Why Your Business Needs Team Builders

“Team Builders, huh?”

Yea, I know. But humor me for a moment, ok? Suspend the eye rolling and smarmy scoffs – you know, the ones that usually follow shortly after someone mentions the words “team” and “builder” in short succession. Keep an open mind and I promise by the end of this post you’ll think about it in a different light.

Within the dregs of nine-to-five monotony, it’s often easy for employees and employers alike to become complacent; satisfied in the same comfortable routine, day in, and day out. Sure, productivity isn’t suffering, so why change?

Well, because it’s not improving, either.

Consistency can be great when it comes to things like punctuality, assembly line manufacturing, and remembering to call your gram on her birthday, but if you’re seeking advancement rather than plateaus (and you should be), it’s time to mix it up a bit. Crush that office stagnation with a Team Building day.

What are the Benefits of Team Building Exercises?

They break the ice like a massive Arctic Ship.

ice breaker

Everyone has those first conversation insecurities. We try small talk.

“So, how about this rain, Jim? It’s quite a thing when water falls from the sky is it not?”

“Our home team achieved more points than their opponents. We should feel victorious by association, no?”

“Coffee is good at making one feel less tired, would you not agree?”

“Monday is certainly a day of the week.”

Not much substance there. These types of conversations are great for robots, but do nothing to encourage coworkers to connect on a deeper level. It’s understandable, though. Often, the fear of not knowing what to say or saying the wrong thing (or maybe just lack of coffee) leaves many people avoiding office dialogues altogether.

Instead of just going through the motions, try putting together a team building exercise. This will provide a means of conversation to those employees who may not, under normal circumstances, have the opportunity to talk to each other. It’s hard to feel disconnected to your fellow coworker when a three-legged race has the two of you literally bound at the shins.

By facilitating workplace communication with hands-on activities, you’ll get all the members of your team talking to each other and working like a finely-oiled machine.

They Jump-start employee morale

Sometimes, it’s great to be rewarded beyond a paycheck. Everyone loves being told they’ve done a great job. Helping your employees feel inspired and motivated outside of the office can help boost morale. As corny as it may sound, participating in team building activities can give employees the sense that they’re part of a winning team.

And of course, they’re fun!

It’s work. You can’t expect to have the time of your life from Monday through Friday. You get in, do your job and come home. Home is where you enjoy yourself.

At the same time, there’s no rule that says you can’t inject a little fun here and there, especially when that fun is productive. Games are a great way to break up the tedium. When people are enjoying themselves at work, they become more productive, creative, and motivated.

How Facebook Likes Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Having tons of likes on Facebook is the goal for just about any social media manager in the business, but those big numbers may be hiding a dark tincture that’s slowly poisoning your online presence.

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and stumbled on an interesting video. Produced by Veritasium, a popular YouTube science channel. This 9-minute research piece digs deep into the legitimacy of Facebook likes. If you’re unfamiliar with Veritasium, don’t worry that it’s going to be some boring lecture. They put out well-presented and engaging content that’s thoroughly worth watching in its entirety. (The graph at 3:10 into the video does well to help illustrate the points being made.)

Didn’t want to watch the video? Fair enough. I’ll summarize…

Buying likes

As you may or may not already know (I didn’t), there are two ways of purchasing likes through Facebook:

  • The Illegitimate Way:
      Paying a click farm X amount of dollars for Y number of likes. Employees of these overseas click farms are paid roughly $1.00 per 1,000 clicks. This method is explicitly forbidden by Facebook.
  • The Legitimate Way:
      Using Facebook’s built-in Ads; Paying Facebook X amount of dollars for a targeted campaign to reach an audience as defined by you.
  • Now while it may seem like the 2nd option may be a better way to grow an audience that actually cares about and engages with the things we share on social, the sad and unfortunate truth is, these targeted Facebook ads are also getting clicks from overseas click farms.

    “Why is this happening?”

