Custom Insulated Water Bottles

For clients or employees on the go, we offer a wide variety of custom-insulated water bottles. These branded water bottles make terrific corporate gifts or giveaway items for people who love to explore nature. Imprint your brand logo or design on one of our vacuum-insulated bottles today!

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An Amazing Selection of Custom-Insulated Water Bottles

Our selection of custom-insulated water bottles includes sleek designs made by leading vacuum-insulated bottle manufacturers. When you shop our branded water bottles, you’ll see bottle styles and options from Contigo, Under Armour, and more. Our offerings also include custom-insulated water bottles with and without spouts.


Personalized Insulated Water Bottles for Travel

One of the great benefits in ordering personalized insulated water bottles is in the utility of these items. Vacuum-insulated bottles like these are perfect for clients and employees who like to explore the world, whether that be a walk through a busy city or hiking a national park. Wherever your clients or employees take one of your custom-insulated water bottles, your brand logo will be there. Since these custom insulated bottles are refillable, it’ll ensure their reusability over and over again.


Custom-Insulated Bottles: More Than Just Water

While it’s no secret that custom-insulated bottles are frequently used for water, our selection includes bottles designed for other purposes, too. We offer several custom-insulated bottle options for transporting wine, and many of our bottles are designed to keep liquids cold or hot, which means that these vacuum-insulated bottles could be used for drinks like coffee or soda, too!

Looking for More Custom Drinkware?

At rushIMPRINT, we offer more than custom-insulated water bottles. Shop our Custom Drinkware for all kinds of bottles, custom-insulated tumblers, mugs, and so much more. You’ll discover a whole range of custom-insulated bottles, cups, and other items that can make your brand logo stand out from the competition.


Custom Insulated Water Bottles FAQ

How do custom-insulated water bottles work?

Custom-insulated water bottles contain two walls of lining with a pocket between them. The space between both walls of lining is vacuum-sealed and contains no air, which eliminates the transfer of heat to your drink, ensuring that your beverage stays colder longer. 

How do I order custom-insulated water bottles?

Shop our selection of custom-insulated water bottles and pick the product best suited for your brand. Once you’ve selected a vacuum-insulated bottle, pick a color, choose a quantity, and enter your zip code. After you fill out these details, you can hit “Customize,” and start designing your vacuum-insulated bottle with a company or brand logo.

How do I clean custom-insulated water bottles?

We recommend hand-washing for custom-insulated water bottles, as it can help avoid damage caused by dishwashers (if the bottle is deemed dishwasher safe). However, for vacuum-insulated bottles with narrow openings, consider cleaning with a bottle brush or rinsing with boiling water to kill any germs and bacteria.

Are CamelBak custom-insulated water bottles dishwasher safe?

We offer CamelBak custom-insulated water and wine bottles. For both, we strongly recommend hand-washing our CamelBak products, as the dishwasher can damage them, even if placed on the top rack.

How long do vacuum-insulated water bottles last?

Most vacuum-insulated water bottles can keep your water cold for 6 to 12 hours, though some can last even longer! Unless otherwise stated, plan for your water to stay cold for around 6 hours. Put ice cubes in your water to keep it colder longer.

Can I put wine in custom-insulated bottles?

Yes! Included in our selection of custom-insulated bottles are products designed specifically for carrying and transporting wine. Search for custom-insulated wine bottles, and find options that make great vessels for sharing your favorite wine with family members and friends.

What is the minimum number needed to order custom-insulated water bottles?

Many of our custom-insulated water bottles and wine bottles start at minimum orders of 12 or 24. For ease, we’ve made it so you can sort our selection by minimum order. This should make it easier to choose the right personalized insulated water bottle for your needs!

Can you put custom-insulated bottles in the refrigerator?

Yes, you can put custom-insulated bottles in the refrigerator. However, the refrigerator will only chill the inner liner of the vacuum-insulated bottle if the bottle is left open. If the bottle is closed and sealed, the temperature outside of the bottle will not affect the temperature within the bottle.