Custom Earbuds

Turn up the volume on your branding with customized earbuds from rushIMPRINT. You can choose from over a dozen types of custom earphones that produce stunning audio while showing off your logo or personalized design. When it comes to custom earbuds, we’ve got everything from affordable to premium quality, allowing you to send a special gift or accommodate the masses. Browse our inventory and design yours today.


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Perfect for Public Transit

Handing our personalized earphones to individuals that utilize public transportation can have a huge impact on your brand awareness. When someone pulls out their branded earphones on a bus, train, or plane, everyone that passes by will see your logo. People with your custom earbuds essentially become walking advertisements for your company, boosting brand recognition wherever they go.

Wired & Wireless Earbuds

Depending on how you plan to use your custom logo earbuds, you may decide to make wired or wireless earphones. If you’re going to give away customized earbuds as a corporate gift to surprise a few of your clients, wireless earbuds are a great, premium gift. On the other hand, if you’re planning to give away free branded earphones at a fair or trade show, a few varieties of our wired earphones are very affordable.


Explore Other Audio Options

In addition to our collection of custom earbuds, there are also several other audio devices that you can customize at rushIMPRINT. For starters, we offer a variety of custom headphones, which are a little more robust than your average pair of custom earphones. You can also create your own custom bluetooth speakers that allow for the same level of customization. 

Team Up With rushIMPRINT

rushIMPRINT is always looking out for your company’s success. When you contact our team, we’ll help you create a design for the perfect set of customized earbuds. If you already have a design that you love, you can also upload it to get started right away. We’re confident that our team will be able to help you craft the best branded merchandise, custom earbuds or otherwise. Make your own earphones with rushIMPRINT today.