Custom Tumblers with Straws

Custom tumblers with straws are universal beverage containers for just about any drink. Our website offers over a dozen different designs of personalized cups with straws for you to personalize. Simply choose your favorite tumbler and have your logo imprinted in a matter of days. For hot drinks and cold drinks alike, be sure to order your custom plastic tumbler with rushIMPRINT today.


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Around the House and On-The-Go

One of the benefits of personalized tumblers with straws is their flexibility. Some people will use their branded tumblers around the house, sipping juice or tea throughout the day. Others will keep their tumblers in the office to fill up with water. Since these promotional tumblers come with straws and lids, you can take them just about anywhere without fear of spilling.

Custom Tumblers That Last a Lifetime

Buying a set of promotional tumblers with straws from rushIMPRINT means buying them for life. These custom tumblers are highly durable and can be used just about every day. Many of our tumblers are hand-wash only. To ensure the longevity of your tumbler, we recommend not putting them into the dishwasher unless the item is specifically listed as dishwasher-safe.


Types of Custom Tumblers

While many of our personalized tumblers with straws are made of plastic, there are a few varieties that are slightly different. For example, in addition to our custom plastic mugs with straws, we also offer a couple of stainless steel alternatives. Also keep an eye out for capacity, as our tumblers will carry anywhere from 15 to 24 Oz. when filled.

Other Custom Drinkware

When it comes to making your own personalized drinkware, it doesn’t stop at custom tumblers with straws. rushIMPRINT also offers several styles of custom water bottles, promotional cups, and even high-quality promotional glassware. Nevertheless, if you’d like to stick to tumblers, we offer even more options, including custom plastic tumblers and custom metal tumblers.