It may as well be Christmas here at Rushimprint, because tons of new shipments are coming in. Just yesterday I saw Nine West Bags, and this morning I saw iCubes that feature universal docks for iPods.

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I’m not very tech-savvy myself (I can’t even use a fax machine), but this iCube is so simple to use that I now find it indispensable. I just pop in my iPod and instantly hear my songs in a stereo speaker with frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz.

I read that high-technology promo items like this are in the top rungs of the ‘predicted popular promo products for 2006.’ That certainly seems to be accurate, because why else did the Consumer Electronics Show last January have 2,500 exhibitors eager to show their new products, and need 28 football fields to accommodate onlookers?

The electronics industry is now becoming a major player in the promo world, coming up with cheap but very useful products for giveaways. It’s confident that it can boost its market share to $122 billion this year. For us the promotional products industry, that means ‘change’ – we need to focus more on high-tech items to cater to the tech-savvy clientele. We’re quick to spot the trend here in Rushimprint, so we are stocking up on everything high-tech. I’ll show them to you in the coming days.