Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

I’ve learned a lot in my years as a marketing guru and promotional products expert. I’m adept at positioning, know all the buzzwords and catch phrases, and understand the value of name recognition. I also know, thanks to my great grandfather Winston, the importance of simplicity when conveying a complex message. In fact, he had a saying for it…K.I.S.S. Keep it simple Simon. I never did figure out who Simon was but I did remember the first part. In business, like in life, it often pays to deliver a simple message in a straightforward manner. I’m not saying being literal is the only way to go, but in a marketplace saturated with clever advertising campaigns and complex messaging, simplicity can be remarkably effective.

Lots of companies are out there clamoring for consumers attention and oftentimes the best way to slice through the competition is with a straight edge. The Box Cutter Key Chain does just that (it also retracts into a hard plastic case for safekeeping). What better way to let clients know you think outside the box than by giving them a way to get inside of one? Or, use a time tested marketing strategy and position your company against the grain. If everyone is thinking “outside the box,” play the opposite and demonstrate that you work effectively inside the box…or, as my Zen Master says, “Be the box.” Either way, your message will be remembered.

Until next time, remember the words of Leonardo da Vinci who said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” I’m off to a parent teacher conference at my six year old’s school. He got busted for writing his name on his desk…in permanent marker. I couldn’t be more proud.