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Titleist Pro V1 Custom Golf Balls - Dozen
As Low As $53.00
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Custom Golf Balls - White Dozen
As Low As $12.99
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Titleist Pro V1X Refinished Golf Ball
Special Pricing!
As Low As $2.47
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Callaway Warbird Custom Golf Balls - Dozen
As Low As $19.56
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4 results Results Per Page View All Sort By

Custom Golf Balls

Custom Golf Balls

Instead of the usual plain white golf ball, consider teeing up with a shiny, new and personalized ball-complete with your own logo or design. In addition to making it unique and easy to identify down the fairway, it will also add a custom touch to your ball. Whether you choose to have your name imprinted on a set of custom golf balls or you received promotional golf balls as a gift when you entered a golf tournament, they make a welcome change from the bland white balls to which we’ve all become so accustomed.

Offering custom golf balls stylish down to the last detail, Rush Imprint can help promote your business with a product of which everyone could always use more. It happens to the best of us; whether it’s due to unfortunate slices into either water hazards or dense brush, keeping track of all your golf balls can often be an effort in futility. Well no need to fret, because at Rush Imprint, promotional golf balls can be found in a variety of different colors and styles, ready to be designed to fit your needs. We're able to produce high quality custom golf balls that will grab the attention of your potential customers and give them a taste of the kind of professionalism with which you operate. Featuring imprinted golf balls from some of the best known manufacturers, we’ve got the right quality product you deserve.

When you provide your employees or potential customers with a tangible item that they can use at home, in the office, at the beach or wherever they might be, you guarantee yourself a lasting commercial advertisement. Promotional golf balls are seen not only by your customers, but also by those with whom they come into contact. As a result, these products can be a worthwhile marketing tool that has the potential to provide you an excellent return on your investment.

Custom monogrammed golf balls, like other marketing tools, can provide numerous essential, though sometimes indirect increases in revenue. For example, implementing giveaways of these items to acknowledge outstanding employee performance is a practice which can promote overall company morale. This could, in turn, increase workplace productivity, ultimately leading to a greater bottom line. Imprinting custom imprinted merchandise to your marketing plan also aids in reinforcing the promotion of existing products and services and can be utilized to both stimulate trade show traffic around current goods as well as introduce a new line items. Whatever the aim of your marketing campaign may be, custom golf balls are a hole in one.

A Few Balls from our Long List of Brands:

The Callaway Warbird 2.0 is designed for distance-seekers who love crushing their drives off the tee. Its two-piece construction combines a fast core and durable Ionomer cover with patented HEX Aerodynamics, delivering unparalleled hang time, every time.

With characteristics such as: insane distance, improved feel and reduced spin, the Nike 20XI-Xincreases both accuracy off the tee as well as a shorter approach to the green. Patented RZN Core Technology delivers tour-proven speed and performance and the highest moment of inertia (MOI) for a consistently stable flight.

The Titleist Pro V1X is widely acclaimed as the “#1 ball in golf”; a bold proclamation reinforced by its widespread use in professional tours across the world. A ball engineered for players seeking high launch, low spin and long, straight distances, the Titleist Pro V1X has no trouble delivering on its trumped-up reputation. With features like a 328 tetrahedral dimple design, ZG dual-core technology and high-performance urethane elastomer cover, it’s clear to see the intense precision involved in this ball’s engineering.

Why use promotional golf balls over other products as a trade show, convention or expo giveaway? Personalized golf balls can prove continuously useful on many occasions. Unlike other promotional items which may be passed out at events, a custom golf ball is not likely to be thrown away. Often, trash cans (and floors for those with littering tendencies) are full of unused marketing merchandise which eventually amounts to nothing more than wasted budget. Why spend so much time and effort on a product that will, after a trade show, never see a second glance? A custom golf ball is not only looked at, it’s kept and used over and over again. Doesn’t it make more sense to spend your advertising dollars on something that will bring repeated exposure? Promotional golf balls are great items which build brand awareness for your company, stay in the public view, and, because of their durability, keep your advertising in effect for a longer period of time.

Companies often distribute promotional golf balls with the name of the golf course and their company logo emblazoned on the ball. Sometimes, golfers use the balls during a round of golf, while others just keep them as part of a unique collection. A custom golf ball can bring back memories of a golf course, golf tournament or just a great time in a special place.

Personalized golf balls can be made using any brand of golf ball. When buying in bulk, the cost to produce custom golf balls is not much more than the cost of standard ones. Take advantage of our special bulk pricing when you order custom golf balls from Rush Imprint. Check out our online store or call one of our customer support specialists today at 1-866-277-RUSH (7874).