Custom Stuffed Animals

Designing your own custom stuffed animals will allow you to promote your brand right before bed time. Custom teddy bears are a bedroom staple and are sometimes the last thing someone sees before falling asleep. But not only are they great branding tools, they’re also soft and cuddly! Add your logo to all kinds of custom plushies with rushIMPRINT today.


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All Kinds of Customization

When you make your own stuffed animal with rushIMPRINT, you’ll start by choosing your own design of plushie. In addition to custom teddy bears, we also have several other animals like monkeys, lions, tigers, and bears. For most of our personalized stuffed animals, you’ll complete the process by choosing the color of their shirts and upload a logo that will appear front and center.

Create a Care Package

Pair your custom plushies with other branded merchandise to create a care package for clients and valued customers. Put a custom teddy bear with your logo into a basket with other branded wellness snacks to show that you care. You can also create your own holiday gift basket with a branded stuffed animal alongside a custom t-shirt or some custom snacks and candies.


Custom Plushies in Bulk

When you order branded stuffed animals from rushIMPRINT, you’ll have the opportunity to order several at a time. Handing out custom stuffed animals will improve your branding efforts, so consider ordering enough for everyone. Keep in mind that order a higher number of custom stuffed animals will reduce the cost per unit.

The Benefits of rushIMPRINT

When you purchase branded stuffed animals through our website, you're not just getting a delightful companion. Our team goes above and beyond, offering complimentary design suggestions, expedited deliveries, and a host of other benefits for our branded merchandise. We encourage you to order custom teddy bears and plushies from our website to discover the exceptional service that rushIMPRINT provides.