenger Multi-Lens Sport Sunglasses

<br /> Slazenger Multi-Lense Sport Sunglasses<br />

Slazenger Multi-Lens Sport SunglassesFinally, eye protection has become modular! What do I mean by that? Well let me answer your question with a question: Have you ever wanted a product that can simultaneously shade your eyes from the sun, grant better night time visibility and shield your eyes from debris? No? Oh… Well I’m sorry to have wasted your time. Please carry about your day with my most sincere apologies. I’ll just sit here…by myself. My only comforts being the warm sun and my Slazenger Mult-Lens Sport Sunglasses. I mean, I could tell you about the benefits of having a pair of custom designed sunglasses with three different sets of lenses. Only if you wanna hear ‘em though… You do!? Oh golly!

Ok, ok, so what should I start with? Like I said, these Slazenger Sunglasses have three different lenses from which to choose, all performing different and unique functions. I guess I can describe the obvious first. The normal tinted shades offer fantastic protection from the sun’s rays; perfect for those bright days when you’re out golfing, playing volleyball or wrestling alligators. No longer will you miss that perfect putt, spike opportunity or gnashing jaw due to the blinding effects of the sun.

Secondly, the yellow low-light lenses claim to offer better visibility at night. How? I really don’t know the answer to that. A lot of people swear by it though. I’m not one of those people. I do most of my driving in the daytime, so any opinion offered would be pure speculation. They look neat though. I mean yellow is a nice color, right? It’s like all happy and lemony and makes things seem brighter. I guess if there’s one guarantee I can make about this pair of lenses, it is that they are indeed lenses.

Lastly, the clear pair of lenses on the Slazenger Multi-Lens Sport Sunglasses offer general protection from mud, dirt and other miscellaneous debris that may potentially soar into your eye-holes. They aren’t rated for heavy-duty construction use, but I bet dollars to doughnuts you’ll be glad ya had ‘em on when a piece of mulch zings toward your eyes during your weekend yard work!

Oh! I can’t forget to mention the accessories! These cool sunglasses come with a neoprene neck strap, a personalized, laser engraved case and a microfiber cloth to keep those lenses fresh and clean! So check them out on our site or call 1-866-277-(RUSH) 7874 to be assisted by one of our professional and courteous associates!

Futuristic Sunglasses

cheap sunglassesIt’s the year 20XX. Cyborgs run rampant across New New Hampshire. The lush green landscapes of yesteryear now stand as a smoldering reminder of how, with technology, convenience and peril can easily go hand-in-hand. I remember walking alone as a child to the corner store to pick up a carton of milk and loaf of bread for my mother. I never gave a second thought to my own personal safety back then. I didn’t need to. If I were to venture outside now, I might as well sign my own death warrant because the omnipresent cybernetic eye is always watching.

An entire generation of children has grown up in this wasteland, never knowing the taste of a fresh apple, never breathing a wisp of clean air. The sight of crystal blue skies and oceans are foreign ideals left only to dreams, which, with the constant barrage of mechanical clattering and gunfire, are as rare commodities as a bushel of fresh blueberries. Even speaking for myself, it’s hard to remember anything other than these barren, inhospitable surroundings. The blinding sun making it nigh impossible to go outside without some sort of protection; some type of modern, streamlined pair of shaded eye coverings to block those harmful rays from my eyes.

Well lucky us. It just so happens that while scavenging an old warehouse full of promotional items, a box labeled “Futuristic Sunglasses” was uncovered. It’s astonishing how accurately older generations were able to predict the style we’d be wearing today. These sleek, brightly colored neon sunglasses are exactly what we need to keep the sun out of our eyes while we plot our rebellion against the machines. There’s even enough space on the arms of these promotional sunglasses to imprint our logo or write our names to add a personal touch. We could even wear these custom designed sunglasses at night if we’re feeling extra rebellious.

Wayfarers that we are, we’re constantly on the move. Traveling between the networks of underground bases is dangerous. When you’re on the surface, you quickly learn that staying in one spot is a recipe for disaster. Luckily, the snug fit of these futuristic sunglasses allow for dexterous and nimble maneuvers that are required to stay alive on the battlefield. Stumbling on that treasure trove of promotional items may have just helped turn the tides in the war against machines. Only time will tell.


custom printed frisbees

With summertime just on the horizon, outdoor sports and activities are brewing in full force. There’s nothing better, nor more American than tossing a ball around in the warm sun with the smell of grilled food floating in the air. Well, let me amend that statement. There’s nothing better than tossing a ball or a disc! What kind of disc? A dang darn Frisbee disc of course! From its humble beginnings as a pie-pan being tossed on the beach, to being used in professional tournaments around the globe, the Frisbee has grown to be one of America’s favorite outdoor sport items.

