It’s fine when your target audience grabs your gift and eagerly uses it in their daily activities. But what if they are all office-workers? From some modern office where they don’t use much paper for business activities any more and spend most of the day using just the mouse and keyboard. This leaves most desktop accessories overboard, but still leaves us some solutions to choose from. A mug is a classic solution, but I bet if you are still reading this, you think a mug would be too commonplace. A photo frame would be welcome to most desktops. Nice try, but together with many other static things it only gets seen when people are not busy with their current tasks and their attention is wandering.


What if this desktop thingy would move and catch people’s attention? We have something that does exactly this. However, it does not move by itself, which might make it a bit annoying. This rocking memo holder really rocks and also has 2 imprint areas, which leaves space for some message to go together with your logo. Or may be you are also into co-branding these days?