    Well, as the video explains, apart from clicking “like” when explicitly paid to, overseas clickers in places like Egypt, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Pakista, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Nepal also click “like” for free on just about anything. They do this to seem more genuine and avoid detection from Facebook’s fraud algorithms.

    “See, we’re also liking X, Y, and Z, we must be actual Facebook users!”

    I know what you’re thinking…

    “No big deal, we have a lot of likes that don’t engage, so what?”

    Well, A major downside to having tons of likes with zero engagement is that Facebook uses this metric to determine whether or not to show your posts on your followers’ news feeds. This would explain why some of rushIMPRINT’s posts weren’t showing up on our news feeds, even though we had liked the page. No matter how you slice it, buying likes (whether through click farms or targeted campaigns) is a sure-fire way to kill your engagement on the spot.

    “Alright, so how do I get genuine likes?”

    Figure out what questions your customers are asking. Create content that revolves around answering those questions. Share content from influencers in your field that address these issues. Post about topics that not only help your customer base, but also include things they want to view and share. No matter what type of business you’re running, the principle of content creation remains the same. Starting a new clothing company? Try creating posts on the hottest fashion trends of the season, how to wear the trendiest new attire, or maybe ways to revive your wardrobe using old hand-me-downs or clothes from the back of your closet. The possibilities are plentiful.

    What Facebook posts have garnered the most likes for you? Which ones have gained the least? Have you attempted any unconventional or whacky tactics to try and go viral? Did they succeed or flop?

    6 Habits We Could All Easliy Adopt to Better Our Earth

    Although I have no nifty studies to reference, nor do I have a fancy, eyeball-dazzling infographic, I’m not sure I need either to safely say that the vast majority of us definitely care about the environment and our impact on it.

    That being said, I also believe that it’s part of human nature to want to do things in the easiest, quickest, and most convenient way possible. No matter how strong the desire is to do the right thing, bad habits tend have a way of gettin’ all Bruce Willis on us and dyin’ hard.

    While it may seem financially sound, logic such as: “Heck with buying reusabable grocery bags, they’re free at checkout!” tends to work against the best interests of the environment. Sure, you save a handful of bucks using disposables, but the environmental cost, as I’m about to explain, is much greater.

    Here are 6 Habits We Could All Easily Adopt to Better Our Earth:

    Every year, Americans use roughly 100 billion (with a “b”!) plastic bags. Shopping with reusable grocery totes is great way to reduce this massive number. Apart from being eco-friendly, the Hercules Shopping Bag is as strong as its namesake.

    reusable grocery tote

    Thirsty for another statistic? Sip on this: It takes 3 liters of water and about .25 liters of oil to manufacture a 1 liter plastic bottle; all for a product that gets tossed out regularly. Americans use about 70 million plastic water bottles every day, which breaks down to about 2.5 per hour. Refillable tumblers are a much more efficient and eco-friendly option. As an added bonus, many are even biodegradable.

    custom tumblers

    Due to its strong fibers, cardboard can be recycled several times over, which helps reduce the impact on landfills. Recycling one ton of cardboard saves 9 cubic feet of landfill space. Inside the pages of a recycled cardboard journal would be a great place to take note of this.

    recycled cardboard journal

    Repurposing materials saves an incredible amount of energy. The Eco Pen is made with 100% recycled paper, 98% recycled plastic, and has a natural wooden clip. Oh, and you can write things with it, too.

    recycled pens

    Clothing made with toxic dyes can taint the environment. Instead, consider shopping for clothes made with a more Earth-friendly method. The Eco Fleece is tailored using low-impact manufacturing, which eliminates environmentally-harmful chemicals and practices from the process.

    eco fleece

    The air indoors isn’t exempt from pollution! A desktop plant can help reduce the presence of airborne dust, mold, and bacteria. Add a Mini Watering Can Blossom Kit for a greener, cleaner addition to both your indoor space and marketing mix.

    office plants


    How to Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables – Even in a Small Apartment

    If you’re anything like me, you’re into living healthy. In addition to keeping active – or at least giving it the ol’ college try – a great way to stay in shape is to eat organic foods. However, delicious and nutritious though they may be, their prices are often hard to swallow.

