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If you’ve spent any time at all shopping on the internet recently, chances are you’ve come across a subscription box service. These services, in which customers pay a monthly fee in exchange for a curated set of goods, have become one of the market’s hottest trends.

Customers love subscription boxes because they get all the benefits of expert curation without having to do all the research necessary to discover the hidden gems in the boxes themselves. Business owners love them because they offer a steady, predictable customer base and a recurring revenue stream they can count on.

What makes the subscription box business plan so amazing is how adaptable it is across markets. Whether your customers are looking for razors, craft beer, delicious meals, or geek culture toys, a subscription box is a great way to reach them as efficiently as possible.

Tim Ray
image via Peter Power, The Globe and Mail

In an interview with The Financial Post, Tim Ray, CEO of Carnivore Club, described subscription boxes as “…the most efficient, flexible and easy-to-operate business model in e-commerce.”

The Total Package

box opening with light coming from inside

What makes a subscription box so attractive to customers isn’t just the items that they get, it’s the method of delivery. Every month, they get an attractively arrayed box of goodies. They get the joy of seeing the box arrive, the anticipation right before they open it, and that moment of childlike glee when the top of the box lifts and they get to see what’s inside. It’s like Christmas coming every month of the year.

That’s why the difference between a good subscription box service and a great one isn’t just which items are included, it’s how they are presented. You’re the expert on your particular industry, and so the job of curating the selections falls to you. When it comes to elevating the presentation, though, we’ve more than got you covered.

rushIMPRINT offers a full range of subscription box services, from ancillary items to printed inserts to box printing, that will help transform a handful of selected items into that special gift your customers spend all month looking forward to.

Customization is King

The same things that make subscription boxes so attractive to your customers are what make rushIMPRINT such a perfect strategic partner. Your customers love that, every month, they get a selection of items that was picked just for them. Customization is our specialty, and we know exactly what it takes to tie your items together into a cohesive, beautiful package that’s sure to please your customers. We offer all of those special touches that make your monthly offering truly memorable.

Whether it’s something as simple as an attractive box to ship in, high-quality inserts explaining the choices, or even a branded item that complements your offerings, rushIMPRINT is the perfect partner. Are you selling craft beer? Why not include custom glasses with your branding? Wine? Maybe a custom corkscrew. Food? Maybe a custom cutting board or oven mitt would be right for you.

No matter what you’re offering, we have what you need to make your subscription box service as memorable and attractive as possible. With your industry know-how and our support services, you’ll be making dreams come true every month for years to come.

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