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Personalized Promotional Tape Measures

Why choose a promotional tape measure? Choosing the perfect promotional item for your marketing campaign is a serious task. You want something that fits your budget and your company image, one that will give you the best return on your investment that you can attain, and something that will be appreciated by the recipient. A promotional tape measure has all of these attributes.

An imprinted tape measure will be used over and over again; they are frequently borrowed and used by others. This means that your company logo is seen many times for one single investment. This custom tape measure has a large imprint area to make your company logo easily seen. They are available in many different sizes and shapes, and made of different materials, so that you can select the promotional tape measure that best suits your needs.

Some of these custom tape measures come in novelty styles, such as the Light Bulb Tape Measure . This imprinted tape measure is the perfect way to promote a company such as an electrical business; this tape measure looks like a light bulb and holds a three foot long measuring tape. It includes a chain and o-ring to easily connect to a key chain.

Other custom tape measures are more practical, such as the WORKMATE 16FT TAPE MEASURE .Reach out to the blue collar folk with this sixteen-foot retractable metal tape measure. It features inch/metric measurements with lock button, rubber casing with wrist strap, and a metal belt clip.

Still other promotional tape measures are made for multiple uses, such as the COMBO TAPE MEASURE / LEVEL . Count this measuring tape in when it's needed. It is built for everywhere use with lock function and level clear flip top cover over yellow sticky memo pad with 15 sheets belt clip. Have this custom tape measure personalized to bear your company name and logo. The POCKET PRO MINI TAPE MEASURE/KEY CHAIN mini tape measure extends a full 39 inches and has a lock feature to help make accurate measurements. The key chain attachment keeps this tape measure close by.

Have your logo and promotional message imprinted on our 5 in 1 Tape Measure for even more brand exposure. It features white LED light, memo pad, pencil, measuring tape and a small calculator.

A hospital, doctors office, pharmacy or other health care provider can choose a custom promotional tape measure which highlights their profession with the Patient Care Tape Measure. This promotional tape measure has an Ergonomic design with 5' cloth tape features metric/inch scale. It has a two-tone rounded square construction with large imprint area. It is ideal for hospitals, clinics and healthcare personnel, or any time your message needs to measure up. Perfect for sewing and craft projects. Outer edge always white.

Promotional tape measures make a great giveaway at tradeshows, conventions and other events. They go particularly well with a marketing campaign for any business that is related to building and construction, although they are certainly not limited to these. Custom tape measures make a good selection for a stand alone gift or as part of a gift pack. They are small enough to carry around easily, to slip into a gift bag or tote bag, and yet not small enough to be lost or misplaced.

When you provide your employees or potential customers with a tangible item that they can use at home, in the office, at the beach or wherever they might be, you guarantee yourself a lasting commercial advertisement. Promotional tape measures are seen not only by your customers, but also by those they come in contact with.

Personalized tape measures are a promotional item that will be kept and used over and over, unlike items such as flyers which are frequently used as giveaways at tradeshows and conventions. This makes them a worthwhile marketing and advertising tool that will provide you an excellent return on your investment.

Custom tape measures are a powerful promotional tool. A good promotional product serves several purposes. It promotes goodwill to your customers and employees, reinforces the marketing of existing products and services; it can recognize employee performance, promote trade show traffic, and introduce new products and services. Whatever the aim of your marketing campaign may be, custom tape measures do this job exceptionally well.

Businesses that giveaway promotional tape measures as part of their marketing campaign greatly increase their opportunities for increased customer base, increased reputation, and increased revenue. Promotional tape measures can also serve as a continuing stream of income for a business. Some companies choose to sell their custom items rather than using them just as giveaways. Examples of this are school teams, sports teams, and local businesses such as ski boat rentals and amusement parks.

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