More great news: some 73 percent of recipients of promotional products use the product at least once a week, and a whopping 45 percent use it at least once a day. This is especially true for technology promo items that take over almost every office desk in America (and some coffee shop tables, too).

Some 90 million people in the United States own and use computers, and a good 45 million of them rely on computers for work. Of this, more than 28 million people telecommute one to three days a week – that’s 42 percent higher than the 19.6 million figure only five years ago. So it’s without a doubt wise to invest in ultra-portable techie gift sets like this:

High Sierra Tahoe Computer Travel Set

Your recipients can literally bring all their computer accessories in one very small soft case. The set includes a wireless mouse, USB light, a 4-foot retractable phone cord and 2-foot retractable USB cable.

I also personally like this multitasking High Sierra USB Tahoe Pen:

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It’s real pen that writes, but it also has a USB flash drive in the crown. Talk about hardworking. Just like all our other memory stick promo items, this is the ideal giveaway to urban professionals and students.