    Healthy living definitely has a high cost-of-entry, but what can you do about it? Organic foods are more expensive than your run-of-the-mill, overly processed muckity-muck, and understandably so. Their smaller volume, lower demand, larger and more diverse work force required, and inability to scale due to the diversity of numerous markets all account for their cost.

    So what’s a person to do? It’s not like we all have acres of farmland or copious amounts of expendable income. Are we supposed to just swallow our pride along with those GMOs and wash it all down with our hopes and dreams of staying fit? I vote nay, and so does startagarden.org!

    Imagine being able to grow your own kale in the same place you kick your feet up to binge watch the latest season of House of Cards. Well guess what. You can totally can do that, and Startagarden.org will hold your hand each step of the way.

    Their pot size selector helps you live out your old Macdonald fantasies with something as small as a plastic cup. Additionally, enter the dimensions of your own custom cup or container to proceed to the next step.

    Choose your container size, click next, and you’ll be given a selection of glorious and organic munchables that can be on your plate in as little as a few weeks.

    On top of that, they even tell you where other farm hopefuls goofed up so you can know what not to do! It’s really an incredible site, and can help you save money on your organic vegetables.

    Try starting your own garden in some of our custom tumblers or custom mason jars and hand out fresh produce to your favorite clients or employees!

    6 Facts to Clear up Your St. Patrick’s Day Ignorance

    As a child, I remember celebrating March 17th in a few fun ways. I’d wear my green crayon down to a stub on festive coloring books, cut out clovers from green construction paper, and if I was lucky, slurp a couple bowls of that toasted oats and marshmallow cereal – you know the one. As I grew older, I abandoned coloring books and green crayons, and the only thing I was slurping down was green beer. However, between the pots of gold, leprechauns, and rainbows, I never fully understood the history behind the day. Instead, I was content in my ignorance and let myself be ensorcelled by the magic of it all.

    However, as sites like paddynotpatty.com point out, ignorance isn’t always bliss. Irish heritage is something in which millions take pride; something that many of us may be unwittingly trampling all over. In order to clear up any ambiguity, allow me to offer 5 facts about St. Patrick’s Day of which you might not have been aware. (I sure wasn’t)

    1. St. Patrick was not born in Ireland.

    It may be shocking to find out that St. Patrick was not actually born in Ireland, but Roman Britain in the fourth century. His early years were spent living under the roof of his wealthy father, a deacon of the Christian church. However, when he was merely 16 years old, he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and taken to Gaelic Ireland, where he would spend six years against his will working as a shepherd. It was during this time he “found God”, escaped from, and later returned to Ireland to convert Pagans to Christianity.

    2. There aren’t now, nor were there ever snakes in Ireland.

    Although the popular myth recounting St. Patrick’s heroic exile of all snakes from Ireland may be a great bedtime story to tell the wee lasses and lads, it simply isn’t true – at least not when taken literally. Currently, no species of snake inhabits the Emerald Isle, but research by National Geographic indicates that it was in fact the Ice Age, not St. Patrick, that’s responsible for Ireland’s snake-less nature. The “snakes” may be interpreted in a more metaphorical sense referring to St. Patrick converting Pagans to Christianity.

    3. It’s a 3-leaved clover, not 4!

    To help him explain the Christian Holy Trinity to the Pagans, St. Patrick used the three leaves of a clover to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of the Christian religion. Although it is considered lucky if you stumble upon a clover with 4 leaves, as they are fairly uncommon, it has nothing to do with St. Patrick.

