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Slim Custom Bottle Opener Keychains
As Low As $0.39
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On The Edge Key Tag
As Low As $0.64
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Perma-Dure 1 Side Copy
As Low As $0.65
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Filmstrip Slip-In Keytag
As Low As $1.04
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Moptopper Key Chain
As Low As $1.39
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5 results Results Per Page View All Sort By

Plastic Keychains

Custom Plastic Keychains

There are many types of products that can be used to promote a business, but a custom plastic keychain is one that will really be a big hit. They come in so many shapes and sizes that you can probably find one that is specific to your business, whether you are a doctor, dentist or construction company.

Businesses can include a custom plastic keychain into just about any mailing or order that they receive, give them away at trade shows, pass them out to family, friends and customers, and generally just keep them handy to give to anyone who wants them. Everyone can use a custom plastic keychains, so giving away this type of product will work well because of the wide range it has. Customers can simply add it to their own set of keys, or use it for a spare. No matter what, they will have a use for a keychain, and it will remain in a highly visible place. 

A promotional plastic keychain can be engraved with any type of business information imaginable. Name of the company, phone number, email address, Facebook page- it's all able to be engraved with a custom plastic keychain. There are many colors, shapes and styles that a company can choose from, to fit any look that they may be going for. Plus, plastic keychains are relatively inexpensive. When ordered online, plastic keychains can be bought in bulk for a really decent price, so even a new company can advertise effectively without breaking their budget. No matter what type of business is in operation, everyone will love getting a keychain from them.