Mardi Gras Practices Your Business Should Adopt

You might not realize it if you don’t live in New Orleans, but Fat Tuesday is here again. For the uninitiated, that means that America’s most famous party, Mardi Gras, is in full swing. Whether they’ve experienced it or not, everyone is familiar with Mardi Gras, the street carnival that takes over Louisiana once a year, filling the French Quarter with parades, masks, flying beads, and thousands of enthusiastic visitors. Mardi Gras started as a quaint local tradition, but it’s grown to become big business and an integral part of Louisiana’s economy. How did Mardi Gras go from a New Orleans tradition to a national industry? There are some instructive lessons for anyone looking to grow their business in how it happened.

Everyone Loves an Event

Quite simply, people love Mardi Gras because people love parties, and Mardi Gras is the biggest and most flamboyant party you’ll find anywhere in America. The sheer volume of people, the historic setting, and the famous traditions like parades, beads, and masks, all make Mardi Gras one of the biggest tourist events of the year.

Now, it might be difficult for you to recreate Mardi Gras in your own store. After all, a parade down your aisles or through the parking lot might lack some of the impact. The fundamental fact, though, is that people love events. They love any excuse to get out and party, to mingle with other people, and to have a good time.

Why not take advantage of that impulse at your own business? Special events, parties, cookouts, you name it; all are effective ways to get people through your doors or onto your lot who might not come otherwise.

Fun Sells

Mardi Gras has become a national event because people love to spend money to have fun. Once again, that doesn’t mean you should try to recreate Mardi Gras on your own, but there’s definitely a lesson in how many people travel to New Orleans from across the globe just to participate.

By thinking outside the box and doing something fun and quirky, you attract customers who might never have given your business a second thought. The unique local flavor of Mardi Gras is what makes it more than just another party. Try to plan events at your business that incorporate some of your area’s local traditions, or just think of ways to make your sale, event, or giveaway stand out from the crowd.

Free is the Most Attractive Price

If there is one thing everyone immediately associates with Mardi Gras, it’s the beads. They fly fast and free throughout the festival, and people are ecstatic every time they catch a strand. Partygoers will scream, dance, sing, and even enter various states of undress just to get a string of beads. It’s the best example imaginable of how much people love getting things for free, no matter what they are.

If people will go to such lengths just to get a strand of beads, it stands to reason you should have no trouble getting people through your doors if you offer them something they can actually use. Try hosting a giveaway, and you’ll be shocked at how many customers you can attract. If you aren’t sure what to give away, check our page of best-selling promos. We have hundreds of useful, cost-effective items that will get customers through your doors. Best of all, our custom branded merchandise is emblazoned with your logo, so they’ll have your business on their mind each and every time they use it.

Whether you’re planning to hit the streets for Mardi Gras or just spending another night at home, there’s a lot you can learn about how to grow your business by looking at the success of Mardi Gras. Throw your own party, do something fun and quirky, and give your customers something free to remember you by, and your business might just become the next national phenomenon.

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