    4. Wait, why are we wearing green?

    Great question. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve always personally just associated the color green with St. Patrick’s Day and never really considered the meaning behind it. The whole idea that “Green=St. Patrick’s Day” has been ingrained in my mind since youth, and I imagine it’s the same with a lot of other folks as well. Sure, the shamrock’s association to this day might certainly be a reason behind the green-washing, though it goes a bit deeper. Initially, the color first adopted by holiday patrons was “St. Patrick’s blue”, a light, almost pastel color. It wasn’t until the late 18th century that green was adopted by the United Irishmen, a republican organization launched in rebellion against the 1798 British Rule. Ever since, the color green has been associated with Irish nationalism.

    5. Alcohol was forbidden!

    It might come as quite a shock, but until 1970, when it was officially recognized as a national holiday in Ireland, there wasn’t a single pub open on St. Patrick’s Day! This civic sobriety is a far cry from today, in which an estimated $245 million dollars is spent in bars worldwide on just beer alone. This doesn’t even take into account shots of liquor, tips for the bartender, or orders of corned beef and cabbage.

    6. This year will celebrate the 253rd Annual NYC St Patrick’s Day Parade

    One of the world’s largest, the New York City St. Patrick’s Day parade is still celebrated in much the same way it was back in 1763 – no floats, automobiles, or any modern accommodations are permitted. Hundreds of thousands people march up Fifth avenue the same way the colonists did: on foot!

    Hopefully this helped to not only teach you a bit about the history of St. Patrick’s Day, but also get you pumped for this weekend’s festivities! In case I don’t see ya, happy St. Patrick’s Day! Erin go Bragh!

    5 Ways Promotional Marketing Products Help Your Business

    Promotional Marketing Products
    Many marketers may see something like an imprinted pen, promotional magnet, or pair of custom sunglasses and think to themselves, “Why bother? What could something like that do for my brand awareness that my website or TV ad isn’t already doing?” That’s a fair question and skepticism is healthy, but allow me to address those questions and hopefully shed some light on the subject. Here are 5 ways in which promotional marketing products help your business.

    Grow Brand Awareness
    Whether your business is large or small, one goal remains a constant: expansion. Everyone’s in the business of growing their business, and if you want yours to be booming, you’ve got to be on customer’s minds. Awareness, that’s the theme here, and while commercials and billboards certainly do their fair share, having your name on something a customer uses on a day-to-day basis is much more powerful. Your company’s name or logo on a mug, for example, assures that not only do they see it every time they take that soothing, hot sip of java, but also make a subconscious connection between that feeling and your brand.

    Low-cost, high exposure
    Sometimes money’s tight, we can understand that. No need to fret, though. There are still plenty of budget-savvy promos to choose from that offer enormous exposure for trade shows or events at an incredibly low cost. The return on investment for these inexpensive items is immense, as something as simple as an imprinted pen can have a lasting impact on customer loyalty. Think about it, how many times have you gotten a free toothbrush from your dentist’s office? Pretty much every visit, right? Weren’t you pretty pumped about those? I know I was, though I’m big on oral hygiene. Maybe you like cavities, I don’t know. The point is, even cheap promos can have a tremendously positive effect on your brand awareness.

    Better than just a business card
    Any true marketer (or American Psycho enthusiast) will tell you that absolutely, business cards are essential to the serious professional. However, promotional products offer a more creative and fun outlet for brand endorsement. While it’s important to remain true to certain business practices, consider handing out an additional item along with the staple business card to make a more memorable impact on that potential client.

    One-time cost, constant exposure
    TV and Radio ads are great, but they cost money every time you want to run them. Billboard ads and web page banner ads are subject to a monthly fee or pays-per-click. While all of these are unquestionably effective marketing tactics, wouldn’t it be more cost-effective to spend the money once, and then have your product advertise itself? When you select a promotional product that you know your customers are going to use often, you can be sure that not only will your brand be consistently in view, but even better than that, you don’t have to keep paying for it.

