Custom Chewing Gum

Start blowing bubbles with custom chewing gum from rushIMPRINT. On our website, you can design personalized packs and jars of gum in minutes! Chewing gum is a tasty treat that almost everyone will reach for when offered. By offering branded chewing gum to new customers and other people that are unfamiliar with the brand, your team has the potential to increase brand recognition and foster customer loyalty. Order your custom chewing gum today.


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Portable and Promotional

When someone puts a pack of your custom gum into their purse or pocket, they may share a piece with others at some point. Usually a pack of gum is consumed over a period of time, providing prolonged exposure to your brand message and imagery. Your branded chewing gum could also serve as a conversation starter or icebreaker in social situations.

A Welcoming Treat

When people walk into your office, having a jar of custom gumballs at the door is a great way to lighten the mood and welcome your guests. The act of chewing gum can create a memorable experience for consumers, ultimately associating your brand with positive feelings. Similarly, when your customers take out a piece of custom chewing gum from a pack, they may think of your brand fondly.


Chewing With Your Brand

Offering branded chewing gum as a free giveaway can help your brand engage with consumers and encourage interaction. Limited edition chewing gum with your logo can inform your customer base about a new product line or promotion at your company, causing some to do more research or make a purchase. Some loyal customers may even buy your custom gum packs for the novelty of it.

Promotion and More

Personalized gum is often ordered in bulk by companies for the sake of self-promotion, but there are plenty of other reasons to order. Giving away custom gum packs at your wedding can be a great parting gift for your guests. Similarly, offering custom gumballs at your birthday party will have everybody roaring with laughter.