Custom Golf Accessories

Decorate custom golf balls, custom tees and other promotional golf gear at rushIMPRINT. We offer dozens of unique custom golf accessories that you can use to promote your business or celebrate a special occasion. Even if your brand isn’t directly associated with golfing, or sports for that matter, custom golf supplies still allow you to promote yourselves around clients and customers that love the sport. Discover all of the wonderful custom golf accessories that you can shop for today.


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Tons of Golf Accessories

When people hear “custom golf accessories,” most minds will immediately jump to golf balls. While we do supply several different brands of balls that can be personalized, you can also make your own golf tees, ball markers, and shoe bags. At rushIMPRINT, you can design a full set of custom golf gear in a matter of minutes.

Organize a Trip with Personalized Golf Items

If you and your team have a company golf outing coming up, why not bring along some branded golf equipment to share with the group? Frequent golfers are always adding new equipment to their repertoire. When offered a free box of custom golf balls, a pack of custom golf tees, or custom ball markers with your company logo, they’ll almost always graciously accept. This is a great opportunity to show your appreciation to your employees during a fun day out.


Other Branded Golf Gear

In addition to our list of custom golf items, there are also other types of branded merchandise that pair great with the golf theme. For example, you can also design custom golf towels with your logo or custom water bottles to bring around on a hot summer day. You can even create your own custom polo shirts with your logo or a favorite design embroidered on the front.

The Benefits of Branded Merchandise

Designing your own branded merchandise, like custom golf accessories, will allow you to strengthen your business relationships with whomever you give them to. Employees, clients, customers, and random people at conventions that accept your branded golf equipment will continue to value your brand name in the future. Contact us today to learn more about rushIMPRINT’s promotional golf items.

Custom Golf Accessories FAQ

What brands of custom golf balls are available at rushIMPRINT?

At rushIMPRINT, we offer custom golf products from several different brands. You can shop for a combination of Bridgestone, TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist and Wilson golf balls from our website. You can also shop for packs with different amounts of balls.

What should I do with my custom golf products?

Custom golf balls and tees are great for connecting with customers and other brands. Since they’re relatively low cost per item, you can hand out your personalized golf gear to other golfers to introduce yourself, get the conversation started, and forge business relationships.

How long will it take to get my custom golf accessories?

Once you place your order, our team will get to work right away. For some of our products, we are able to complete your customizations in a single day. After that, the delivery date often comes down to which shipping method you choose. If everything is approved right away, you could receive your order in a week.

Can I customize golf apparel at rushIMPRINT?

Yes! You can shop for all kinds of custom apparel at rushIMPRINT, including custom golf polos and hats. Just like your golf accessories, you can add your logo to all of our custom apparel. With a fully personalized outfit, you’re sure to turn heads on the links!