    Versatile addition to your marketing portfolio
    It’s always a good idea to cover all your bases. What kind of team would the Yankees be if they only had a shortstop and center fielder? A few adjectives come to mind: Incomplete, pathetic, laughable. Don’t let your brand be any of these things. Instead, take a multi-faceted approach to marketing. Rather than relying solely on television ads, billboards, or a website to spread company awareness, incorporate promotional products into your marketing mix. Being able to synergize your brand with useful, trendy, and fun products is a key component of stellar brand awareness.

    13 Mysteries and Superstitions to Celebrate Friday the 13th

    Superstitions abound – it’s that purportedly unlucky time of the year once more! Today is Friday the 13th, which to some, means avoiding: sidewalk cracks, messing with black cats, breaking mirrors, passing underneath ladders, opening umbrellas indoors, and other similar activities that, quite honestly, would be inadvisable any other day of the year anyways.

    Don’t fret! Instead of cowering under a blanket, put your paraskevidekatriaphobia aside and celebrate today in its entire supernatural splendor. To help you along, here is a collection 13 bizarre superstitions and inexplicable events to set the mood.

    1. The Cumberland Spaceman

      In 1964 on Burgh Marsh in Cumbria, England, fireman, photographer, and local historian Jim Templeton took three photographs of his daughter while the two were on a day trip. Of the three photos, one in particular contained a mysterious figure that Templeton claims to have not seen until after the photographs were developed. The picture has been confirmed by Kodak as authentic and unaltered, and the phenomenon remains unexplained to this day

      Cumberland Space Man

      2. The Black Knight UFO Satellite

      Even before the space race between the United States and Russia, a mysterious black satellite had been sighted in polar orbit around the earth. No civilization on Earth had the technology at that time for such advanced space exploration. This has been linked to events as early as 1899, during which time, scientist Nikola Tesla reported discovery of an electronic signal he believed was being transmitted from space. To this day, nobody knows exactly what the ominous orbiting black object is.

      Black Knight UFO Satellite

      3. Babushka Lady

      The Babushka lady is the nickname given to a woman who was mysteriously present during, and may have photographed or filmed the events of the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. She got her nickname from the traditionally Russian headscarf she was wearing in the photos. After an investigation by the FBI, and many eyewitness reports as well as video evidence show her holding a camera, The Babushka Lady never came forward, nor was her alleged photographic evidence of the assassination ever found.

      Babushka Lady

      4. Throwing Salt

      Have you ever seen somebody spill salt and then immediately chuck it over their shoulder in an anxious fit? Wild right? It’s believed by some that the devil is constantly watching creepily over your left shoulder. Because historically, it was considered bad luck to spill salt, as it was an extremely valuable commodity, it was believed that throwing salt over one’s left shoulder would blind the devil, thus keeping you safe.

      spilled salt

      5. Walking Under Ladders

      So back in the Middle Ages, the ladder was thought to represent the holy trinity. Resting against a wall or unfolded on the ground, it resembled a triangle. Walking under this triangle was believed to be an affront against the father, son, and holy spirit and as such, was avoided.


      6. Black Cats

      During the Salem Witch Trials of the 17th century, it was believed that witches not only had black cats, but could turn into them as well. With fear of sorcery and superstition running rampant during that time, it’s clear to see how this fear originated.
    Black Cat - Tim

    7. Wishing on a shooting star

      If you’re a child who grew up on Disney movies, you’re definitely aware that wishing on a shooting star is most likely the best way to have your dreams come true. Well this particular belief goes back way further than Pinocchio. In the first century, A.D. Mathematician, astronomer, geographer, astrologer, poet, and just all-around smart guy Ptolemy theorized that shooting stars were actually the gods looking down upon us.
    shooting star

    8. Opening an Umbrella indoors

      During a time in which people used umbrellas mainly to shield themselves from the sun, opening one indoors was considered to be an insult to the sun god. The tradition, like many others, has carried over, though why you’d open one indoors anyways is a mystery to me. Maybe you’re displaying your custom umbrellas at a trade show?

