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Custom Personalized Umbrellas

What is the attraction of a custom umbrella? There are many styles and uses for umbrellas; a personalized umbrella has a large display area for your company logo, address, phone number or catchy slogan, and these custom umbrellas offer a great return on your investment.

A custom umbrella is a long way from the plain black umbrella that our early ancestors carried. They are available in a wide array of colors and styles. Your logo or company information can be in imprinted on the umbrella in a wide variety of contrasting colors, and you have the ability to co-ordinate the colors with the ones that are associated with your personal business color scheme. Choose a custom umbrella which compliments your company.


The manual opening 42" MANUAL BALMAIN UMBRELLA has a polyester canopy with matching case, a 3-section folding shaft and Signature Balmain leatherette handle with wrist strap. Folds up to only 9" long.

Personalized umbrellas are appreciated by everyone — your employees and their families, vendors who you deal with on a regular basis, and present and future customers. Not only will each of them think favorably every time they open your logo umbrella on the beach or in the rain, but everyone that they come into contact with while using this custom umbrella will be exposed to your logo and have a favorable impression of the company that was thoughtful enough to supply it.

Both the 42" BUDGET UMBRELLA and the BUDGET GOLF UMBRELLA are best selling excellent choices as imprinted umbrellas to choose as promotional products for your marketing campaign. These umbrellas will prominently display your logo for years to come, adding revenue to your companies advertising budget.

The 48" UNIVERSAL AUTO UMBRELLA is Automatic opening. It has a Nylon canopy with matching color case. The umbrella case includes a shoulder strap and has a Sturdy metal shaft with matching ferrule & tips. It also has a large wood handle. The listed price includes one color imprint in one location.

When you provide your employees or potential customers with a tangible item that they can use at home, in the office, at the beach or wherever they might be, you guarantee yourself a lasting commercial advertisement. Promotional umbrellas are seen not only by your customers, but also by those they come in contact with.

Personalized umbrellas are a promotional item that will be kept and used over and over, unlike items such as flyers which are frequently used as giveaways at tradeshows and conventions. This makes them a worthwhile marketing and advertising tool that will provide you an excellent return on your investment. These custom umbrellas keep your customers and employees dry in the rain, keep them cool and protected from the bright summer sun, and show up on beaches and sporting events. There is no limit to the uses that an imprinted umbrella can be put to. You have probably even seen them used to cover a child's lemonade stand and displays at a garage or yard sale. Larger custom umbrellas are used at used car displays and for outdoor sales at furniture stores. Every one of these custom umbrellas could be displaying your logo for everyone who passes by to see. These logo umbrellas are a very versatile and useful marketing item.

Stretching your advertising dollars in today's economy is more important than ever. You want to get as much value for each and every dollar as is possible. That means that when you choose a custom umbrella, you want it to be seen as often as possible. It is important to you that your logo is recognized and is equated with a quality product. The 60" ARC SQUARE UMBRELLA will do this for you. It has an Anti-Wind Square Canopy Designed To Resist Inversion. This custom umbrella has a Fiberglass Shaft And Ribs With Rubber Handle. It is an automatic Open personalized umbrella with a Nylon/Mesh Case With Elastic Bungee Cord-Lock Closure.

Custom umbrellas are a powerful promotional tool. A good promotional product serves several purposes. It promotes goodwill to your customers and employees, reinforces the marketing of existing products and services; it can recognize employee performance, promote trade show traffic, and introduce new products and services. Whatever the aim of your marketing campaign may be, custom umbrellas do this job exceptionally well.

Businesses that giveaway promotional umbrellas as part of their marketing campaign greatly increase their opportunities for increased customer base, increased reputation, and increased revenue. Promotional items can also serve as a continuing stream of income for a business. Some companies choose to sell their custom items rather than using them just as giveaways. Examples of this are school teams, sports teams, and local businesses such as ski boat rentals and amusement parks.

Order your custom umbrellas online or call one of our customer support specialists today at 1- 866-277-RUSH (7874).