Custom Plastic Bags

We are accustomed to seeing custom plastic bags every day, in many different places. Yet our ancestors, as short a time ago as our grandparent’s generation, would have been shocked to see them. The well known plastic bag of today didn’t exist before the 1950’s! The first actual plastic bag commonly in use was the plastic sandwich bag in 1957. It wasn’t until 1974 that grocery stores began changing from paper to plastic bags for their merchandise.
Today, we use plastic bags as packaging for almost everything. When their use began to be considered as harmful to the environment, recycling became common. Today, many grocery stores provide containers to place the bags for recycling. This makes the use of reusable printed plastic bags a valuable and sensible practice.
There are drawstring plastic bags, handle bags and even die cut handle bags. Each of these bags, displaying your logo in an attractive way, advertises your business every time that they are carried. This a much more effective method of advertising than most traditional methods, and is much more cost effective.
Implementing the use of custom printed plastic bags with logo puts you on the cutting edge of innovative marketing, and can work wonders for your profits.
You can select from many different styles, including some, such as the
7 x 10 ½ die cut handle bag as low as $.27 each. These mini plastic bags with fold-over reinforced die cut handles and bottom gusset on select sizes have a large 4” x 4” imprint area for your logo. This makes an ideal display that will set off the logo and make it more visible to anyone who sees it.
These printed plastic bags can be circulated at tradeshows, conventions and other events, or even included in mailout campaigns, as they fold flat. They can even be filled with other promotional products and be given as door prizes or gifts. Any one of these methods, or a combination of them, will be sure to boost your company image.

Custom Logo Sweatshirts

Do you love your promotional sweatshirts? I have several, and I know people who actually collect them. They are warm, roomy and comfortable, and when worn with matching jogging or sweatpants make the perfect outfit for jogging, exercising, or even lounging around the house.
Any item that you choose to use as a promotional product should be something that is useful and needed. The more often an item is used, the more often your advertising message is put out in front of the public, making it more profitable as a marketing tool. Custom logo sweatshirts have a large area to imprint your logo on, making it much more visible than on smaller items. They are long lasting, easy to clean, and have helped in the branding efforts of many large companies in the past, giving them a good history as an advertising medium.
The first ascent ladies cloud layer fleece sweatshirt is the perfect example of a sweatshirt that will please everyone who receives one. It is the lightest, softest alternative to a sweater. It can be worn over a thin base layer for extra comfort and warmth, or thrown over a t-shirt when headed to dinner. The 5.89-ounce microfleece is brushed on both sides for softness and breathability. It has a slim, active fit that’s cut closer to the body with no bunching or binding.
Another excellent choice of sweatshirts with a company logo is the port company crew neck sweatshirt.This comfortable sweatshirt is made of 50% cotton, 50% poly fleece, and has set in sleeves. A best seller, this sweatshirt is available for as little as $13.44 each.
Your customers will love the fit and feel of any of these custom logo sweatshirts that you select. They will wear them as often as possible, and carry your company logo with you every time. The high quality of any of these sweatshirts will be appreciated, and help give your company the reputation you want to present. Give them to customers, employees and their families as gifts, present them to team members of a group you sponsor, and don’t forget to wear one yourself!