    9. Holding Your Breath When Passing a Cemetery

      As one may expect, there is a clear connection between breathing and life. So the origins of the “hold your breath while passing a cemetery” may be a bit easier to understand. Additionally, a deeper, more spiritual connection is also believed to hold a strong place in many early religious beliefs.

    10. Throwing Coins into a Fountain.

      Many may remember the pivotal scene in Goonies in which the crew is gathered at the bottom of the well full of discarded coins and wishes. The scene in which Mouth finds his wish. And it didn’t come true. So he took it back. He took them all back. Records indicate that early religious believers threw coins into fountains to pay tribute to the Celtic water goddess Coventina.
    Warsaw Fountain

    11. Lucky Rabbits Foot

      Records from at least 600 BCE Western Europe indicates that the belief in “totemism”- the thought that animals were the ancestors of humans – was wildly popular. A rabbit’s foot was believed to not only increase one’s luck, but also strengthen fertility. Turns out knockin’ boots like rabbits isn’t such a modern joke as we may have thought.
    Rabbits Foot Charm Amulet

    12. Step on a Crack, Break Your Mother’s Back

      In 1907, Fletcher Bascom Dressler, author of “Superstition and Education” officially put into print the superstition that stepping on a crack will undoubtedly cause your mother some extreme spinal problems, or at least a little lower lumbar pain. Not sure how the connection was made here, but just to play it safe, I’ve been avoiding cracks anyways.
    Free Crumbling Cracked Cement Texture Creative Commons

    13. Breaking a Mirror

      A lot of cultures believed (or might still believe) that a mirror is capable of capturing one’s soul. It’s clear to see why, then, breaking such an important spirit-capturing device could spell disaster…well, at least for seven years anyways. Sidenote: should you need a replacement, rushIMPRINT has all types of custom mirrors.
    Smash Web

    So there you have it. A small collection of the many superstitions out there with a few supernatural stories sprinkled in for flavor. Hopefully that put you in an appropriate mood to celebrate this rare occasion, and if not, at least hold out until tomorrow, during which time you’re sure to be drowning in enough love and chocolate to drown any lingering creepy feelings from Friday the 13th.

    Sources: USA Today, Mental Floss

    Beer Coasters

    custom coastersAre you in a business where drinks are served, and are trying to find a promotional product that is perfect for your business? One old standard, tried and true item that has always worked particularly well, and will continue to do so, are custom beer coasters. They work equally well for bars, lounges, restaurants, hotels, conventions and any company in the food service industry.

    Most of these promotional beer coasters are made of paper or cardboard, but you can also find them in materials such as bamboo, stainless steel and rosewood if you prefer.

    The less expensive varieties are most often used for placing under every drink that is served in an establishment, providing extensive advertising each and every day. Customers look at them every time they lift their glass or bottle, use them to make notes on while drinking, and if a design catches their fancy, will often take them home as a souvenir.
    Most often, beer coaster printing is done on a large imprint area such as 4” x 4”, making your logo or other information highly visible.

    Of course, when you choose to use these custom beer coasters as gifts, you will prefer to also select some of the more memorable and slightly higher priced designs, such as the Rosewood coaster set, a classic design 4 piece coaster set that comes complete with a holder, or the Executive coaster set, a 6 piece coaster set with UltraHyde tops on non-scratch velvet bottoms. They come complete with a polished wooden case, and make a delightful gift for any of your employees or customers.

    Each and all of these delightful custom beer coasters will serve to remind your customers of your company with the perfect visual aid-a well designed and colorful imprint of your colorful logo, which makes up almost the entire background. They make the perfect addition to your advertising and branding campaign, and provide an astonishing impact for such a small item. Be sure to include them in your marketing campaign.

