Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

My daughter told me about a Canadian study on the effect of music listening on work performance. It turns out, listening to tunes while working leads to improved performance. The study seemed to indicate that at least part of the reason workers produced more work at a faster pace was because hearing their favorite music put them in a good mood. It makes a lot of sense, actually. In fact, I never write my blog without first cranking up Burt Bacharach. Another study found that of the music lovers who listen while they work, 79% felt it improved their job satisfaction and productivity. So workers are happier and they get more done.

That’s why I suggest you jump on the bandwagon and promote your employees mental health while simultaneously upping productivity in your office. That way, everybody wins. Most built in computer speakers simply don’t give good sound, which is why the Icon Vase Speaker with two-way surround sound and innovative audio lens technology makes a great gift. It’s easy to use too, just plug and play. Its USB powered, doesn’t need an adapter and the tuned tweeter offers improved clarity. The sound is so good, everyone will want one. You may want to give one to favorite clients as well. Just remember to put your name on it so your customers will remember who put them in a good mood.

As it turns out, my daughter didn’t give me this information simply for my edification, she had an ulterior motive. It seems my eldest was longing for a new ipod that she said would help her study for her SATs. I have to admit, she made a compelling argument and I was more than a little proud of her ability to make a sale.

Well, I’m off to MC a local celebration of International Pancake Day (February 20th if you are interested). Remember, “music makes the world go round but you still have to sing for your supper.”