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Custom Personalized 4GB

Basic rules of promotional products: 1. Free is good, but 2. everybody knows that. Therefore, if your business is planning on offering promotional items to advertise a business, you have to make sure that your promo item stands out from the pack, is something that is used often, and you can get it to your core audience.
How better to hit an audience of trendsetting consumers with expendable income than with a technological product that everyone is using right now - a custom 4 GB USB drive that has your company\'s logo.
No matter the demographic or buying habits of your audience, everyone has use for a custom 4 GB USB drive. Not only does it stand out as an inherently useful tool for everyday life, but using it also has these added advantages:
1. Your business can preload a multimedia presentation on the drive to be watched by the consumers who pick up the promo item.
2. The item is bound to increase the visibility of your business, as a custom 4 GB USB drive can be used by your customers at work, for personal use, and in social situations.
3. A 4 GB USB drive will remain useful for an extremely long time, and so provide your business with long term top of mind recall.
4. Your business will be seen as a technologically advanced, cutting edge competitor in your industry. You will build goodwill with your customers.
5. Having a technologically advanced promo item weeds out customers with expendable income from those who do not.

Customized USB drives remain one of our most popular products and although not part of our \"Under $1\" items they are worthwhile and have a low minimum entry point.