5 Ways Promotional Marketing Products Help Your Business

Promotional Marketing Products
Many marketers may see something like an imprinted pen, promotional magnet, or pair of custom sunglasses and think to themselves, “Why bother? What could something like that do for my brand awareness that my website or TV ad isn’t already doing?” That’s a fair question and skepticism is healthy, but allow me to address those questions and hopefully shed some light on the subject. Here are 5 ways in which promotional marketing products help your business.

Grow Brand Awareness
Whether your business is large or small, one goal remains a constant: expansion. Everyone’s in the business of growing their business, and if you want yours to be booming, you’ve got to be on customer’s minds. Awareness, that’s the theme here, and while commercials and billboards certainly do their fair share, having your name on something a customer uses on a day-to-day basis is much more powerful. Your company’s name or logo on a mug, for example, assures that not only do they see it every time they take that soothing, hot sip of java, but also make a subconscious connection between that feeling and your brand.

Low-cost, high exposure
Sometimes money’s tight, we can understand that. No need to fret, though. There are still plenty of budget-savvy promos to choose from that offer enormous exposure for trade shows or events at an incredibly low cost. The return on investment for these inexpensive items is immense, as something as simple as an imprinted pen can have a lasting impact on customer loyalty. Think about it, how many times have you gotten a free toothbrush from your dentist’s office? Pretty much every visit, right? Weren’t you pretty pumped about those? I know I was, though I’m big on oral hygiene. Maybe you like cavities, I don’t know. The point is, even cheap promos can have a tremendously positive effect on your brand awareness.

Better than just a business card
Any true marketer (or American Psycho enthusiast) will tell you that absolutely, business cards are essential to the serious professional. However, promotional products offer a more creative and fun outlet for brand endorsement. While it’s important to remain true to certain business practices, consider handing out an additional item along with the staple business card to make a more memorable impact on that potential client.

One-time cost, constant exposure
TV and Radio ads are great, but they cost money every time you want to run them. Billboard ads and web page banner ads are subject to a monthly fee or pays-per-click. While all of these are unquestionably effective marketing tactics, wouldn’t it be more cost-effective to spend the money once, and then have your product advertise itself? When you select a promotional product that you know your customers are going to use often, you can be sure that not only will your brand be consistently in view, but even better than that, you don’t have to keep paying for it.

Versatile addition to your marketing portfolio
It’s always a good idea to cover all your bases. What kind of team would the Yankees be if they only had a shortstop and center fielder? A few adjectives come to mind: Incomplete, pathetic, laughable. Don’t let your brand be any of these things. Instead, take a multi-faceted approach to marketing. Rather than relying solely on television ads, billboards, or a website to spread company awareness, incorporate promotional products into your marketing mix. Being able to synergize your brand with useful, trendy, and fun products is a key component of stellar brand awareness.

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