Float it around, golf with it or chuck it to your pup: The Frisbee is a versatile piece of sports equipment that can be enjoyed in a bunch of different fun ways! Many people are unsure how to throw a Frisbee, and though it may be difficult to master at first, it’s hard to match the satisfaction that comes from zinging a perfect floater across the beach. Whether you’re young or young at heart, the Frisbee is a great way to have a blast while you stay in shape!

A sport that’s been consistently gaining popularity since the early 1960s, disc golf -also known by the disc’s trademarked “Frisbee golf”, or even colloquially referred to as “frolfing” – is a sport that follows the same rules as traditional golf with the only obvious exception being the use of discs instead of golf balls. The object is to get your disc into the goal – a basket on a metal pole in the ground – in as few throws as possible. The sport has spread like wildfire throughout the last decade or so and is played in about 40 countries across the globe, according to its wiki page. A more detailed list of Frisbee golf rules can be found there as well.

Additionally, Ultimate Frisbee, often shortened to just “Ultimate”, is wildly popular among college campuses nationwide. Closer to football than golf, ultimate Frisbee is played on a large field with end zones towards which opposing teams strive to earn points. What sets ultimate Frisbee apart is their “Spirit of the Game” mentality wherein each individual player calls fouls on him or herself and is responsible for self-refereeing. This encourages a positive experience for everyone involved and helps players garner a sense of responsibility for their actions.

A fantastic resource for all things Frisbee or flying disc related is rushIMPRINT. There, you can order customized Frisbees with your logo or picture on it for an incredible price. This is great for quick turnaround, or can be used for giveaways on which your brand will soar like never before! Check out their inventory today or call 1-866-277-RUSH (7874).

Custom Beach Balls | Magellan’s Finest Achievement

beach ball promotional productsMany historians out there consider themselves to be pretty well-versed on their knowledge of early global explorers, and while it’s true that Ferdinand Magellan’s was the first voyage to circum-navigate the globe, his motives are somewhat disputed. Some say that he was out for the glory of country while others maintain that he was after both a route to the Spice Islands, and the riches that came along with its discovery. While it’s easy to say that each goal was simultaneously achieved, one of his main triumphs was the practical application of the spherical Earth theory. Why did he do this? Well, the answer might surprise you.

You and I know him as Ferdinand Magellan, however, many of his close friends more familiarly referred to him as “Ferdy”. It was a nickname you know, and though he wasn’t too fond of it, there’s not much one can do. When it sticks, trying to remove it only makes it worse – Kind of like wiping syrup from your hand with a dry tissue.

Regardless, Ferdy was a real concert rat. He would constantly scrimp and save to store away enough réis for tickets to his favorite live symphonic performances. He would make it a point to always catch renowned artists like Juan Bermudo, Alonso Mudarra and Diego Ortiz in-person. However, with live events also comes crowd interaction, and though Ferdy enjoyed a rowdy evening in the pit, there was also something not so enjoyable for him: Frisbees. Earth-themed Frisbees. You see, in Ferdy’s day, many people were under the assumption that the earth was flat. As such, they felt the need to celebrate this theory by crafting Frisbees which resembled the shape they believed the world to be. This would be all well and good were it not for the fact that so many unruly concert goers would toss these rigid disks around during their favorite tunes. After being struck in the back of the head multiple times, Ferdy decided that instead of politely asking these people to stop throwing their Frisbees around so haphazardly, the more practical solution would be to circumnavigate the globe using a fleet of wooden ships. Sounds logical, right? So in August of 1519, that’s exactly what he did. With a little determination, a hearty crew and funding from Charles 1 of Spain, Magellan embarked on what would become the legacy of his life.

Sadly, ol’ Ferdy didn’t get to see the conclusion of his ambitious adventure as he lost his life in a battle with natives on the island of Mactan in the Philippines. However, Juan Sebastián Elcano took up the reigns and was able to see Magellan’s journey to completion, finally offering tangible proof that the Earth is indeed round. Because of his brave acts, Magellan’s namesake was used for a number of things, including a penguin, craters on the moon and a straight in South America through which ships have sailed for centuries. Additionally, a solution to Ferdy’s initial concert problems has finally been created. The Globe Beach Ball is a spherical reminder of the dedication of a man and the passion he infused not only into his own endeavors, but also into his friends and crew members surrounding him.

The Globe and other custom beach balls like it are the perfect marketing ideas for the upcoming summer months. Imprint your company name or logo across these big bouncy balls and watch it soar across waves of people at concerts, on the beach, at picnics, in the pool or wherever else people are out having a good time in the sun. Whether you’re looking for clear beach balls, or white beach balls, we have nearly every color under the sun. Is there honestly an inflatable toy with which you can have more fun? Wait. Don’t answer that.