6 Sports-Themed Promotion Products for Sporting Events Fans Will Love

Items for playing different sports that can be branded

Promotional Items for Sporting Events

How do you cost-effectively build brand awareness? That is a question that many business owners and marketing teams face across every industry. No company can make significant sales and turn a profit without first spreading the word about who they are and what they do. That is why marketing is such a crucial aspect of business, and from solopreneurs to massive corporations, increasing brand awareness is a necessity.

Promotional Products

One of the less obvious methods for spreading awareness about a brand is the use of promotional products. These items are everyday products that people can use, but with messaging or a designed logo that is specific to your business.

Repetitive Exposure

One of the main benefits of promotional product marketing is its repetitive nature. With a one-time purchase of branded merchandise, the items that you distribute to customers, employees, and the general public could expose the brand to many others over and over again. This makes it an extremely cost-effective strategy for marketing the brand to new audiences without breaking your marketing budget.

Broader Audience

Though you should always focus most of your marketing efforts on a target audience, it never hurts to discover new groups that may be attracted to your product/service. Promotional products can expose the business to large swaths of the population, some of which may belong to your established target audience, but many of which may not.

The Key to Success is Understanding the What and the Where

When running a promotional product campaign, two factors determine whether or not it will successfully generate new leads; the type of product and where it is distributed. Your particular industry niche may affect what products you order and how you distribute them to reach the best audience for your business.

Sports fans using promotional products such as clappers, foam fingers, megaphones

Sports-Related Promotional Items

Sporting events offer a unique opportunity for businesses to increase brand awareness in a lively setting. Some events are incredibly crowded and generate a lot of attention. To take advantage of this unique atmosphere and achieve greater brand recognition, ordering sports-related promotional items might be your best channel for marketing the company. Let’s take a look at a few examples of sports promotional items.

Foam Fingers

Sports fans love a foam finger to wave around at a baseball, football, basketball, or any other type of game with a lively crowd. These custom giveaways could catch the attention of many eyeballs while remaining relatively cheap to order online in bulk. Once they are printed with your logo, a creative design, and the name of your business, your brand recognition could skyrocket after one major sporting event. You can ship free samples to a stadium to use for a specific game if you can get in touch with the right people.

Drawstring Backpacks

This popular item can be seen almost anywhere, which means that your brand can be seen almost anywhere. Backpacks can be used to carry items at sporting events, at the gym, or for everyday purposes. They make great giveaways for devoted employees. Giving gifts to your team members is crucial to making sure they feel valued, so search appreciation gifts for employees to show them that you care.

Rally Towels

When towels undergo a customization process to include brand information about your business, they could expose the business to both existing and potential customers. They have many uses, but in terms of sports promotional items, rally towels are a very popular item. Purchase samples to see if rally towels would be a good investment for your business to spread awareness at sporting events.


Though you may not recognize the name of these sports promotional products, you have undoubtedly seen them in use. These can cooler sleeves are perfect for the tailgating fan who wants to keep their drink at an optimum temperature while preparing to watch their favorite team hit the field or court. They can be used almost anywhere, which means that they are perfect for reaching broader audiences with your logo and name. These cheap items can be purchased by request online to be printed with your company information.

Stadium Cups

Some games can last for a long time, and everyone gets thirsty. Attach art that eludes to your business to a stadium cup and you have the perfect promotional product for all types of sports fans. Go online, order some custom stadium cups, and distribute them at a local event to increase exposure for your brand.

Golf Balls

If your niche has a lot of clientele that regularly play golf, then you can’t go wrong with giving away or selling golf balls with your logo and company name. Partner with a local charity that is running a golf tournament to give each player a sleeve of golf balls that inform them of your business.

Sports fans with custom foam fingers and branded stadium cups

How to Distribute Sports Promotional Items

Choosing the right promotional item is one thing, but knowing how to distribute it is another. you want to reach the maximum number of potential customers with your giveaway, so you need to be strategic about who should receive the items.

The most obvious venue is a live sporting event. You could get in touch with stadium personnel to discuss the concept of having a booth or table to give away these items.

You could also partner with local charities or community events to give away certain custom products to participants or visitors, especially if it takes place in your service area.

Trade shows are another method of distribution that could put promotional items in the hands of people who are already involved or interested in your industry.

A Great Promotional Product has a Stellar Design

If your logo or company name looks boring on a product, then it will not result in any new leads because it captures no attention. When designing the item, create an art proof, get input from your team members, and then create the final art proof that will be printed on the product.

If you feel that you do not have the design know-how to create a compelling image, hire professional artists from the graphic design industry to work with you. This will ensure that the image on your promotional product is pleasing to the eye and will generate interest in your brand.