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Custom Gum Packs, Jars, Machines, and Tins!

When it comes to providing a product that resonates with just about every age group, there’s nothing better than a pack of deliciously sweet or minty chewing gum.  Aside from newborns, people with braces and the toothless individuals of the world, everybody loves sinking their teeth into a juicy piece of the pliable stuff.  

Whether it’s to freshen your breath after a spicy Italian dinner, or to help your ears pop on the plane, gum can serve many purposes.  One of which, surprisingly, is promotional marketing.  How can gum help your marketing campaign?  Simple – brand recognition.  Hand out custom gum packs and GumElopes at trade shows, conventions, or business meetings and as that saccharine stick of chewy goodness tumbles over your potential clients’ tongues, they’ll be reminded of the generous company that supplied it to them. 

Want something that can serve as a more permanent billboard of sorts?  We’ve got several options!  A throwback to your childhood days, our fun, custom imprinted gumball machines will brighten up your office décor and are sure to be an interesting conversation piece.  Don’t like gum?  What are you, a communist?!  I’m sorry.  What I meant to say was if you’re not a gum chewer, you can fill these red or blue globe-styled machines with other types of your favorite treats!  Choose m&m’s, mints, chocolate espresso beans, jelly beans, or even chocolates colored to match your business or favorite team.  Go sports!

Maybe you’re after something a little more subtle.  That’s no problem.  Our custom gum glass jar is the perfect desk accessory that holds all types of different candies, sweets, and gums without shouting “Look at me!”  In fact, it doesn’t need to shout.  People will look at it anyways because they want some of the delicious confections encased within.  You know what they’ll see when they look?  The candy, sure, but also your company’s logo or image.  That’s when ya got ‘em right where ya want ‘em: the palm of your hand –in which, despite their ad campaign, m&m’s certainly can melt.

Our Stainless Ice Buckets with tongs arrive filled to the brim with delicious Dubble Bubble brand chewing gum.  The timeless flavor of this classic American brand will take you back to younger days.   Conversely, once you finish all the gum in the bucket, you can fill it with ice and an adult beverage.  Perfect for any age, our customized ice buckets will spread both your brand message and joy to your customers.

Though the gum may not last forever, (unless you’re Violet Beauregarde) the logos imprinted on the packs of gum will leave an enduring impression.  They will speak volumes to the customer about both your company’s altruistic nature, as well as its sense of fun.  Something about it evokes a sense of child-like wonder that, until you tossed that piece of gum betwixt your chompers, sat gathering dust in the attic of your emotions.  So go ahead – blow a bubble or two.  No one’s looking.  And even if they were, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.