Sometimes, it’s hard talking to new entrepreneurs. They are so eager to apply all the theories they learned in business school, and tend to be quite ‘hard line’ when promoting their business. This aggressiveness often does more harm than good. They tend to rush into promotional decisions without understanding their target market and what promo products they’ll appreciate getting.

I am working with new client – a young business owner who wants to increase brand recall for his mountaineering equipment store. Luckily he was more open to ideas than other entrepreneurs his age. He listened intently and respected most of our ideas, mostly because they really did make sense.

You see, strategizing for promotional brand success requires more than just gut feel – it requires research and experience. And because we’ve been working with promotional products for years now, we have these two requirements – we already know what works and what doesn’t, and it’s our job to advice our clients accordingly.

So I recommended to the new client several items which we feel his outdoorsy clients will love, such as sun kits, waterproof first aid supplies, and good old water bottles, to name a few. Everything was less than $4 each – exponentially less than the cost of a regular print ad that goes for at least $900 or so.

That is intelligent promoting at work. Here in Rushimprint, we don’t just manufacture promotional products – we help build brand names. We know the promo industry. We know that at the end of the day, it is NEVER as simple as putting your logo on a mug.