Custom Metal Water Bottles

Create custom metal water bottles for a premium beverage container that is built to last. These custom stainless steel and aluminum water bottles are highly durable and infinitely reusable, making for great gifts to employees, clients, and customers of all levels. Design your own metal water bottles with a logo or design and order them in bulk today.


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Metal Water Bottle Designs

When you decide to create your own personalized stainless steel water bottles with rushIMPRINT, the first step will be to choose a design. We offer dozens of different metal water bottles with different lids, sizes, and drinking mechanisms. Custom metal water bottles come in sizes ranging from 16 to 32 oz. Most of our metal water bottles will either come with a straw spout or a removable lid to drink from. 

Durability & Longevity

All of our custom metal water bottles are made from either stainless steel or aluminum, making them highly durable and resistant to dents, cracks, and scratches. Custom aluminum water bottles and custom stainless steel water bottles are well suited for outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, and camping. Because of their durability, metal water bottles have a longer lifespan compared to plastic bottles. With proper care, your custom metal water bottles can last for years, reducing the need for frequent replacements and contributing to environmental sustainability.


Metal Water Bottle Personalization

Add a personal touch to your custom stainless steel water bottles when you imprint a one-of-a-kind logo or design onto the side. Depending on what kind of design you’re going to add, you can also decide between single color or full color imprinting. In addition to imprint color, you can also choose the color of the personalized metal water bottles. Each design will have upwards of a dozen different colors.

Work With rushIMPRINT

Want to create a unique set of personalized stainless steel water bottles to promote a brand or event? Work with our team to create a memorable design that will elevate your company for years to come. Be sure to reach out and we’ll be happy to help design a custom metal water bottle. You can also upload a premade logo or design to speed up the process and have your bottles shipped even faster. Why wait? rushIMPRINT it!