Custom Plastic Pens

Stock up on custom plastic pens to hand out at conventions or to your employees. Custom pens are some of the most common pieces of branded merchandise. In addition to being extremely affordable when bought in bulk, custom pens are a strong marketing tool and indicate that a brand is relevant and ready for business. You can design your own personalized plastic pens at rushIMPRINT today.

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Custom Pens are Office Essentials

Most businesses will create their own pens at some point to stock their offices. Custom pens add a touch of professionalism to your office. Plus, every time someone uses or sees your branded plastic pens, it reinforces your brand presence. Whenever a client or an employee takes one of your branded plastic pens outside the office, they inadvertently promote your brand to a wider audience, potentially attracting new customers or talent.

All Kinds of Custom Plastic Pens

Before you create your own custom pen, you’ll have to decide on a design. Our team offers dozens of unique plastic pens with their own makes and colors. You can create your own custom click pens if you prefer the button release mechanism or custom stick pens if you like pens with caps. For an even larger selection of custom pens, you can also browse the list of custom metal pens available at rushIMPRINT.


Pair Your Plastic Pens

Branded plastic pens are great gifts at trade shows, but they’re even better when paired with something else. Handing out custom stationary with your logo is one such example. Handing out pens and notepads with your logo will keep your business top of mind any time someone takes notes. Notebooks with your logo are also great things to hand out to employees on their first day at the job.

Fast Custom Merchandise

Our design team is able to deliver art proofs quickly so that the production on your branded merchandise can begin right away. rushIMPRINT also offers several styles of custom pens that are “Rush Available,” meaning that they are available for one-day production. If you have any questions about custom plastic pens or any of our other products, contact us right away and our team will be happy to help.