    Fanny Pack: The Unsung Traveling Hero

    Despite its unpopularity, there is nothing more convenient than having a pack strapped around your waist, bursting at the seams with some of your most important and frequently-reached-for possessions. Though, for some unspecified reason, the fanny pack has become a travel bag pariah of sorts – damning all wearers to a fate of social mockery. Whether it’s through rude snickers or outright pointing and laughing, fanny pack enthusiasts often pay a price beyond the register for their choice in apparel. Though a fanny pack can easily hold a variety of first-aid items, no amount of bandages or ointment can salve the burn of witty denigration. May haps it’s time we question the validity of this fashion taboo and shed some light on its origin in the process.

    Perhaps the harsh criticism of this hip tourist bag can be attributed to its tie to 1980’s popular culture, as the fanny pack originally climbed to popularity during this time alongside other trendy products such as the slap bracelet and the Scrunchie. As is the fate of most flash-in-the-pan trends, the fanny pack fell out of favor just as quickly as it rose into it. However, I submit that in spite of the negative stigma attached to it, the fanny pack is still an incredibly useful and versatile accessory for the modern traveler.

    Originally designed as a pouch to be placed over the rear end (hence the terminology “fanny pack”), practicality dictated a 180⁰ spin to the front for both ease-of-access and pickpocket prevention. Modern iterations have brought about tactical incarnations such as the pistol pouch, in which a concealed firearm is carried for a quick draw in threatening situations. Providing handy storage for ammunition as well as immediate and easy access to your pistol, it’s clear to see why the concealed weapon and fanny pack go hand-in-hand.

    Additionally, high-end designers such as Gucci, Prada, and The North Face have recently attempted to breathe new life into the fanny pack with their chic versions. Putting a contemporary spin on what was previously considered a fashion faux-pas is the hallmark of a truly fashion-forward company. This begs the question: “Are fanny packs set to make a comeback?” It seems like a striking possibility. In which case, would it not be pertinent to take advantage of a second chance get in on the ground floor?

    RushIMPRINT has nearly endless varieties of styles and colors of fanny packs from which to choose, all of which can be imprinted with your logo. Whether you’re after a minimalistic design as offered in the Budget Fanny Pack, or want something a bit more expansive like the All-In-One Fanny Pack, we can provide the precise amount of pouches to fit your personal preference. Browse our online inventory today or call one of our product specialists Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST at 1-866-277-7874. We’ll be happy to help you find the ideal fanny pack to fit both your budget and marketing campaign.

    Drawstring Backpacks are the new black…packs

    <br /> Drawstring Backpacks are the new black…packs<br />

    Did you ever want a container to be the best thing that you ever had – a duffle bag that can fulfill all your deepest fantasies and desires? A bag that, when opened, reveals to you with angelic hymnal accompaniment exactly what you’ve been searching for your entire life? Yea, me too, that would be pretty neat. Well we got the next best thing (Ok, maybe the next, next, next best thing). Our nylon drawstring backpacks offer great storage and portability in a variety of vibrant colors, combined with the ability to slap your logo on the 8 by 9 inch imprint area.

    Custom drawstring backpacks are easily one of the most useful promotional products out there. Not only does it grow your brand recognition by offering a large imprint area for your logo, but additionally, it offers a great way to carry your other belongings. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, there’s nothing as convenient as a compact nylon drawstring backpack to carry your essentials with you to the gym. Offering plenty of room to carry a towel, water bottle and even a pair of shoes, the custom nylon drawstring backpack is the perfect workout companion.

    Made of a durable polyester material, these little duffle bags are tougher than they look. Reinforced faux-leather corners surround a strong metal eyelet, through which a thick drawstring is looped. Secure your stuff inside by pulling the drawstring closed. Wear it as a backpack to not only haul your possessions, but also show off that logo. Choose from over a dozen colors to perfectly complement your team, company, or school logo. Easy to clean and a cinch to store, our nylon drawstring bags are the perfect promotional product to go along with any marketing campaign. Give us a ring at 1-866-277-7874, or visit our website to browse our inventory or chat instantly with a customer service expert.