When I started working at rushIMPRIMT some years ago, one of my first assignments was to help a radio station choose promotional items to give to its employees for its anniversary party. The station employed only about 40 people, and they were pretty close-knit. It was important for me to find a promotional product that they could use in their daily lives.

I had only one day to come up with my recommendation (because this is rushIMPRINT), so I talked to their representative and asked some questions – unusual questions – to help me make an informed suggestion. I found out that the majority of the employees are in their early thirties, took the train to the office, were heavy coffee drinkers, and spent about $50 a week on Starbucks. That was when I decided on the perfect promo item:

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A 24-ounce thermos bottle with two mugs and a comfort grip molded handle to make it easy to carry. It’s perfect for coffee-drinking commuters, because it can keep coffee either hot or cold during long morning commutes. It’s also great for busy offices like a radio station, where employees keep going back to the kitchen for their morning cup of coffee.

My recommendation apparently worked, because just two days later, the radio station placed a reorder. Oh, and their employees cut spending on Starbucks, because they can now bring brewed coffee from home. :)

- Jen