Custom Mood Products

Custom mood products allow you to create branded merchandise with a twist. At rushIMPRINT, we offer several customizable color-changing products, like pencils, stress balls, and bracelets. By simply holding these products in your hand, they’ll change color in a matter of seconds. You can create an order of branded mood products on our website today.

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Enchanting Office Supplies

We supply several color changing accessories that will turn heads in an office setting. Design your own color changing pencils, rulers, and erasers in a multitude of colors. Custom mood pencils and mood erasers will get plenty of use in most offices, so try handing them out to your clients or suppliers to encourage a lasting relationship.

Custom Stress Balls

rushIMPRINT offers hundreds of customizable stress balls on our website, but only a few of them can change color. These color changing stress balls will swap between two different colors depending on the temperature of your hand. Consider handing out these color changing products to your employees so that they have an outlet to relax their mind and muscles while they are on the job.

Stand Out With Some Color

Giving away color changing products with your logo at a trade show is a surefire way to get noticed. If you give away custom mood bracelets, for example, attendees are sure to simply slide them on their wrists, showing them off to their friends and others that pass by. Try to order color changing products that coincide with your brand colors for an added branding bonus.

Marketing with Branded Merchandise

Gifting custom mood products to customers and visitors will really show your appreciation for their business at a very low cost. On top of that, handing out branded merchandise may encourage customers to return to your business or even tell their friends about you. Contact rushIMPRINT today to start your order of personalized color changing products.