Cowbells and other nifty ideas

When a company gave out cowbells as promo products for a cycling event in Europe last year, some people laughed and found the idea ridiculous. But weeks later when the same company increased its client base exponentially, nobody found it funny. It turns out that the company’s decision to give away cowbells was well-researched –cowbells are popular as ‘noisemakers’ along bike and ski routes in Europe.

This just proves that crazy ideas still work, especially in the promotional products industry. That’s why we advise our clients to dare go where no one has gone before. Why stick to an ordinary mouse pad when you can give away something quirkier, for example? It doesn’t even have to be expensive – just out of the ordinary. Like this cute little fella:

Computer Brush Buddy

For just a little more than a dollar, a company’s corporate logo can ‘sit’ atop its clients’ computer monitors. This functional computer cleaner brush is not only charming – it’s very functional as well.

We also innovate our own fresh line regularly to give our clients some ideas. Our rule is simple: we don’t let our clients’ promo items get lost in a sea of common giveaways. We know that while most successful promos are usually built on time-tested formulas, the best of the best usually run on sheer creativity.


‘Squeezing’ my way to better health

February was declared the ‘National Heart Month’ not just because Valentine’s Day falls within the month, but more importantly, to remind us about the importance of a healthy heart. You see, heart disease is the number one cause of death among both men and women in the United States. More than 2,000 Americans die of heart disease everyday. That’s about two people every minute.

Heart attacks are caused by high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, and many other factors. But experts also point to mental stress as a big contributor to ‘unmasking’ an otherwise latent heart disease. Negative emotions like frustration, anger, and even intense boredom can actually trigger heart attacks in someone who is at risk.

Luckily, there are many things we can do to significantly lower our risk of getting heart disease. We can swear off smoking, start eating right, and actually find time to exercise, but I prefer to start with the simplest technique – using an anti-stress ball. I have several of them in all shapes and colors lined up on my desk, all perky and just instantly comforting. I slip one in my pocket so that I could easily squeeze it every time I feel stress kicking in.

Anti-stress balls are designed to soften your hand wrist muscles, increase blood circulation and therefore help the heart. But aside from that they’re just cute, like this one from our ‘stress relievers’ section:

 Computer Stress Reliever
Computer-shaped squeezable foam rubber

Sometimes, the simplest solutions really work best.
- Josh

Imprint hits the catwalk

Well, it looks like the promotional apparel business is ready to glamour up – and I’m not surprised why. Promotional apparel sales accounts for a huge part almost every promotional product manufacturer’s yearly revenues, so it’s only right that this industry be perked up.

Gone are the days when promotional shirts were made of low-count cotton and itchy fabrics. Clients have become much choosier, preferring brands such as the Perry Ellis, Devon and Jones, and Van Heusen, among others.

So big has the promotional apparel business become, in fact, that a fashion show featuring promotional apparel will be held on February 26 to 28.

Image Hosted by

The fashion show is part of a nationwide promotional products congress that aims to discuss, among many other things, the different fabric, style, and color trends by promotional clothing suppliers for the year ahead.

Who knew that oxfords could be so fashionable?


Cupid’s stress reliever

February 14 is fast approaching and we expect more orders for Valentine’s Day-related items, such as our best-seller, the Valentine Heart Stress Reliever.

 Valentine Heart Stress Reliever

It’s a nifty little gift item that I personally like because it looks great and is very functional. You squeeze it to relieve stress and therefore promote your heart’s health. And if that’s not cute enough, there is also this:

Image Hosted by

These adorable teddy bears wear shirts customizable with your message or logo. Customers of every age will surely love them.

But why limit your giveaways to just the usual Valentine’s day items? There are a lot of other ‘less common’ choices out there, if you know where to look. I recommend candy bags, chocolate pouches, mints, and even fancy cheese.

And if you really want something quirkier (but just as Valentine-y), try our ‘Chocolate Computer Floppy Disk’ that comes in an attractive gift box – perfect for the sweet tooth techie. Your company’s message can be imprinted on the floppy disk-shaped chocolate itself!


Intelligent branding

Sometimes, it’s hard talking to new entrepreneurs. They are so eager to apply all the theories they learned in business school, and tend to be quite ‘hard line’ when promoting their business. This aggressiveness often does more harm than good. They tend to rush into promotional decisions without understanding their target market and what promo products they’ll appreciate getting.

I am working with new client – a young business owner who wants to increase brand recall for his mountaineering equipment store. Luckily he was more open to ideas than other entrepreneurs his age. He listened intently and respected most of our ideas, mostly because they really did make sense.

