Today we had a case pretty close to the one I wrote about over a month ago. Once again the people who are supposed to receive the promotional gift are hi-tech professionals, and once again they do not just work with one computer in one office. In case you’ve been reading this blog, a month ago you might remember we decided on a nice USB memory stick, but this time the situation was a bit different, the budget of this campaign would not allow anything that costs more than $10 per item.

Metropolitan CD CaseBut, the client liked the original idea of making it something to carry the data around. Of course, we all prefer flash memory or things like iPods to carry around the files, but for some occasions you still have to use CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. Hence we decided on giving a CD case. I’m not really sure why we chose this model, they all look fine, but here we go with an item that can help you to carry around up to 204 GB of data (if you use double-sided DVDs and use all the 24 pockets of this case). I have not seen a flash drive that big yet, have you?