Custom Logo Hoodies

Is it that time of year when it is too cold for short sleeves, but too warm yet for a jacket? It’s just perfect, then, for promotional hoodies. If by some chance you have managed not to become acquainted with hoodies, they are basically sweatshirts with hoods, with a zippered front or pullover style, with a drawstring to adjust the hood and a large pocket across the bottom front. They frequently have designs on the back or on the sleeves.
They are worn by boxers before matches, by skateboarders, and by fans attending sports events of all types. Hoodies have been in the U.S. since the 1930’s, when workers in northern New York state wore them in the freezing temperatures. Their emergence as a fashion trend took off in the 1970’s, when the movie Rocky made them popular.
Hoodies with a company logo constitute great promotional products. They have a large imprint area available for your logo so that is easily seen and recognized. Because of the large diversity of places in which they are worn, your advertising area is extended and your exposure multiplied. This means that your advertising dollar goes a lot further, and accomplishes more.
Children as well as adults love these custom logo hoodies, and they are available in youth as well as adult sizes. You can select from a wide range of colors and styles, to blend in with or contrast with your logo.
The hyp apparel Portland hoodieis a great example of a best-selling promotional hoodie. This hooded sweatshirt is made of 100% rugged cotton French terry and is specially dyed and treated to provide a vintage look. It features a durable braided cotton drawstring, kangaroo pocket and V-notch stitch detail at the front neck. You can also elect to purchase a super heavyweight hoodie for those extra cool days.
Promotional hoodies will provide you with exceptional advertising results for a reasonable investment. You can give them as gifts, or use them for employees. They also make good team apparel, and can even be sold in school stores for the fans. Be sure to consider adding them to your marketing plan.

Promotional T-Shirts

T shirts have been with us since the 19th century, and were originally worn as undergarments rather than as standalone shirts. They were valued because they were inexpensive, easily cleaned, and easy to fit. They became popular as outerwear during the 2nd World War, and in the 1950’s gained in recognition when they showed up in the movie ”A Streetcar Named Desire” modeled by Marlon Brando. Since that time, promotional t shirts have continued with a constant rise in use and esteem.
These custom shirts are worn by men, women and children, and by all age groups. They are plain white, different colors; most have traditionally been made of cotton but now also come in different materials as well. They can be plain, patterned, or have a company logo emblazoned on them. As promotional products they are unrivalled, both because of their low cost and because of their wide use. One of the best known companies to use T-shirts for advertising and branding was Walt Disney with his many popular cartoon characters. We have all seen the smiley face t-shirts, and whenever you visit a resort or restaurant, it is common to see them use company logo t shirts.
T-shirts today can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you choose. You can select cheap promotional t-shirts such as the Fruit of the Loom Best 50/50 T-shirt for as little as $4.08 apiece. For this price, it is possible to give away large numbers of them, or to use them for your own employees.
At the other end of the spectrum are more expensive, high quality shorts such as the
alo ladies t shirt. Make every workout count with a shirt that moves with you and keeps you comfortably dry and cool. Made of 92/8 polyester/Spandex, it has StretchFlex technology that provides comfort and freedom of movement.
Choosing promotional t shirts as part of your advertising campaign is a smart move, which will help you reach the audience that you are targeting, and attain the goals that you have set.

Custom Travel Wallets

Do you, your customers and employees do a lot of traveling, either for business or pleasure? Do you frequently have to carry large numbers of identification or documentation such as passports, tickets or boarding passes? Have you had problems in the past trying to find some convenient place to store your traveler’s checks, hotel or motel booking information, and other related items? The typical men’s wallet simply isn’t roomy enough to hold all of the belongings that are a necessity when you travel. Handing them to a woman to carry in her purse might help at times, but this really isn’t an ideal solution.
What is a good solution are custom travel wallets. Basically, these promotional travel wallets are small, flat cases which hold your personal information and money. This can include cash, credit and debit cards, traveler’s checks, driver’s license, passport information, business cards, pictures, hotel information, plane tickets and even more. Even loaded with all of your information, they still fit conveniently in your pocket. Losing any of these items can be devastating, and you want to know that they are safe and secure at all times.
Because of their usefulness and value, these travel wallets make marvelous promotional products. With your logo notably displayed on them, it is seen by not only the person carrying it, but also by everyone who comes in contact with them while it is in use. This means your advertising is being seen anywhere that the person travels, allowing your advertising to reach into areas where it would ordinarily be difficult for you to reach with traditional advertising tools. Each of the promotional travel wallets that you distribute rapidly returns your investment many times over in marketing power.
Are you looking for a gift that will not only be appreciated but also used again and again? Custom travel wallets are not a gift that will be tucked away and forgotten. Your customers will be pleased to receive them, and more than happy to use them. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and insight into what they really need. Speed them on their way the next time they travel.

