Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

Let me tell you something about my side of the family…we’re not especially handsome people. And you wouldn’t be out of line if you said we were downright homely. I mean we certainly have our moments, given the right lighting and the proper stretch pants, but let’s face it, we’re ordinary at best, and it’s just a darn good thing my kids got their looks from their mother’s side, with the exception of the youngest one of course.

To make a long story short, we’re the perfect candidates for hats, and I have every cap my wife ever gave me to prove it. Truth is, hats are for everybody from Johnny Depp to Ron Howard. In fact, hats are truly the ultimate marketers dream. They are a universal gift, offering truly top of mind, brand awareness. What’s the first thing someone looks at it when you walk up? It’s not you, but your hat…and the logo/message you’ve put on it. And, perhaps, the best thing about hats is this…people save, collect and rotate them. It is the promotion that keeps giving, or better yet, advertising.

Here’s a tip about hats, though. You have to get a cool one…a fashionable one…one your customers or employees want to put on. And for my money, the Brushed Canvas Hat is your solution. It has a comfortable soft canvas, with a finish that looks brushed or washed, along with cotton buckram lining on the front panels. It comes in over 21 color variations, with a crown that offers a relaxed casual fit for maximum comfort, all with a very stylish cloth back strap and brass buckle.

Well, I’m off to school. It’s career day at my son’s school and I’m talking about the art of promotion in a narcissistic, post-modern society. Until next time, remember, sometimes the only way to learn to climb a wall is to throw your cap over it.