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Custom Personalized Gum & Mints

Mints, mints, mints! Everybody loves mints. Refresh your breath, perk yourself up, help you get through that tough time until the next coffee break, help suppress your appetite, the list is endless. Clever advertisers can use mints as a means to calm people down, get them to pay more attention at the end of a long day at the trade show listening to other advertisers. Mint is so powerful that in ancient Greece, soldiers were prohibited from eating it before battle because of its calming effect.

rushIMPRINT has found a way to harness mints natural properties to excellent, effective advertising methods in the form of personalized mints, custom mints, promotional mints, and imprinted mints. Mint has been a friend to man since time out of mind, used for its ability as a scent to soothe and relax, its ability as a medication to soothe and heal, and its flavor, which is both soothing and cooling. In a world filled with illness, pain, and stress, it is a blessing to be able to offer comfort to customers under the guise of a light snack!

Spearmint is an anti-inflammatory, calming, and a tonic for the digestive system. It has a wonderful ability, when inhaled, to create a feeling of joy and happiness and is an excellent stress reliever blends. It is used for all types of respiratory problems and chronic bronchitis.

Peppermint is cooling, diffused in the air it can kill viruses, is a stimulant, particularly to the heart, brain and pancreas. The use of the essential oil is common for belching, headache and migraine, and for nerve pain. It is a very good disinfectant for the air for seriously ill patients with AIDS, senility or those with high fever.

If you will take a moment to think about it, our memories are associated with different things, perhaps a song on the radio from the days when we were younger. Sometimes it's something simple like the sound of rain falling on a tin roof. More often than not, our memories are stirred by a taste or a smell, and the power of mint can make you the King of Memories.

You can quickly have your customers associate the soothing qualities of mint with your business by using our personalized mints, custom mints, promotional mints, and imprinted mints as giveaways and promotional items. We carry an incredible array of personalized mints, custom mints, promotional mints, and imprinted mints for you to use to your advantage.

Many companies have "gone green" and our mints are in the vanguard of promotional items that declare that position to the world. Our recyclable Advertising Mint Box comes in a selection of six flavors, and in an eco-friendly recyclable candy box that features four-color printing with 5 sided advertising. Declare your company's green status to the world with this effective marketing tool!

In high traffic venues, a handy, reuseable package of custom mints can be of tremendous value. Credit Card Mint Dispensers from rushIMPRINT will satisfy that need and help create that unique presence at an event that gives you the competitive edge you seek when you spend your marketing dollar.

Pharmaceutical or medical sales events or day to day sales are beyond competitive, they are the end result of millions of dollars of research and development and brilliant minds. rushIMPRINT can help make your promotional mints memorable with our Pill Bottle Mints cleverly printed with a high gloss laminated four 4 color process label with full bleed, the magazine quality printing prescription label makes a realistic presentation. This imaginative promotional mint package comes filled with your choice of Signature Peppermints, Red Hots, Spearmints, Jelly Beans, Gum, Chocolate Littles or Sugar Free Mints. The same venues are an opportunity to use our Flip Top Plastic Case Refillable plastic box container filled with your choice of Signature Peppermints, Red Hots, Spearmints, Jelly Beans, Gum, or Sugar-Free Mints. These two innovative products from rushIMPRINT are on the cutting edge of marketing technology. Filled with your choice of Signature Peppermints, Red Hots, Gum, Sugar Free Micro Peppermints, or Chocolate Littles, this little heart shaped tin is perfect for the business or charity that is concerned with caring. This Small Heart Tin is durable and will provide customers with a cherished keepsake from an event or venue that will last for years, giving value added advertising to you each time it is viewed or shared. This custom mint tin is a fantastic investment in durable, recurring advertising.

Hinged Boy Tins empty or filled with custom mints in peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen and cinnamon flavors are real attention getting durable promotional items that present your message or logo over and over again. Individually shrink wrapped, these tins are appropriate for any venue or for passing out to customers in your office!

Our popular Top Tins featuring your custom imprint on the lid can be ordered empty or filled with Mini Mints and are a big hit with customers. Everybody loves Mini Mints! More than one of these will end up in someone's desk holding paper clips or pins, keeping your message or logo in the front of their minds as well as associating your business with an all-time flavor favorite. Tins are individually shrink wrapped.

Do you need something to put in your entranceway for your customers? Do you have an office that handles the unavoidable day to day difficulties of modern business? Do you need to cover a high traffic venue like a street fair or a trade show? Our Jumbo Mints Hand these bite-sized individually wrapped peppermint (#GL1100), Spearmint (#GL1200) and Cinnamon (#GL1300) personalize mints feature your label or promotional message, and will provide a moment of respite for your customers.

Please check our online catalog at for more than thirty five minty ways to improve your business and make your company's name or logo more recognizable. Free art proof will be emailed with every order within one business day.