You see, strategizing for promotional brand success requires more than just gut feel – it requires research and experience. And because we’ve been working with promotional products for years now, we have these two requirements – we already know what works and what doesn’t, and it’s our job to advice our clients accordingly.

So I recommended to the new client several items which we feel his outdoorsy clients will love, such as sun kits, waterproof first aid supplies, and good old water bottles, to name a few. Everything was less than $4 each – exponentially less than the cost of a regular print ad that goes for at least $900 or so.

That is intelligent promoting at work. Here in Rushimprint, we don’t just manufacture promotional products – we help build brand names. We know the promo industry. We know that at the end of the day, it is NEVER as simple as putting your logo on a mug.


Collectible promo items

I’m a geek, and when we geeks get our hands on the internet, we go to eBay to surf for the most, well, geeky things. So it’s no accident that I spotted this set of collectible Star Wars drinking glasses – the same ones Burger King gave out when the first Star Wars movie came out.

Image Hosted by
Picture from eBay

See, this is what’s great about promotional products – they last a lifetime and more. Any promotional item remains valuable for as long as it can still be used, or in this case, collected.

And this is why promotional items are considered to be one of the cheapest forms of advertising. By the time your recipients throws it away or stashes it in the attic, it would have already long justified its original manufacturing cost. If you’re lucky, your promo item may even become a collectible – and sell for more than its production price. This is NOT the case with more expensive TV or radio ads, which expire the moment it finishes. That’s money down the drain, instantly. Your intended audience may never even hear or see your ad, much less remember your name and product.

Now back to the Burger King drinkware. I have to be aggressive. There’s only a few days left before someone buys this from right under my nose. This means only one thing: I will have to do what only what a true Star Wars – and promotional products fan – will do in a situation like this. I will bid. May the force be with me.

- Josh

The shirt that launched a thousand ships

So I just read that Coca-Cola is finding inventive ways to beat Red Bull in the energy drink market. Maybe they should do what they did in 1996 – give t-shirts away.

That’s right. In 1996, Coca-Cola managed to make POWERaDE the top energy drink by giving away POWERaDE t-shirts to all the athletes in the Olympic Games – athletes who wore them so often they practically became walking billboards. Because of this marketing move, POWERaDE climbed from ‘new brand’ to ‘the brand’ overnight. Coca-Cola also gave away POWERaDE caps and backpacks, drinking bottles, and other sports-related promotional items to these athletes, who were more than happy to use them. Kaching!

Paper freak

I like free stuff. Even after years of working with promotional products, I still never get tired of getting useful things free of charge, like the folio my neighbor gave me this morning. I know it is 25 days too late (folios are usually given out during New Year), but I looove it still. The smell of new paper, the feel new leatherette – it makes me inexplicably happy.

I have friends who prefer electronic organizers, but to me, there’s nothing like jotting down groceries, upcoming bills, to-do’s, and phone numbers on real, honest-to-goodness paper. This way I always find what I need when I need it, and never have to deal with corrupted electronic data or incompatible synchronizations (talk about technostress!).

Now excuse me while I write things down.

- Jen

No time to rest

Rushimprint is like the Jaguar of the promotional products industry – we do everything at warp 9.9, 24 hours a day. Since we specialize in providing promotional products in a flash, we have no time to rest. I start the day getting client orders, then sprinting from one production to another, then coordinating with suppliers from everywhere – all throughout making sure that everyone is happy. And believe it or not, I’m not complaining.

How do I do it? I wear this around. Client deadline fast approaching. Squeeze. Volume snowball. Squeeze. Unexpected delay from supplier. Squeeze. This simple contraption, if I may call it such, is my best friend – and many other people’s, apparently. Sales of stress balls have doubled every year for the past three years. And because they come in all shapes and sizes, no one will ever get tired of them.

More reasons to squeeze

I’m expecting more work in the next few days because more and more businesses are ordering our promotional products. Who can blame them when promotional products are too good to not use? They work like magic. Thirty nine percent of the people who receive promotional products recall the names of the advertisers as long as six months after they received it. According to the most recent study conducted by LJ Market Research, respondents’ ability to recall the name of an advertiser on a promotional product they had received is up to 76 percent! That’s about 23 percent higher than name recall from traditional print ads!

So it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting any rest soon, but that’s okay. Believe it or not, the thrill of making clients too happy beats the kick of coffee.

And yes, I still do get late night phone calls from frantic clients who need hundreds of promotional products right away. As in tomorrow. (Squeeze).

But hey – that’s why I’m here.

- Josh