Custom Tumblers with Straws

You are sitting there sipping a soft drink from a paper cup. Something startles you, and you momentarily tighten your grip. Immediately the cup collapses, and you have soft drink all over your lap. Does that sound familiar? Or you set your paper cup down; someone bumps the table, and over goes your drink all over the table and then the floor.
We’ve all had these moments, and they are neither comfortable nor fun! Sometimes, they can be downright embarrassing! A personalized tumbler with strawcan be the perfect solution!
The best promotional products are those which solve a problem and provide a useful alternative, while advertising your company in a positive manner. By supplying your customers, potential customers, and employees with a promotional tumbler with straw, you are saving them from spills that are at the very least inconvenient. At the same time, you are skillfully promoting your companies image by displaying your logo prominently on the tumblers.
These tumblers do not need to be expensive to be effective advertising tools. Even on a small budget, you can successfully promote your business and brand. When you are doing your marketing research and setting up your advertising budget, decide how much can be allotted for the purchase of your custom tumblers with straws. Then determine how you will go about distributing them. This will tell you whether you should spend more on each tumbler, when they are to be used as gifts, or whether you should keep the cost of each unit low for a more large scale giveaway for a tradeshow or other event.
You can select custom tumblers with straws for as little as $1.35 for the 20 oz. Stadium 2 Go with Straw. This tumbler has a large 7.5″ x 2.88″ area for your logo imprint, and makes an excellent advertising item for large scale promotions.
For tumblers used as gifts, you may prefer a design such as the 27 oz flip top freedom, a double wall insulated acrylic tumbler with flip top sipper lid.
Whatever style of a href=””>personalized tumbler with strawthat you choose, these items fill a definite need and will help to promote your company image and growth.

Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Being environmentally aware has become an extremely important part of life today. Phrases like “the greenhouse effect” have become a common part of our language; recycling a part of everyday life. We consider the ingredients in items we use everyday to be certain that they won’t harm the environment.
Using eco friendly promo items in your advertising campaign marks you as a company that is conscious of these concerns and wants to help protect our planet. Environmentally friendly promotional products will go a long way in helping to build a positive public image for your company or event.
These items come in all types and price ranges. Help save our resources and protect the environment with useful products such as the best selling totes and shopping bags that can be reused many times, saving on the number of paper and plastic bags that they replace on every trip.
Eco friendly giveaways at conventions, tradeshows and seminars can take the form of inexpensive products like journals made of recycled materials, or eco friendly pens with a barrel made of 100% post consumer recycled paper, with natural wooden clip and 98% post consumer recycled plastic accents. Your customers will appreciate the gift of something they will get a lot of use out of, and your logo prominently displayed will guarantee you repeat exposure. At the inexpensive initial cost, you can afford to distribute large numbers of these eco friendly promo items and still protect the environment.
Are you interested in promotional products as gifts for valued customers or employees? Solar powered products of any type are a hot item, and will serve well as gifts for almost anyone. Solar chargers and solar flashlight are both good examples of environmentally friendly promotional products. How about a water powered rotating clock, or a water powered calculator with your logo as novelty gifts that your customers will enjoy and have fun showing off?
Let your advertising gift choices help build your image as a company that truly cares about protecting our environment.

