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  • Adobe Illustrator version CS4 or lower (PC or MAC, .ai, .eps)
  • Corel Draw Version 13.0 or lower (PC .cdr)

Important Note: Please make sure all fonts are converted to outline (in Illustrator) or curves (in CorelDraw). This ensures that all of your fonts look as intended.

  • All art should be vector (scalable) format. Do not "place" bitmap images into Illustrator or CorelDraw documents.
  • Please use a "zip" or "stuff-it" utility on all Illustrator and Corel Draw files that are to be emailed (when possible). This not only reduces the file size, but eliminates file "clipping" that can occur through emailing.


  • Any vector-based files (Illustrator, CorelDraw or Freehand). Raster (.tif, .jpg, .gif, .png, .psd) images are acceptable under the guidelines below but may incur additional clean-up charges
  • Images should be at least 300dpi at size
  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) art is sometimes acceptable depending on the source file


  • InDesign (.indd), Quark Xpress (.qxp) files are generally not acceptable unless prepared by a graphics professional. Please call ahead before sending this type of file. 866-277-RUSH (7874)


  • Low-resolution bitmap (.tif, .bmp, .jpg, .gif) images or images taken from a website or webpage are not acceptable. We make no guarantees on the accuracy of any art we reproduce from those types of images. Proofs are provided upon request.
  • Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, Excel, Paint, or any other format not stated above
  • Any image files with the following extensions: .pict, .dat


  • Email. We recommend "zipping" all files to reduce size and eliminate file "clipping" that can occur.
  • Mail us a USB thumb drive or CD/DVD Rom to:
    Art Department
    167 Dexter Drive
    Monroeville, PA 15146


Call or email us, and we'll assist you with sending in your art files.