Promotional Toys

We’ve all heard the old saying about “the child in all of us.” Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to playing with toys! That is whypromotional toys should be such an important part of your marketing campaign.
We all know what happens when a little boy gets a toy train set for Christmas-dad is right there on the floor with him setting up the tracks. And who is next to the little girl playing with the new Barbie doll or dollhouse? We all get older, but it is the rare person who loses their love of toys.
Many of us collect toys through the years. Everything from dolls to matchbox cars to old fashion wooden toys are sought out from garage sales, second hand stores and estate sales, as well a from other collectors. Company logo toys have always been a favorite among collectors. Check out any old toy with the coca cola logo, and see what they sell for! Collectible items with the Marvel and DC logos sell for premium prices, as do many others.
You may not own a business that is on the level with Coca Cola (yet!), but when you are searching for a promotional product for your company, you really should consider promotional toys.
Inexpensive items such as crayons, ping pong balls, Frisbees and hacky sacks, to name just a few, are tremendous for advertising when emblazoned with your brightly colored logo. These toys can be given away in large quantities at tradeshows, conventions and other events.
More expensive items, such as a football bean bag throw, a premium poker game set or a stuffed plush bear with your logo, make wonderful gifts for employees and customers and their families.
No matter what business you are in, there is nothing like adding a little fun to your advertising to get your customers involved. Of course, if you happen to be in the toy business, or in any business that involves children in any way, there is no better choice for a promotional product than toys! Hospitals use them, doctors and dentist offices have found them very helpful in calming young patients. There are few businesses that can’t benefit from the use of promotional toys!

Travel Promos

Your customers, potential customers and employees travel more and more in today’s busy world. They travel for business and pleasure, alone and with families and business colleagues. Each trip they take presents you with a unique opportunity to use travel promos to advertise your business.
Airlines, travel agents and cruise ships can all make great use of items such as promotional travel bags or even promotional travel coffee mugs. Restaurants, hotels and motels also gain great exposure through promotional items.
These travel promos go a long with the customers everywhere they go, advertising to multitudes of other people along the way. Your logo is highly visible, and the more people who see it, the better your advertising will be. Marketing goals are easily met, while your customers and employees enjoy the benefits of your gifts.
With over 300 items to choose from, it is an easy matter to select the one that best suits your business. You can order something as inexpensive as travel luggage tags, travel wallets or eyeglass cases, each with your company logo prominently displayed. Or you may choose more expensive items to use as gifts for treasured employees or customers. A Durahyde 20” duffel, with a zippered main compartment and end pockets with organizers, makes a perfect gift for any traveler. This duffel can have your logo imprinted with a screen print, debossed imprint or embroidery. The recipient will be proud to carry this anywhere they go, and will be constantly doing your advertising for you.
Another excellent choice would be an item such as the Wenger transit deluxe wheeled comp-case. This bag carries a standard 17” laptop, and has two large main compartments. It has a recessed handle and in line skate style wheels.
Low cost ID tags, luggage tags, and even lint removal brushes make excellent promotional products for use at tradeshows, seminars and other events. These inexpensive travel promos can be distributed in large numbers for maximum marketing value.
Let your customers and employees help you advertise, while they enjoy the benefits from your gifts.

Trade Show Promotional Products

While almost any item may be used as tradeshow promotional products, it is always a better marketing practice to select one that is creative, unique or fun to stand out from the vast number of other products at the same event. What you want is a unique promotional item custom imprinted with your logo that will be used, and not thrown away or placed in a drawer somewhere. This can be something as simple as a different pen or notepad, or something such as a custom shape stress ball or flashlight keychain.
rushIMPRINT not only offers you the traditional choices, but also offers a large selection featuring the latest trends in promotional tradeshow items. Are you looking for a promotional item that you need in a hurry? Among the over 2700 products offered, there are many that are available in as little as one day.
Tradeshows, conventions, seminars and other events are the perfect place to put your advertising into high gear. The large number of potential customers attending these events guarantees a good amount of exposure. The choice of which tradeshow giveaways to use is important, whether it is expensive or inexpensive. Brochures and flyers are most often quickly disposed of or, worse yet, tossed in the trash. You want an article that will be used and remembered, something that is unique enough to set it apart from the many other items passed out.
Best sellers such as the rubberized Malibu sunglasses, Rockwell square chocolate pieces, business card magnets, round stress balls, and bic slim lighters are all excellent choices, and are all inexpensive enough to make them cost effective advertising items. Value non-woven tote bags are another good selection, since they have a large imprint area for your logo, and are great for carrying around all of the other items you will pick up at the tradeshow.
Choose your tradeshow promotional products carefully, and you will find that they will give you a tremendous amount of exposure for a very low cost. They provide a very respectable return on your investment, and provide continued advertising.